Recycling Pick-up Goes Wrong. Help!

Hi Revenge Guy,
Your website is entertaining as all Hell. Kudos to you, sir.

My recycle truck driver is a jerk. Since I moved into my home, three short years ago, I’ve had to replace the big blue bin twice because this jerk either throws it to the curb by hand (for some reason he comes the other way on my short rural street sometimes and has to get out and wheel it to the other side of the truck) or slams it down with the truck’s can lift.

The third time he broke it I replaced the wheels myself, then woke up at 5:30 to watch him. Sure enough, he pushed it from 5 feet out, and it went skidding on its side. I went and got on my bike, and went to a nearby street, and waited for him. I rode up and asked him if he had a problem with me – he clearly didn’t know who I was. I told him to please stop slamming my bin, yes, they replace it for free, but I have to be home to sign for it in the middle of the day. I work, too. Not always from home.

Next week, the bin wasn’t emptied. There was a note taped to the top, they couldn’t collect because there were food items inside the bin. There was a cat food bag that had roughly a handful of food left in it. And I had put that in the garbage last thing. So I know he pulled it out, and put it in his bin, then left the note. So reading more about recycling, no longer will I toss bottles and cans inside. I pay a deposit for those, why should I pay somebody to get that deposit back? I’m only putting cardboard in the bin. They have a weight limit of 80 lbs, so I’m trying to fill it right to 79 lbs before I put it out on the curb, but I want to expose his jerkiness as well. Thanks a lot for any ideas.

Hi C,
Don’t you just hate small people with a little bit of power?

This asshole just wants to ruin other people’s days because he has the power to “do or not do” his job. Some people may defend him by saying he’s just doing what he’s supposed to do, it’ good for the environment, yada yada, but the truth is he’s a miserable worm that wants to take out his hatred for his pitiful excuse for a life by creating small amounts of havoc on other people the only way he can, by refusing service.

Unfortunately I am sure he’s well prepared to just keep doing whatever it is he wants, or doesn’t want, to do in the name of his job so filling the bin to the maximum, although a great idea, will just give him a reason to not do his job again.

Maybe having a drone record him and reporting him to the city department of waste management is the way to go here. I’m sure his union won’t let him get fired but with enough complaints he may just become some other neighborhood’s problem.

So, talk to your neighbors, amass your complaints, get some video and start complaining with the real evidence you need to move this piece of work to another route.

Insurance Company Settles For Revenge Tactics

So you’re a guy, 70+ years old, and an insurance company staff person “allegedly” assaults you. What do you do?

You sue them, naturally.

And after a 3 year battle when the company decides not to pursue the case and settle with aforementioned older gentleman you’d expect them to pay the $21,000.00 settlement with a nicely written check, right?

Well, that’s not what happened as the video below clearly shows.

And as the story goes “Adriana’s Insurance did not return calls for comment.

Moving Company Won’t Give Me My Stuff

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
We hired a moving company to take us from Canada to the states and we canceled the deal after paying them because they were 4 hours late and hadn’t arrived. We were on the phone constantly pointing out that there were no lights and a night move in the cold wouldn’t work. They agreed to refund the credit card charge. The truck came late at night and we sent them away. They kept promising to refund but never did.
I couldn’t easily sue because we were in another country, so I contacted BBB. They resolved it by getting them to agree to pay but again, they never did.
NOW we’re back in Canada!
Attorney told me that it’s a slam dunk because of the BBB correspondence BUT it’s been a few months over two years and that’s the statute here (though not sure on when that two year starts…when they were initially paid or the last time they told BBB they would pay)
I know his name and his brother’s name, am driving distance to the guy’s company-which seems large and has employees and a dedicated site of business.
Any suggestions on my next move? He doesn’t know we’re back but I want to do this right. I’m also 6’5″ 305 pounds of angry looking muscle but if he calls my bluff, I’m not willing to go to jail
Thank You

The Revenge GuyDear Unmoved,
To start off with, ask your lawyer if you really need to give up on suing him. You got screwed and you need to know your legal rights before anything else happens, like more passing time. Get this into the court system before your rights expire.
When you pay by credit card and a service you have paid for is not delivered, generally you can call your credit card within a month and get them to reverse the charges.
Movers operate on reputation. Contact their head office if they are part of a bigger moving company, most are. Make your case for the refund and interest on money owed. That will get their attention.
And since you live so close to them, why not erect a sign on your lawn that says “XX moving company owes me $XXXX.XX for NOT moving me!” Call your local newspaper too, they usually have someone interested in following up “ripped off” stories like yours.
I’d wager that within 2 weeks you’ll get your money back.

