My Antagonizing Mother

Hi RG, I have been living with my mom for over seventeen years and she has been antagonizing me for far too long. Every time I do something, she always puts my younger brothers over me, in everything, if I want to go somewhere that I signed up for, she says, “We’ll see.” When they … Read more My Antagonizing Mother

My Uncle the Scrooge

Dear friend, I need some help and I would appreciate some great advice. I have a 93 year old uncle who makes scrooge look like an alter boy. When I lived in his house he made my life miserable. When I got older I told him to go fly a kite and I moved out. … Read more My Uncle the Scrooge

About Lending Money

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be,” a sage quote from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Not all of us are able to live our life according to the above quote. Family and friends run into difficult times and need to borrow money to get by, so they come to you. Should you loan them the money … Read more About Lending Money

3 Resolutions to Keep This Year

Isn’t the dawning of a New Year great? The potential of everything lays itself before you… all you need to do is take the steps to ensure that this year is better than the last. And it’s all up to you. Deciding what those steps will be, that is. How many past New Years resolutions … Read more 3 Resolutions to Keep This Year

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