Anti-Spy Hidden Camera Detector

Protect Your Privacy From Hidden Cameras

This is a very useful item when renting a room, house, or staying in a hotel. Use it to search around in the room for hidden Wi-Fi cameras that have been put in hidden places to covertly spy on you.

This is a very effective hidden camera detector. This hidden camera detector adopts a passive scanning method combining with active laser scanning and wireless detection. 

The detector can accurately identify bugs, trackers, car bugs, wireless pinhole cameras, wired cameras, power supplies, and more. And the vulnerability detector can effectively prevent eavesdropping, video recording, fraud and protect the confidentiality of personal privacy data and information.

You can also use this as a Portable Burglar Alarm Reminder System, as a portable burglar alarm system, the RF detector can reach a loud sound of 130 decibels. The combination of sound and light alarm can effectively deter suspects, intimidate attackers, prevent valuables from being lost, stolen or robbed, and at the same time seek help from the surrounding.

This spy camera detector will locate and warn you of hidden cameras and other wireless devices.

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