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Need a little help getting even with someone that has done you wrong? The Revenge Guy has helped many thousands of people get their revenge. Read these stories and find your own style of revenge!

Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what you need to help you get even and regain your stature as an important person. You decide!

Dear RG,

First of all, let me tell you that I'm not a person that normally seeks revenge.

I've always believed that Karma has a way of teaching people lessons.

However, I am on my last thread of sanity…lol … I made the mistake of dating this egotistical… chauvinistic, etc, prick!

While we were dating, he was a total jerk because I wouldn't sleep with him and never called me again.

I got over that pretty quickly and went on my merry way.

Needless to say, ever since we stopped talking out of nowhere he seems to make it a sport to make my life miserable.

Unfortunately, I work with this asshole and have to see him everyday.

He always makes negative comments to his friends around me, he tries flaunt his whores in my face, and he always hangs out near my room because his friend lives next to me.

He talks shit whenever he sees me there too.

Even though I got rid of him once though by blasting the crappiest CD I owned, nothing will work permanently.

I thought he would get tired of it after a while of ignoring him, but this is DEFCON five!!!! I am about to leave and I don't want to get in trouble.

Please help me figure something out.. I tried talking to him about it, but he just blew it off.
Thank you…
On My last nerve

Hi on my last nerve,

Outside of revenge tactics I still believe that karma can be created with a few carefully chosen words at the appropriate time.

When he’s making those snide, demeaning remarks, turn to him and say, loud enough for others to hear:

Why would you say something like that to be?

Why would you say something like that about be?

How is that any of your business?

Do you really think that of me?

The surprising thing is that assholes like this jerk have a way of working in the shadows to become a permanent prick. And with any reaction they have gotten their goal of still stinging you.

Using the words above forces this slug of worthless flesh into the light, he is exposed into the reality of the day, confrontation need not follow. If he replies to these words, and most jerks don’t, he’ll try to make a joke of it (he will think: after all, wasn’t he just kidding with you all along, making fun of a tough situation?), he will make an effort to back out of the control you have just exerted over him.

Regaining your personal power is what revenge is all about. This is the most effective method there is… he knows you don’t like him, you don’t need to try to shove that in his face anymore. Take away the power he has to harass and belittle you and you will have him at the end or a leash, the dog that he is, he will be under your thumb. Normal, face-to-face confrontation is the way of the strong. Don’t create arguments. Don’t fight back.

He will understand that he has lost his power over you, he will understand that you have the power.

Use the power to protect your self worth, your self-esteem.
He will never see it coming! Karma has been restored!

Dear Revenge Guy,
Let me say first that I enjoy your website. I need a little assistance with a situation (as in evil revenge tips) towards about 8 people (sounds like a lot). Today during a class, a "friend" of mine followed me around for a bit bugging to learn some secret that I would only tell my closest friends. After I was pretty much annoyed to death, I told them which was a mistake on my end. What I had no clue of was that she had gone around and told most of the "snobby" people at one end of the classroom who my secret was about. When that person finally got to class, they all stood up and shouted across the room. I had never been so (humiliated/embarrassed/insert something similar) in 4 years. I'm not the type of person to go for revenge, but have always wanted to. Something along the lines of pure evil and sinister would shake them up a bit. Do you have any ideas?
Thanks if you do, -M

Hi M,
They pestered you until you GAVE IN.
Such is life. You really need to move on. With the paranoia for violence in schools, the danger of retribution that goes beyond a simple prank carries a specific type of personal reputation danger that could cause much more harm.
That being said:
a mob isn't easy to get revenge on, unless properly planned out.
Here's what you do:
Write a bunch of love letters from one of the group to another. Do this for several of the people, girls and guys.
Be careful that you can't be identified by the writing of the letters, use a school computer/printer if you can.
Leave copies of the letters in bathrooms, in classes, in the library.
Hide them so they will be found, don’t just drop them out in the open. Watch the sparks fly as the letters are found and shared all over the school.
Have fun!

