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How to Get Revenge on The Other Woman

The Best Ways to Get Revenge on the Other Woman

It’s terrible the damage that happens to a marriage and family when another woman seduces a man away from his wife. The mistress needs to be taught a lesson and through the hundreds of requests for revenge on the other woman we have received, we will share with you how to get even with the other woman.

You will need to be sneaky and stealthy to get your revenge. You may need to hire outside, independent help, such as a private investigator, or go online and do a background search for finances and criminal history.

No stone should be left unturned as you go about getting even with your husband’s mistress.

Legal Revenge Ideas to Get Even With The Other Woman

These are the best legal revenge ideas to get you started. Legal revenge can hurt deep because it’s not only in the open, it becomes a stain on the mistress’s future, and will follow her forever. Of course, you’ll already need to have her name, address and other information to proceed with legal revenge.

  • Get a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) filed against her.
  • Sue her for damages in small claims court.
  • Check out her workplace and if they have a high standard for behavior, or morals clause for employees, report her to the HR (Human Resources) department. If there’s no HR department, a letter or email to the owner/manage of her workplace should get the ball rolling.
  • Check if your state allows for suing her for “alienation of affection from your spouse”.

Sneaky Ways To Get Back At The Other Woman

These revenge ideas against the other woman will take a little more effort but the payoff is huge!

  • Have a good heart-to-heart talk with your husband and when he says he’s sorry you should take photos of you and your husband, happily in love and being active doing things. Post these to your own and his social media channels. Let her steam now that she’s lost him and you’ve won.
  • Find out people she knows (friends and family) and share the story of her cheating ways.
  • Create new social media accounts and chase her down. Friend her friends and tell them what happened.

More Ideas To Get Revenge On The Other Woman

There are more ways to get revenge than stars in the night sky, and we can’t list all of them, but here’s a few more to get your creative revenge ideas flowing.

  • Newspapers still exist, place a personal ad in her local paper and speak generally about what she’s done. You don’t have to be too specific in the details, just enough that someone that knows her would be able to figure out it’s her the ad is about.
  • Create a flyer, similar to a “Lost Dog” poster and put them up near where she lives and works.
  • Confront her in public and let her know how you feel.
  • Share your story on public (but anonymous) forums like Reddit or Mumsnet.


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