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Ugly Christmas Sweaters


We don’t know if Trump will ever make America great again. Wasn’t America great before Trump got elected? Anyway you look at it, Trump is kind of a joke. Which is why we’ve placed his yellow cheeto high master on this ugly Christmas sweater. You’ll find it no coincidence that this design of Trump resembles “Stuart” from Beavis & Butthead. Available to wear in unisex, this Trump Make Christmas Great Again ugly sweatshirt will have all our friends laughing on the floor or you’ll be making enemies pending on where your were this ugly fashion item of the next four years.

  • Make no mistake – if you want to be the center of attention this Christmas, we can make sure you will be
  • This is a sweatshirt / not a sweater
  • Perfect for ugly Christmas sweater parties!
  • Fit: Adult Unisex
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Officially Licensed

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