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,
Please help me with an idea or even several ideas on getting revenge on a person who has crossed the lines of respect.
This woman I have known for fourteen miserable years. The only reason I have tolerated the acquaintanceship is because her eldest son Michael and my eldest
son Bobby were truly Best friends and I helped to raise her children who I love like my own. Michael, who died from cancer at the age of nineteen, lived with
me and my family for most of those fourteen years of knowing him. His mother is an alcoholic and drug addict who has tormented me and mine for a long time
and she dropped the camels last straw today.
Her and I are in our early four ties which rules out a good old ass whipping, so help a grandma get revenge. I don't want serious consequences…death, or
any legal action. I have considered a copperhead or rattler in her mailbox, but I am also looking for alternatives, I am too clumsy and really don't want to
risk myself. I'm not a wimp I am a practical person. Please give me some advise as soon as you can because my temper will overwhelm me and I do not want to
loose control and kick her ass. I have a wonderful family and do not want to waste time in jail.
Please help, C.

Hi C,
What you need to do is get yourself one of the rude bumper stickers I’ve seen elsewhere. Then one night put it on her rear bumper.
What I suggest will torment this lady in return. And give you great cause for celebration as her torment becomes evident.
These overbearing, loud-mouthed, opinionated people can never fathom why someone would invade their space. A rude/crude bumper sticker will do just that, while immunizing yourself from serious crime committing.

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

First off, I wanted to say that I'm a fan of your site. I love the advice you give. Now the time has come for me to ask for help.
Let me begin by saying that I was involved for the better part of a year with a woman who completely rocked my socks off. She seemed amazing. The sex was great, and we both immediately fell in love (..or so I thought). Here's the kicker – she and I are married….to other people. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. If anybody has a problem, let them cast the first stone. Anyway, the relationship lasted for a long while, until she took a trip out of town, where I found out she had an affair…with a woman. Of course, she denied it. The relationship continued, with me being VERY suspicious. Near the end, we took a trip out of town, where I found out she was having another lesbian relationship RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE! When I asked her about it, she immediately broke up with me, saying she was "too busy". Since then, she's kept lying to me, and kept me waiting in the sidelines (as she asked me to do……I was SO stupid to do so!). She's had affairs with both men and women, while at the same time asking me to stay faithful to her.
She's still married, and her hubby is freaking clueless! My wife knows everything, and we've patched things up. She wouldn't mind seeing revenge on her as well! At one time I was willing to give up everything for her. Now, I want restitution. I want punishment. I WANT REVENGE!! Can you help me?

I'm glad that you like my website.
I'm very happy that you were able to confess to your wife and maintain a relationship with her.
You owe her a fabulous vacation somewhere, with a renewing of your marriage vows.
And a BIG piece of jewelry.
As for this other woman, she's into everything and everyone. With a clueless husband to boot that keeps the home fire burning as she cheats herself to anything that moves.
Your revenge is going to take several steps. They can be completed in any order.
First off:
You'll want to reprint this email once you've deleted any identifiable marks, such as your email address. Or print it from my website, it'll be on the home page. Then leave copies of it everywhere. Her office, his office. The grocery store bulletin board. All kinds of places where they'll see it. Maybe the clueless husband will make the connection, maybe he won't. But she will. And she'll be put on notice.
Start placing "Found Item" ads in the local papers describing things that she owns. These are usually free ads and they very rarely check the phone number of who places the ad. Use her phone number. The kooks will start calling, the more frequently the higher the value of the item seems to be. The conversations with these kooks will be incredible. Just imagine it.
Set up one final date with her. Preferably a late meeting in a motel, or a fancy dinner place. Get someone else to call the husband about this rendezvous, preferably as it's happening (of course, you won't show up!).
The fires will roar!

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Hi R.G.
UR site is great i like your idea of helping people, u must be good man. I have a small story it goes like this. I when joined a chat, being new didn't knew much about the people. Then I had this girl following me who got my attention and soon within two weeks we were flying high in love and all the other chat members used to compliment us and admire us,,lol.
Suddenly it turned away she began to flirt with some other guy and I a thing to laugh upon by all the admirers this really pissed me off. They made fun of me for months nearly 7 months now. It was a bad experience. But i didn't left the chat, I kept logging in regularly and didn't change my id which i could have done easily and pretended to be some other person.
Soon i can to know that there was just one person who used to log in with 56 ids and cheated new comers. And then humiliate them to hell. I think he is sick and needs to be taught a lesson.
I want a revenge kindly help

