She Stole My Pain Pills

Dear Revenge Guy,  Ok, so back in end of July beginning of August 2018 my older brother, his wife (which was also my best friend calling her A) their 3 girls, A’s mom and her sister (calling her Twat) all came up to visit.  My brother and his family stayed at my house, A’s family […]

My Stalker

Dear Revenge Guy,  I have a stalker who used to be my best friend. We grew up and went our separate ways, we both got married and had babies. She tries to be just like me and do everything I do. For example, I got engaged, she got engaged. I got married, she got married. […]

Friends And Exfriends

When Friends and Ex-Friends Need Straightening Out The Revenge Guy Is There! I’ve added this page of questions and answers, not because I want to answer these particular type of questions, but to illustrate the fact that teens and young adults all have these issues to deal with. When I am asked for revenge with […]