Condo Living Troubles


Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I’m all just about ready to start shoving nasty smelly cheese under this woman’s door.. Please help me think of a better strategy.

My Husband and I own a condo in the city – we are the oldest condo owners in this 24 unit building. A new owner has come in (about 2 years ago) and decided to be on the Condo Board. There were 5 once on the board. 2 have moved. Now down to 3. One does not even live in the building anymore and he is silent.. Which is bullshit. Moving on…
The first woman is now president of the Condo Board Association – Architect. Doesn’t know squat about construction OR how to save money.
Second woman moved in a year and a half ago – Attorney.
The two woman now run this board. She has been making every decision and does not invite us to the meetings.

We have certain rights to some decisions as owners…
For example – the hallways are getting painted today with OUR MONEY. Who was the one who got to choose the color?

Back to this miserable woman… From day one she has been making everyone’s live a miserable hell. We have had a leak in our closet & bathroom for the past 4 years. This is the third time we are redoing our ceiling. We have been trying to get this fixed for quite some time. Since before she was even a thought.

The roof was started on, & the guys fucked it up. They left with half the money and the roof is still messed up.
No apologies.. & there went our money.

I’m a realtor my husband is a contractor. We are in this business. He especially has been in it and is amazing at what he does. He knows the ins and outs like it’s nobody’s business. This woman just has a stick up her ass.

Now, the roof is finally going to get redone. GREAT- We have a guy that put a bid on it.

We learned that she wanted her roof deck to be completely redone and her sliding doors to be replaced.

This is bullshit.

My building has 4 floors. I’m on the third opposite end of her unit. The 4th floor has a small empty spot by the stairwell where she has taken over for her own personal things.

How can I start doing things to her with out her knowing it was deliberately done by one person.

When she first moved here my husband showed her EVERYTHING and answered any question she’s had. Showed her where certain switches are. The whole shebang. Now that she is president she dis-includes him in everything and wants it all done her way. She knows my husband is right… about everything. Her pride exceeds her.

PLEASE. Tell me any ideas you might have at getting back at her.

Thanks & Regards,
Unhappy Condo Owner

Hi Unhappy,
You need to carefully read the condo association rules and condo board covenant. If needed, have a lawyer familiar with condo associations review these documents with you.

A condo board requires a certain number of members, each with a vote. Indeed, every owner has membership. You can always have them sign voter proxies so that you can change the board, maybe even kick her out.

Depending on how the rules have been laid out, this bitch being president may have personal liabilities in the decisions she makes, it’s something to look into.

Know these rules, inside and out. Go after her with fines and penalties for the hallway storage issue.

Play by the rules and maybe she will sell.

The Revenge GuyGood luck!

I Think I’m Being Followed

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I seek your advice because I seem to be in the middle of something I can’t believe.
I constantly hear people murmur that I’m being raped and every place in the world I seem to go, a homosexual seems to try and find me.

The Revenge GuyHi,
On the off-chance that this is a real request I think you need to seek one of two things (or maybe both):

  • Call the police the next time you think you are being followed and hear these voices. Take a lot of pictures of the people around you every time this happens, you may be able to spot the same face after a few attempts.
  • Seek help from a mental health professional. You can find a local practitioner by searching for “mental health professionals” online.

Good luck!
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

How to Tell a Friend They are With a Cheater

Hi RG,
Please help me.

How could I get a message to the target person that they are being cheated on and ensuring that no one can trace it back to me. The person doing the cheating creeps me out and feels unsafe, but at the same time I think the target person needs to know.


Hi Friend,
I can only imagine how conflicted you feel, having this knowledge and needing to tell your friend without upsetting the friendship you have. The “bearer of bad news” in these situations rarely escapes unscathed.

What I would do, in your shoes, is create an email account at and send your friend an anonymous email message. Include as much details you can without revealing your identity.

Be very careful about how you phrase things, it’s easy to slip and provide information that only you might know about and give away your identity as the couple fights about the cheating and talk about the circumstances you describe.

I hope this helps!
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

My “Duplex” Neighbor is Driving Me Crazy!

Dear Revenge Guy,
I don’t know what to do. I live on the first floor of a condo. The second floor unit above me is currently empty, but the third floor unit above that is owned by an elderly, disabled lady. This woman blasts her TV at full volume ALL. NIGHT. LONG… right into the morning and I can hear it all the way down in my home. I use earplugs, but I can still hear this woman’s TV through them!

I tried twice knocking on her door and she didn’t answer. I taped two letters to her door, but she apparently didn’t read them because the noise persisted. I complained to the condo board in writing; the property manager said he spoke to her, and she claimed she had no idea that her TV could be heard all the way down to my unit. This proves to me that she never read the letters I had left to her. She’s becoming hard of hearing and their response was “Hopefully she’ll keep it down now.” Apparently the board isn’t or won’t do much about it because I complained a second time and was basically ignored.

A couple of weeks ago while I was at work, my boyfriend (who stays with me often) found an opportunity to speak to this woman and had a polite conversation with her about the noise. Her initial cocky response was “Well, I have to hear my television.” She told him that previous tenants below her on the 2nd floor used to complain about her noise and called the police on her for using her bathroom. Honestly, the insulation in this building is crap to non-existent. She said she’d try to be a little quieter; and for a few days, she was OK. She did keep her TV on past 11, but seemed to keep it off for the rest of the night. But, like all humans, old habits are hard to break and she’s right back at it again.

Property management did not respond to my second complaint in writing, so I have no faith or confidence that they will do anything to help me. This woman told my boyfriend that she’ll probably be out in a few months, but obviously she doesn’t care about her noise and wants to do what she wants.

I don’t know what to do now. I have one of two options:
1) find someone who will cast a spell to make her friggin’ TV break down, or,
2) call the police if her noise persists.

I’m beginning to feel like a jerk for being angry at an elderly, disabled person — but that does NOT give her the right to disrupt other people’s lives!

Any suggestions or advice?

Hi R,
I’d take a very close look at your lease if you’re renting or the condo association bylaws if you’re an owner. I’m certain that you’ll find some rules that will allow you to withhold your rent or condo fee payments until management deals with the interruptions to the “quiet enjoyment” of your residence.

Money speaks and by holding back the money you pay it will get their attention quickly and force them to act on your behalf.

There are other options, of course.

You could befriend the old bag and become the “helpful neighbor” thereby making her happy to work out a compromise about the television noise. Maybe she’d be agreeable to using a set of wireless headphones?

You could hunt down her family and make them are of the issues. A surprising number of elderly people have Facebook accounts setup (even if they don’t have a computer) so that family can share news about them. You’d be able to find her family and speak with them.

And you could go all “Terminator” on her. Call the police. Call social welfare for the aged. Call the management company head honchos, going over the head of the on-site property management. Speak with her same-floor neighbors, I’m sure they have the same issue with her all-night television binges. Start a petition to get the old lady kicked out.

I hope this helps!

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

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