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When you want to get personal details about someone the best piece of
information is their Social Security Number (SSN).

With this number, and the right confidential information service (see
below) you can get banking, financial, mortgage, loans and other
significant personal information about almost anyone in America.

Now, it’s not likely that you could just ask the person for this
information, right?
But, using some sneaky techniques, you can get someone to provide you
the information in a matter of minutes. You just need to know who to
contact and what to ask them.

(Disclaimer: All of the following information is for
entertainment purposes only and should not be relied on or followed
without the advice of a lawyer.)

If you were a tax auditor and you had the incorrect SSN of someone, what
would you do?

Likely you’d contact maybe the person’s employer and the appropriate
payroll office/officer for a confirmation of the number; you might
attempt to contact their bank for the correct SSN;

If you were a tax auditor you’d likely say something about the
confidentiality of your phone call. The person in question should not be
notified about this call because of the delicate nature of your

You could be a mortgage lender as well, verifying information. Maybe a
simple loans officer.

You could be a previous employer.

My point is that there could be all kinds of professions that might call
someone to get this information, in a confidential manner.

Once you have the SSN you could use an online service to get personal,
publicly available information, from millions of databases. Not too many
people have an untraceable background.

Full name, birth date, place of birth, Social Security Number, parents
name, maiden name, all of these bits of information can, independently,
provide a window into someone’s background if you know where to find the
How to tell if someone is lying to you

There is now an available service that allows you to use a type of lie
detector (voice stress analyzer) called
LiarCard is used much the same way as a telephone calling card, You
order a time card from
LiarCard and call the toll-free number, then
enter your Personal Identification Number and then enter the number of
the person you want to use the voice stress analyzer Lie detection
software) on. Phrase your questions to mostly allow for a yes or no
answer. The caller identification that shows on a call display box
(usually the phone number of who is making the call, which would be you)
is masked. No information is forwarded to the person you are calling.
Unless you say your name or give information which you may be known by
the person you are calling, you will remain anonymous.

Get your LiarCard here:


How to call someone anonymously

Have you ever wanted to play a phone call prank on someone but you knew
that you’d be found out because of the sound of your voice or the person
having the telephone caller identification Call ID) service?

Now, using SpoofCard, an anonymous phone call service, you can make the
phone call, change your voice and even change what shows on the Call ID
box. This is a great service that is used similarly to a calling card
and SpoofCard even allows you to record the phone call for later

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