Landlord is Selling Our House On Us

Landlord is Selling Our House On Us

Hi Revenge Guy, My mom is disabled, having survived a car accident back in 1998 and I have been taking care of her for the past 20+ years. The home we were living in for the past 11 years is now being sold to someone else. We had agreed to buy through the owner, our […]

Renters Left Crap Behind, What Do I Do?

Hi Revenge Guy,  My former renters were making big deals of minor issues and would not talk to me personally. They use text like its the most convenient way to communicate. I had to spend hours explaining things that I could have done in 5-10 minutes by talking about it.  I decided not to renew […]

Tricked Out of Future Payments by Ex-Landlord

Dear Revenge Guy,  I am disabled and a woman evicted me and I was awarded $2305.00. This woman said she could only pay me $100.00 a month the first payment was $200.00 and I have a receipt for that $200.00 and she has only that receipt in the form of my signing her check.  I […]

Upstairs Neighbors Smell Like Booze and Pot

Dear Revenge Guy,  I need help with noisy neighbors.  I have lived in a basement apartment for 6 years and have had no complaints until 3 weeks ago where 2 young men moved in above me and they make alot of loud noise, music partying banging stomping and they do drugs because the hallway smells […]