Married Co-Worker Dating Me and Three Other Girls! Help!

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I started seeing a higher-up co-worker eight months ago. I know you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure but he went after me and it felt good. Our relationship has escalated to the point where we have had sex multiple times.

I just found out from his phone that not only is he married, but he is having an affair with me and three other women! From the messages I have seen, some of the girls knew that he cheats and asks about the other girls. I want revenge and clever revenge at that. I want to get him and the other girls, and I want to come out on top. How do I do this?


The Revenge GuyHi Dating a Cheater,
You must know an awful lot about this guy. Obviously where he works, home life situation and even the names of the other girls that he’s dating.

You probably know what he’s doing to hide his tracks from the other girls and his wife, like an extra phone, alternate email addresses, etc. This can be used against him easily.
I hope you have some of the other girls names and details from his phone.

Using a service like Spoofcall you could spoof the number of one of the girls, use a different girl’s name, and set up dates for him. He’s expecting to see one girl and sees and meets a different girl. He’ll be squirming heavily.
You could even add his wife into the mix.

I’d like to see his face when he goes to one of these “dates” thinking he’s going to be meeting a girlfriend and it’s his wife that you arranged to send instead!

You could play this out for months!

Have some fun with this, knowing that you’re creating the karma that will make what’s comes around goes around!

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

My Boyfriend Became a Boy Fiend!

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I was with this guy for a while and we were really good together, it wasn’t one sided he was just into me just as much as I was.
We both finished school this year and start college soon.
My hometown is honk kong so I had to leave, and then he slowly started ignoring and stopped replying to nothing I sent him. He was suppose to come to HK but I didnt hear from him. suddenly he inboxes me saying that he was going to surprise me and started acting all normal. So he is coming to hong kong and we are going to the same college. i need to take revenge, real bad. please help!
I have known him for 2 months. i know him pretty well.
I know his moms number, his ex girlfriend no, his house no.
I have no ideas about how to take revenge, it wasnt really my thing but this one hit me and i cant sit back and watch him do this to other people.
this will improve my life because hes getting away from all the assholeness and its not fair. the pain he put me through was not funny and im not going to sit back and watch him getting away with it while we are in the same college!

The Revenge GuyDear Broken Hearted,
He sure did get to you. Sounds to me like he was looking for a reason to break up with you, found one, and now that he’s going to be closer to you he regrets it. He’s probably not as popular with the girls as he thought he was, so now he wants you back. What a loser!
Just start talking to the people you know about his “STDs” that you know about from high school and you’ll kill his supposed popularity with the ladies before he even shows up.
And date a better class of person, you need to have a better life, right? Keep him dumped!

The Guy I Like Gave My Number To His Friends

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I like this guy so I gave him my number and he gave it out to a few of he’s guy friends and they been texting me my friend was their so she told me this like a week after it happened because they told her not to say anything but how do I get back at him for giving out my number?

The Revenge GuyHi Girl,
You need to use a service that allows you to spoof phone numbers on your phone and start calling them using the police’s local number as the caller ID. I know that you know some bad things that they did, so freak them out thinking that they’re about to get busted. Invite them down to the police station for an “interview” scheduled for the next week. Let them live in fear. That’ll take their attention away from needing to text you crap and play such childish games. And all for less than $10.00. Money well spent, I’d say.

Cheating Double-Timing Skirt-Chaser

Dear Revenge Guy
Dear Revenge Guy,
Dear Revenge Guy,
I met a guy in dec 2012 who literally pursued me by calling 10-15 times per day and send the love notes etc.

I asked him several times if he was seeing anyone and each time he would say “NO”, about a month after we were dating he asked to borrow $300 and not thinking twice I loan it to him.

Three months later I find out he was actively pursuing me and another woman. When I confronted him about it, he denies it but I was still uncomfortable so I asked her and she confirms my suspicion. He cried and said he was sorry and he didn’t mean it to happen and things are over between them.

Like an idiot I actually believed him and then a year later found out that there are a slew of women. I confronted him yet again only this time he resort to name calling and to say he really didn’t want to be with me and was just stringing me long. He was extremely verbally abusive. I am embarrass and angry.

I’ve thought of so many times to do and say. Please help me put it together to expose him and to get back at him.
Royally Pissed,

Hi RP,
There’s no doubt in my mind that this guy needs to be taught a lesson about respecting women, honesty and over-all how not to be a dink.

And I am sure he’s still doing what he did to you to many others. And I bet he still owes you the money too.

Personally I prefer the “out in the open, learn from my experience” lessons to share with everyone you meet that know this guy and/or might come into contact with him.

Maybe start with a few online ads in the “missed connections” sections detailing how you miss your money and you connected with the king of creeps.

If you know where he works, if he works, a few calls from a bill collector leaving him messages will work wonders towards fanning his reputation. Get yourself a disposable phone number and set the call display to whatever seems convincing.

If he drives a nice bumper sticker, with the wording of your choice, can also help to get you over the disgust you feel for being so taken advantage of.

I’d like to offer more but you haven’t given me too much to work with.

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy
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