Hi Hidar,
It's unfortunate, but a fact of online life, that many people hide behind the anonymous aspect of the Internet.
When you come across some creep, as you have, they automatically win. Usually. With bad intentions they will create as many user/member ID's as necessary to torment others. And it's very hard to get revenge on them since they don't really care. They'll just create yet another username and go after you. They feel this type of fight is 'sporting' rather than the type of cowardly attack it really is.
So, it's best to just find yourself another chat room. Start emailing only the people you want to keep in touch with. Avoid this pitiful creep's crosshairs.
Buy, if you still want revenge, this is how to do it:
Option one (easy)
Write down all the usernames this person uses. It'll be easy enough for the chat room admin to check these usernames with email signins. He can then block the accounts that are duplicate. Any webmaster that cares about his website and his visitors will do this.
Option two (hard)
Create a new username for yourself. Talk this guy up as if you are a girl interested in him. After a week or so, tell him it's your birthday and you'd like to send him a photo of yourself. Say anything to get his mailing address. Then call the police in his town and say that you are a 11 year-old girl and that this guy wants you to meet with him, but you talked it over with your friends and they said don't do it, call the police instead.
Let this guy get a visit from local law enforcement as a suspected Internet predator.
That will shake him up some.

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Revenge Stories

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I have been taken big time by a guy who claimed to be a friend, lover, future mate, mortgage broker. And he was living with someone and only played up to me because he could talk me into buying a condo and collecting a $16,000 fee which he told me he would give back to me and of course didn’t. In actuality, he is living with someone and told her I was a client, meanwhile he was sleeping with me, and making all these promises and I was gullible enough to believe it.

Since then I contacted his girl friend, posted a website, registered him with the cheaters websites, ordered I don’t know how many magazines, arranged for a republican party at his office, jammed his telephone, with his social security number ordered a credit report and contacted all his creditors to let them know his updated telephone numbers and addresses which caused him to lose his internet connection, posted warnings on all the dating sites, got him kicked off the dating sites, ordered repair persons to his (his girlfriend’s) house, also pizza to his house and office, make reservations at various restaurants, order estimates for various house repairs, many many magazine subscriptions, ordered condoms and tampax and catalogs to house and office. I plan to post his house for rent in various laundromats, send dead roses, place some ads in the classifieds.

I really don’t like this s.o.b. and want more. But it has to be kind of legal. PLEASE send more suggestions. I want to make his life a living hell for a few years. His girlfriend is too dumb to throw him out, even though he’s been screwing everything that holds still enough, which unfortunately includes me. But she even told me that there were credit card charges for brunches and so on on HER credit card, which they obviously share.
Having fun!

The Revenge GuyHi Having fun,
I think you’ve handled everything marvelously.
The only thing I would add is a letter from a lawyer stating he is being sued and brought up on charges of ‘rape by false promise’ by enticing you to use him as an agent and him having sex with you under false pretenses.
Heck, maybe even a real lawyer would be interested in this case.
Or at least a TV judge.

Revenge Stories

The Revenge Guy

I was behind on my rent so my best friend at the time, offered her storage shed to me so I could put my belongings in there, in the event of a soon to be eviction. While getting settled, (moving, etc) she and her boyfriend went through all my things and sold off all the good stuff at a swap meet. I confronted her and she blamed him wholeheartedly and said she had no choice but to make room for his things.

The plan was launched, I said nothing, I played along! I flirted shamelessly with him whenever she wasn’t around and eventually we decided to "rendezvous". She was working the night shift one Friday evening, and we rented a room! I sipped only very slowly the bottle of liquor and he eagerly chugged it down and eventually I had him drunk with booze and with my seduction. He was passed out naked on the bed when I took off my black lacey bra and slipped into the pocket of his jacket. I quietly exited out of the room and raced back home.

There were many voice mail messages from her on my machine, crying hysterically looking for her beloved boyfriend.

The next day was hiroshima as she discovered the bra in his jacket and called me for support – it was all I could do to stifle laughing in her face!

