Recycling Pick-up Goes Wrong. Help!

Hi Revenge Guy, Your website is entertaining as all Hell. Kudos to you, sir. My recycle truck driver is a jerk. Since I moved into my home, three short years ago, I’ve had to replace the big blue bin twice because this jerk either throws it to the curb by hand (for some reason he … Read moreRecycling Pick-up Goes Wrong. Help!

Insurance Company Settles For Revenge Tactics

So you’re a guy, 70+ years old, and an insurance company staff person “allegedly” assaults you. What do you do? You sue them, naturally. And after a 3 year battle when the company decides not to pursue the case and settle with aforementioned older gentleman you’d expect them to pay the $21,000.00 settlement with a … Read moreInsurance Company Settles For Revenge Tactics

Moving Company Won’t Give Me My Stuff

Dear Revenge Guy, We hired a moving company to take us from Canada to the states and we canceled the deal after paying them because they were 4 hours late and hadn’t arrived. We were on the phone constantly pointing out that there were no lights and a night move in the cold wouldn’t work. … Read moreMoving Company Won’t Give Me My Stuff

I Was Ripped Off On Ebay

Nothing get's RG madder than winning an auction and not getting the goods… Now, you can vent with me and also tell others who to avoid at auction sites. Hey Revenge Guy!! Love your website. I was recently ripped off on ebay and I'd like to share. I sold one of my wife's old college … Read moreI Was Ripped Off On Ebay

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