How to Get Revenge on Girlfriends

The Best Ways to Get Revenge on Girlfriends

As the saying goes “Love is a many splendored thing”. Until it isn’t. And when your girlfriend does something that just cannot be left alone, then revenge is on the menu.

What did your girlfriend do to you that now you need revenge?

  • Cheat on you?
  • Lie to you?
  • Steal from you?
  • Ghost you (and not break up with you)?

Whatever she’s done, now it’s time to show her how you feel, directly or anonymously, and we have the ways for you to get revenge on girlfriends.

How to Get Started with GF Revenge

There’s nothing worse than needing to get revenge on your girlfriend, whether she cheated on you, stole from you or did something else that caused you emotional turmoil or psychological and emotional abuse. 

Some girlfriends just end up being bad news and being rid of them is the best lifestyle and romantic improvement you can make for your life. That being said, your best revenge on a girlfriend is:

  • Become a more desirable person
  • Earn more money
  • Drive a nicer car
Having nicer and better things will cause her to not only become jealous but actually(maybe) pursue you again. Then you can date her and dump her like the real skank she is.How to

Evil Girlfriend Revenge Ideas

These revenge ideas for things to do to get even with a girlfriend are just for you, but be careful, the consequences may be permanent!

  • Chase her best friend and sleep with her
  • Share her phone number with random guys you meet
  • Put fake parking tickets on her car
  • Post to your own social media all the single man’s fun you’re having to make her mad about leaving you
  • Create a website and share her deepest, darkest secrets with the world
  • Call her work and say she’s quit
  • Email her family and say “It was nice to meet all of you, but we are not together anymore. I should have listened what you told me about her when we first met” and include her on the email to start up a family fight
  • Create an “ex girlfriend” album or Pinterest pin and put all of her photos there
  • Make a doll with her face on it and set it on fire for a Tik Tok video
  • Make friends with her friends and turn them against her

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