I never talked to neither of them ever again afterward. I had what I wanted! hah hahhaaa

It all started about 9 months ago when I was just a customer at one of my favorite bars in town. The bartender was a beautiful busty blond who would sit and talk to me for hours as I drank beer. She would always give me most of my tab for free, and I would in turn always tip her $20. We has many very deep and interesting talks about life, past drug abuse, and everything else you could imagine. During this spirited conversation the fact that she was in a 5 year relationship came up.
I was let down, but didn’t count myself out of the race quite yet. I have been with many girls who have boyfriends. Rule of thumb, do not fall in love with them. This went on for about a month until one day she asked me to give her a ride home after work. I had been enamored with this girl so I jumped at the chance.

We decided to go to one of the bars that was open later than her bar and have a few cocktails before I dropped her off at home. Of course her boyfriend was out of town for the week visiting family. We laughed and drank and played pool and darts. Everything was going so great that we closed the bar down. I was taking her home and she asked if I wanted to come inside and watch a movie. One thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together. Apparently we really liked each other and this continued at least 3 times a week for the next 6 months.

It got to the point where she was sleeping at my house more than her and her boyfriend’s apartment. She was always with me, and actually took my on a week long vacation to meet her parents who live on the beach. I woke up one day and realized that I loved this girl. She told me all the time she loved me, and actually broke up with her boyfriend for me. (of course he had no idea any of this was going on. (denial is a powerful thing) He knew they broke up, but had no idea she was cheating on him for the past 7 months.

Well, she ended up feeling horrible about it and wanting to make things work out with him again. She slowly stopped talking to me over a one week period, and then stopped all responses. I knew it was my time to strike. I had gotten her boyfriends number out of her phone for just such an occasion. I sent him text message after text message on his cell phone describing in graphic detail what his precious girlfriend and I had been doing all along. I sent pictures, and video clips to his phone as well. (and these were not pictures any guy would want to see of his girlfriend) I was admittedly very drunk that night, and about as bitter and angry as I can get. I was all but in a rage. She called me and used every expletive known to man. She sent me text messages about how evil I am and how horrible of a person I can be. I sent some very threatening messages back to her. (in retrospect, a horrible idea) The very next day she went to the police with her phone, and her boyfriends phone. I was in the process of being charged with sexual harassment for the pictures, and domestic dispute in regard to the threatening comments I made. Luckily for me I was moving all the way across the country before they had a chance to arrest me.

They have since broke up and she actually started being very nice to me again. She said it took all of this to realize how much she liked me. As I type this she is on her way across the USA in a plane to visit me for 5 days. This will be the first time I have seen her since I told and showed her boyfriend everything. I ultimately win in this situation because I not only broke them up, but she is coming to see me and sleep next to me.

Revenge was bittersweet. In retrospect I would not have made threatening comments or sent pornographic images to his phone. I would have simply told him what happened with enough detail to make them break up. Now I can’t go back to that particular East Coast state for 1 year. After a year there will be no more charges or warrants on me.

Many moons ago I had a opposite sex (male) best friend. I used to give said best friend, call him Mike, advice on how to handle his love life (we were young and still learning). I resisted his periodic attempts to convert our friendship into something else because I liked him too much as a friend and didn’t want to screw it up with additional expectations etc..

Well, eventually poor judgment got the best of me and an affair was hot. It went along swimmingly until he decided to join the Navy and see the world. I was invited to his graduation from boot camp (if that’s what the Navy calls it), and traveled three states away with his parents in order to attend. Not long after, he had 2 weeks leave and returned to our hometown. Upon our joyous reunion he presented me with a mini Navy insignia ring on a chain to wear around my neck. We were in love.

But as the leave progressed, I realized I was only seeing him every other day. Odd. Odder still was the fact that Mike’s male best friend (Ron) lived two houses down from me and I wasn’t seeing him there. No matter, I was young, hormonal and extremely naive. I enjoyed the time we had.

Mike ships out. I get a call from Ron’s girlfriend, Samantha inviting me to a party. I start to decline because of school obligations and she gets this very intent tone of voice, and said "You really ought to come". Being the intuitive person that I am (except when it comes to males who may wish to abuse my affections) I understand this is a command performance and attend the party.

I am no sooner in the door than she shoves me in the direction of Mike’s most significant ex saying "You two need to talk". And we talked. Eventually Samantha joined us and let us know that she had been cheating on her boyfriend (Ron) with his best friend (Mike). All three of us had identical necklaces – the Navy ring/necklace. We all desired blood, but that hard to do when your intended victim is sailing the seven seas.

