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How to Get Revenge On Your Neighbor

Neighbors are mostly nice, but bad neighbors need to be dealt with.

Except for getting even with the other woman, dealing with annoying and noisy neighbors because of the noise they make, where they park, how they manage their landscaping (and a lot more!) has a lot of revenge requests.

(Note: this information is for entertainment purposes only, in no way do we recommend doing anything that would upset or harm another person.)

I can tell you, to start with, you need to do have your ducks in a row and strong evidence on your side as you take on these bad neighbors to get even with.

  • Have outdoor video and record them
  • Start a journal and write down dates, times and people involved every time there’s an issue
  • Know your local laws
  • Make friends with the good neighbors

You’ll need these things should you end up calling the police or in court, which is always an option. Handling these issues legally should always be the first step.

Of course, you may just want to bypass the legal system and get your own revenge on your obnoxious neighbors, so here are a few ideas for you:

Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

You know these people, always having late night parties, yelling and screaming at all hours some text and generally making noise just because they can.

  • When you leave the house turn up your own noisy thing and leave it on for hours while you’re out
  • Start your own loud house work or yard work when you know they’re sleeping
  • Live in an apartment and have access to the fuse box? Figure out which one is their apartment and pop it out
  • Are they loudly having sex? Go ring their doorbell and run away
  • Get some Liquid Ass and put it on their door knobs, car door, etc.
  • Hang some wind chimes closest to their house

Getting Even With Obnoxious Neighbors

You know the type, they think they’re king or queen of the neighborhood, when really everyone hates them and can’t wait for them to move or die.
  • Get some beef stock bouillon cubes and scatter them across their lawn before rains, any animals will dig through the grass to find the source of the food smell
  • Or, you can get some borax dry bleach and write out a message that will slowly write itself as the bleach becomes activated by the moist soil
  • Sign them up for home visits from a religious group
  • If they go away on holidays for a few days, scatter bird seed all over their backyard and give them lots of bird poop to clean up when they come back home
  • Put up a fake ad of their house for sale, at a very discounted price
  • Unscrew their garden house, pour salt in the hose and put it back in place, their grass will slowly die from all the salt

Deal with People That Park Their Car in Front of Your House

Neighbors, friends of neighbors, and even complete strangers can be assholes. There, I’ve said it! But when they park in front of your house, leaving you no space for your own family and friends to park in front of your house, you have every right to do something about it. But first, speak with them (if they seem nice) and let them know why parking in front of your house is not a friendly idea. And if they ignore you, well we have some work to do.
  • Check the local laws and find out if they even can legally park in front of your house
  • Get yourself a “No Parking” sign made and put it up. And print out a card that says you’re allowed to park there too and leave it on your dashboard
  • Park in front of your own house even if your driveway has space, take up the spot so they have to park elsewhere and maybe they’ll get used to parking there
  • Park in front of their house, see how they like it
  • Mark the parking spot with spray paint and put there a construction cone, maybe they’ll think the city is doing some work on the street and leave you alone
  • Call a tow truck and have them towed in the middle of the night
  • Place fake parking tickets on their car windshield

More Bad Neighbor Revenge Ideas

There are all kinds of things that neighbors will do to annoy you, so here are some fixes.

  • Did they put up a new outdoor light that shines on your house? Get a mirror and shine it right back on them
  • Hack their WiFi and lock out all of their own devices from accessing the internet (check for common default logins such as admin on IP or some variation)
  • Freeze some urine on a plate and leave the pee ice on their outdoor furniture overnight
  • Put up posters announcing a garage sale at their home, starting nice and early
  • Neighbor dog pooing on your yard? Gather it up and save it until you have a good amount, then smear it on their driveway around their car
  • Dump instant mashed potatoes on their lawn
  • Toilet paper their trees
  • Before winter spread birdseed all over their lawn. The grass will hide it and over winter the animals will tear their lawn apart
  • Pour beef-stock or liquid Bovril (beef seasoning) on their lawn, any animals coming near the beef smell will dig into their lawn looking for a meal

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