I Was Ripped Off On Ebay

The Revenge Guy

Nothing get's RG madder than winning an auction and not getting the goods…

Now, you can vent with me and also tell others who to avoid at auction sites.

Hey Revenge Guy!!

Love your website. I was recently ripped off on ebay and I'd like to share. I sold one of my wife's old college textbooks. It went for only $2.50. The winner asked if I would do overnight shipping if she paid for it, which I did. Long story short, she pays me the total which is $17.50 with shipping. She emails saying she got the book, leaves me feedback and I leave her positive feedback as well. The next day, I get an email saying she "reversed" the payment through PayPal!! I had no idea you could do that. So now she has my book, her money back and on top of that, positive feedback from me!!! I know its only $17.50 but it's the principle of the thing!!! So others don't fall for her crap, here is her ebay info:

Username= 58family

I normally think I’m pretty smart guy but I had my balls ripped off by 29 year old housewife to tune of $3000. Her name is Kristi Reever and she sold me a Plasma TV through her EBay store. She didn’t have any negatives and looked like she was moving overrun retail items so I sent her a check. She promptly moved and didn’t send the goods or return my money. I live in California while this 200lb cup cake is parked in Olathe, KS. Nice huh?

So I get an attorney to file a suit she doesn’t show and I get a
default judgment yada yada yada. The attorney tries to get her to pay but she never does and is adept at hiding her assets behind her also chubby better half.. I should swallow my pride and chalk one up for experience but this chick will not go away!.

Over 2 years ago she opened up a web site where she sold digital scrap booking crap. Turns out her designers all got scammed to the tune of several thousand dollars in commission and were so pissed off they started calling me after seeing many online posts about Kristi.

She soon close that site…But just like a bad STD she resurfaced with yet another business venture she calls Here she writes reviews on modern day coupon clipping or some other nebulas bull crud! Somebody just kick me.

Anyway I have been dogging her online which I will admit does bring some satisfaction. The funny thing is Kristi now threatens me with an online restraining order for my so called “harassment” to get my money back. Does this chick take the cake or what?

Here is my file case it’s pretty standard. My attorney won’t chase them anymore and I’m about to assign the judgment to a third party. Any last minutes suggestion from your revenge archives. Thanks


Steven Grigware,
Address: 26 Delano Avenue Revere MA 02151, phone (727)
Listed an auction of 27 pictures, mostly nude, of his ex wife. I went ahead and bid on it for shits and giggles and ended up winning the auction for $1.05 with shipping. Seller didn’t want to ship them and filed a non-payment dispute in which he admitted that he had received payment. Even though he lost the dispute he still refused to ship the merchandise. His account has been closed but he already stated that he would be opening another one. I wanted to warn others and let anyone that may know his ex-wife have the chance to let her know that she should sue his punk ass off for this.
[RG says: The seller probably had remorse, selling his ex-wife’s nude pictures and all that. I’m surprised that this auction wasn’t pulled by ebay, although the pictures may be the seller’s property, selling the content of the pictures might constitute harassment by the ex-wife. Just goes to show you, if you ever have naked pictures taken, keep all the copies to yourself!]

Seller: beststardeals, changed to onestar024
Auction page number:

ended Feb 24-07
What went wrong: Auction ended and they didn’t have what they were selling. Offered me a different item and I agreed. When the pants arrived they smelled awful, gross, even after washing them. I was overcharged by $10.00 on shipping and asked for a refund of the overcharge. She threatened me with physical violence. I called my local police. She told me that she has 5 Ebay seller accounts and can do whatever she wants without worry. And that her relatives will be after me in the morning. Seller sent me more than 5 additional threatening emails after I didn’t reply to the first threat.
I’d like to add: People like this will get their’s in the end. Have a happy life.

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