Our solution was simple, elegant and classy. We took the three identical necklaces, put them in a single envelope and mailed them to the boy. No letter, nothing but the necklaces.

That was the end of my contact with him. Unfortunately, one of us was not so fortunate. He tracked me down about 20 years later, why? I’m not sure. But in catching up with each other (I had to, I was curious and expected some karmic payback to reveal itself. Maybe it had.) I learned that he and Samantha had married. And that she later died of a drug overdose. Too bad, she was a nice girl and had done two other women tremendous favors in exposing the S*B. The drug thing was not something I ever would have suspected of her. Gotta wonder what her life was like to use that many tranquilizers.

Now, before I share a second story, let me say this. I love revenge.
I have a vividly twisted imagination. Regrettably, it is chained to a conscience. So (as I go through a divorce) I may think of soaking my soon-to-be-ex’s backpack in gravy before he goes hiking in the Smokies, but I can’t bring myself to actually do irrevocable/serious harm. Things that ARE revocable are fair game. So, story #2.

Second loser up on the roster is Larry. Larry was everything that made a girl’s parent’s shudder and light a candle at church.
Divorced three times, a heavy drinker twice my age who drove cars that needed frequent attention and no license to go with them…you get the idea.
But charming, very charming with a skill for spinning believable lies. Towards the end of an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted FAR too long, it became quite clear there was another woman in the picture. Either he didn’t try to hide it, or he thought I was really stupid. I do give him credit for his ability to use and manipulate me though. Over the years he had borrowed money he never paid back, shared his drugs with anyone but me, fed me all sorts of b******t to keep my naive little ass believing. He’d borrow my car to see the other poor wench (made sure I wouldn’t run into them, right?) and, once, told me to meet him at his place when he was seeing her.
It was on this occasion that the gay couple upstairs from his studio apartment confirmed my suspicions and, specifically, who he was seeing. In my negligee. I was livid. I paced his small studio apartment, just seething and wracking my deluded little brain for an effective way to send a message. Then it stuck me as I looked at the single bed in his studio apartment. The single bed that doubled as a couch because it was a studio apartment. The only place to sleep besides the floor in his studio apartment. Clearly, I was going to have trouble sleeping that night so I decided he should, too. I took a pitcher or four of water and soaked the mattress on his bed, making sure there was no dry strip of padding to sleep on. I never heard a word about it.

But we weren’t done yet; he did the "I’m sorry, I was a fool"
routine, telling me he had helped her out of a bad situation but they were only friends. See she moved out of the home of a very well-to-do man, who provided lots of cocaine, in order to carry on a relationship with this man (using the term loosely). She needs a friend, she was abused… Well! I worked for a social service agency and…ah-hem…kindly offered to connect her with services. Just introduce us, I said. I’d be glad to help, I said. And with a sympathetic smile I slowly backed him into a corner, as I was certain she was getting the same lines and responding the same way I did.
Backing him into a choice. So, one fateful, final evening when I was pretty damn sure he had told her about me I made my move. I forget what evidence he provided, but it was convincing, I may have even made sure myself somehow. Well, I screwed his brains out, black bustier and garter included, and told him I would never see him again. He lost it. Pissed that he had told her about me ( and screwed that cocaine connection up) only to have me dump him. It was nice to have confirmation that I had, indeed, screwed up any chance he had of getting her back.

I got in one last shot a few years later. He had started nosing around again, trying to get things started. In a weak moment of fevered delirium I folded. He brought me chicken soup cause I was sick, ran errands for me etc.. Then I got a call at work from a woman I didn’t know. She asked if she could talk to me about Larry. We met that evening and talked for 5 hours. I started smoking again that night. She recited my own story back at me. Charmed by the guy, bought him expensive gifts at the start, paid big bucks to break a lease to move in with him. Larry, his brother and the brother’s wife were renting his mom’s house. But he kept dodging rent and he had started sleeping on the couch, about the same time he started knocking on my door again. The reality of a chronically broke, lying alcoholic in an ever faster downward spiral was becoming clear to her. She thanked me and left.

