Pond Hockey-opoly - 2nd Edition


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Pond Hockey-opoly is a game that brings back memories of frozen feet, runny noses, fresh air, and the way hockey was meant to be played! It has all the action of a traditional property trading game… along with some nifty stick-handling fun! Buy your favorite ponds and rinks, then collect warm-up shacks and trade them in for arenas. As you play, turn over the deeds to learn interesting facts about each pond or rink.This game scores with pond hockey facts and humor, but it’s a different story if… your dog runs away with the game puck, you get fined for being a puck hog, or you get sent to the penalty box!So choose your token and advance to Face Off! Who knows? You may get lucky and end up with the 1st Draft Pick… or you may end up being traded for future considerations! Featuring 80% new content with a split of 50/50 Canadian and US properties, this game is sure to keep the outdoor air alive.

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