Kiss 2019 Goodbye

The Revenge Guy
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Resolutions & Promises

2019 is going, going, gone.

Good riddance to a troublesome year.

Every January 1 the New Year holds such promise. Resolutions are made and promises spoken aloud.

What are your plans? A better you, perhaps?

New Year 7-Point Checklist

To give you a head-start on the New Year, I have created this checklist for you.

  • Gain respect by speaking out
  • Stand up for yourself more
  • Better protect your online privacy
  • Set a budget and save some money
  • Invest in yourself by taking a course
  • Volunteer and find new friends
  • Dump the negative people in your life

It's true, small changes can bring big results. But no one will do it for you, you're on your own in the New Year. Just like you are now.