I mean, she really left. A few weeks later I got a call from the brother asking if I had seen Larry. Larry had stolen his brother’s car. Just the call told me how far Larry had sunk that his family was no longer turning a blind eye to his sucking them dry.

And the brother told me that the lovely young lady I had met a few weeks earlier no longer lived with them and no one knew where she was.

Karma. I love it.

Well, RG thanks for letting me revisit some fond memories. I’ll let you know what I do to the husband who asked for a divorce after I supported him through med school. Trashed my careers (yes, plural) for his career. And moved three states away for his ideal job. While I was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. Packing and unpacking alone. While trying to parent a pissed off ten year old. He thinks he’s doing me a favor to turn me out marginally employable and uninsurable. See, he doesn’t want to disappoint me anymore by being a narcissistic, selfish control junkie. I’ll try to think up something special for him, but I still won’t smear him with peanut butter and drop him off in bear country. It’s gotta be something that isn’t lethal or illegal. I suspect just having to take care of himself after I catered to him for 18 years is a start. But it’s not enough.
Now, he just bought a motorcycle….

Too Nice for My Own Good

Hi, RG.
 I just found your website, and found it to be highly amusing, and highly educational. But I have a nasty streak that comes out when I am wronged. Let me give you a couple of examples.
Years ago, I worked for a company as a driver. The boss, and Iranian, cheated me out of about 6 hours pay on 3 consecutive paychecks, so I decided to quit and get even in the process. Before I quit, I had to go to another city about 300 miles away, on personal business. While I was there, I stopped by a chemical supply house, and bought a gallon of undiluted methyl mercaptan, which is put into natural gas lines so that leaks can be detected.
On my last day, after I picked up what was to be my last paycheck, (cheated again!), I took the methyl mercaptan out of my car, and poured the whole gallon all over the garage floor, and left the empty jug inside the garage.. Then I went across the street to the fancy hotel and called the fire department to report a "major gas leak". Naturally, the FD responded with everything from 3 stations, and began to search for the "leak". They evacuated every business for 4 city blocks in all directions, including the nice, new fancy hotel.
The firefighters discovered where the stench was coming from, and the empty jug, while looking in the garage.
The city fined him $15,000, and several of the businesses sued him, too, for lost income.
He knew it was me, because I left the jug right next to the door of the car that I used. He even tried to blame me, but I denied everything, and told the police and fire officials that the guy had been cheating me, and that I had quit because of it, and he just wanted a scapegoat. They didn’t buy his denials.
What with the fine, the loss of his business license, and the multiple lawsuits, he was forced out of business.
I saw him about a year later, selling hot dogs from a cart on a downtown corner, and made sure to wave at him as I went by.

I have a neighbor, a real jerk, who drive a POS old Nissan with a loud, :beer-barrel" muffler, and a stereo system that is worth 5 times what the car is worth. He always comes in from clubbing at 2:30am with the stereo blasted right along with the loud muffler. And he treats that POS like it’s a Ferrari. Anyone goes near it, and he becomes completely hysterical, screaming and hollering.
Two months ago, I went for a walk with my wife, and as we passed by the end of his driveway, walking in the street, about 10 feet from his car, he comes out of the house with a baseball bat in hand, threatening to hurt us because we were "too close" to his car. He knows that I have a concealed carry permit, and I told him that he would be wise to go back into his house before we found out which of us had the more effective weapon. He did, and we went on our way. By the time we got back to our house, the police were there, and he was claiming that I drew my pistol, and said that I was going to kill him. That would have been a neat trick, since I didn’t have it on me at the time, and several neighbors told the cops that he was lying. They didn’t arrest him for making a false report, because he hadn’t signed it. Dammit!
Anyway, for the next few days he started acting more and more irrational, not just towards me and my wife, but to most of the other neighbors, too.
So, I decided to do something about him, and his damned loud car.
One night about 3-4 weeks after this, his garage door broke, and wouldn’t open, forcing him to leave his car in the driveway all night. In a stroke of inspiration, I hopped into my car, went down to the all-night car parts store, and bought a bunch of mag wheel weights.
These are the kind with the peel-and-stick tape to attach them to mags without damaging the wheels.
I snuck over and put about four ounces of weights on the inside of both of the front rims.
The next morning, when I heard him start up to go someplace, I went out and sat down on the front porch to watch the fun. When he got up to about 20mph, you could actually see the front wheels bounce, shimmy, and shake. He slammed on the brakes, got out, looked at the car, got back in, and took off again. A couple of minutes later, he comes creeping back home at about 15mph, with his stereo off! I guess he wanted to see if he could figure out what was wrong by listening.
A little while later, a wrecker shows up, and hauls his car off to the repair shop. Late Friday afternoon, he comes driving home. At about 15mph. The shop had completely rebuilt the front end, but never checked the tires. He was livid! And since he ran over a curb on the way home, the shop voided the warrantee for the repair work!
A tire shop finally figured out what happened, removed the weights, and he was driving again. I think that he suspects it was me that did it but has no proof.
About a month later, I saw his car at a mall, and decided to silence his noisy muffler for him.
I parked quite a distance away, and since I had just stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things, I happened to have some nice, big, baking potatoes with me. But I went Eddie Murphy one better. I coated the tater with fast drying epoxy resin just before I inserted it into his tail pipe.
Then I go back to my car, and drive home. Sure enough, here he comes, with his car on the back of a wrecker.
A couple of days later, he has his car back, with a nice, quiet, factory type muffler on it. And he doesn’t play his stereo so loudly in the neighborhood anymore.
In fact, he hardly opens his door anymore. He’s finally become a "good" neighbor!

