About Lending Money

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be,” a sage quote from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Not all of us are able to live our life according to the above quote. Family and friends run into difficult times and need to borrow money to get by, so they come to you. Should you loan them the money […]

Hookup Turns Into A Series of Bad Payday Loans

Dear Revenge Guy, I trust way too easy, and I’m a very giving person, but many times ppl have taken my kindness for weakness and it hurts but believing in karma has always helped me move on and turn the other cheek….but this last time I feel differently. An older friend of mine hooked me […]

They Owe Me Money

Friggin' deadbeats. The trick is easy. Because it's you. Sure, they seemed to be a friend. They were nice but always in some kind of trouble. They never had a good paying job. Just scraped by. It's a good thing you were there when they were in need of a loan. But you didn't think […]