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Work Sucks! And having Bad Co-Workers and Bad Bosses Makes It Even Worse!

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Prank Kit – Funny Prank Toys


This prank kit is great for people of all ages. I got this for my son as a birthday gift as he loves to play pranks on everyone.

Gag Box – Hand Buzzer – Fake Cockroach & More

Includes: Silly Surprise Whoopee Cushion, Shocking Hand Buzzer and a lot more, such as:

Disappearing Ink Pen: With our Silly Ink Pen, your child’s friends gasp in disbelief when their handwritten notes magically vanish! This disappearing ink pen adds a touch of mystery and wonder to any prank, leaving everyone perplexed and amused.

Fake Insects: Bring the outdoors inside with lifelike fake insects. From realistic bugs to creepy-crawly cockroaches, these pranks are guaranteed to evoke shrieks and laughter as your child creates hilarious surprises for their unsuspecting victims.


**Timmy’s Tricky Birthday**

On the morning of his seventh birthday, Timmy unwrapped a gift that would forever change the course of his playtime. It was a prankster’s kit, complete with a whoopie cushion, fake poo, a hand buzzer, a fake cockroach and more. His eyes sparkled with mischief as he plotted his day of fun.

First, he placed the whoopie cushion on his father’s chair. As the family gathered for breakfast, a loud, embarrassing sound echoed through the room. Timmy couldn’t contain his giggles as his father’s face turned as red as the strawberries on his plate.

Next, Timmy strategically positioned the fake poo near his sister’s dollhouse. When she shrieked in disgust, Timmy dashed away, barely able to breathe from laughing so hard.

The hand buzzer was reserved for his best friend, Max. As they shook hands, Max jumped back, surprised by the sudden buzz. Timmy chortled, “Gotcha!” and they both doubled over in laughter.

Finally, the fake cockroach made its appearance at lunch, hidden under a lettuce leaf. Timmy’s mother let out a small yelp, only to realize it was another one of her son’s pranks. She couldn’t help but join in the laughter, admiring Timmy’s cleverness.

As the sun set on his birthday, Timmy felt like the king of comedy. His family, though victims of his pranks, couldn’t deny the joy his antics had brought to the day. And so, Timmy’s seventh birthday went down in history as the day of delightful deceptions.

Remember, while pranks can be fun, they should always be done in good spirit and never meant to hurt or upset anyone.


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