I’ve done some others, and I’ll share them with you another time, but I thought that you might enjoy these little stories about revenge.

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A funny lady emails in: "These are pictures of a tramp/slut that's trying to get my husband by emailing him some NASTY pictures of her naked ass and twat! Let all the world know what type of pictures N.D. Clark emails to married men." — This is really one nasty bitch. There are three pictures in total that were discovered on the husband's phone. Don't people know that as soon as they email a picture of themselves it becomes public domain and anyone can do anything with it?

A wonderful woman emails in: "This a picture of my ex in my pink thong. He is sadist and suffers from Narcissist Personality Disorder. He gets off on tying women up and using a ball gag for practically choking. Please post this pic if you can!" — Of course I can! Here it is in all it's wonderful pink glory!


Pictures of the bad neighbor

House is in Shoreline Washington in a quiet single family neighborhood (Shoreline is considered the “adult family home” haven in Washington because of its permissive practices – doesn’t charge business license fees. Too bad we didn’t know this fact before we bought).
William R. Volpentest is the guy who owns the home. As you can tell from the pictures, he runs a landscaping business. According to the neighbors, before he decided to split the property and develop the back into the home, he used to store his landscaping equipment like bulldozers and earthmovers behind the home. He would also allow his workers to live in a trailer behind the property.

The house is currently rented to a man with developmental disabilities. He and his family, who lives in West Seattle, get around the adult family home licensing issue by saying that this man is living in the home and that the 2-3 other people who live in the home are his “friends” when in reality they are placed there by the agency. The agency is SL Start and they have a home office in Spokane. Talked with a friend who is a physician with the Washington State Department of Disabilities and although she said that there is nothing that could be done she does admit that she has not heard good things about the agency or the home. The agency is rude and nonresponsive – when there have been significant issues with a client threatening, they refused to do anything.

Over the years there has been clients screaming during the day and night, the piles of junk that Volpentest stores on the property (as you can see from the pictures), clients vomiting out in the open because the homecare workers are too stupid to administer their medications in a timely fashion and a few summers ago there was one client at the home who would do things like drop his pants in the middle of the street, stand in front of cars as someone would be trying to drive away and would sing at the top of his voice at all hours of the day and night.

Recently talked with the mother and talked with the father of the man to whom the home is rented. They are also fed up with the agency.
However, it is known that they know they have a good thing going – they don’t have to care for their son in their home and they can retreat to West Seattle and not have to see these things. Its probably also cheaper for them to maintain their current arrangement – I’m not sure what it costs to put someone in a licensed adult family home.

Not against adult family homes – if they’re well run, they can fit into a neighborhood. There is another home up the street that houses Alzheimers patients. However, this home is licensed. The grounds are clean and meticulously kept. There are never unattended clients – never see the patients wandering around the neighborhood and certainly never hear the ruckus that the neighborhood has become accustomed to.


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