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There can be no doubt that your privacy is at risk. Right now my website knows a lot about you:

This information stays on your computer in your browser history, with your internet connection, and a lot of the software you have installed on your computer. If someone wants to know something about you they start with this basic information and dig a little deeper. Depending on what they use they could even track you as your mobile device travels around with you! (Think smartphone.)

Things you can do to protect your online activities:

  • Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to connect to the internet. This encrypts the data that flows from your computer and to it (think clicking a link and visiting a webpage) so that if someone is “snooping” your internet connection that can’t read any of the things you do.
  • Use a browser designed for privacy.

Did you know that you can be tracked even if you’re not actively using the internet? Your smartphone, and any other internet-enabled device, shares your unique connection information with any device that asks it (think public wifi connections), so if you’re out anywhere, turn on “Airplane mode” or turn off your wifi connection.

More research for you:

  • Surfing safely online: a tutorial and suggested services.
  • Tails – a USB enabled Linux operating system that comes with Tor, a very good browser that protects your privacy. Some basic software installation knowledge is required but the instructions are well written, anyone can use this software and protect their identity online. It will run on the computer you already has and is free. An excellent option.
  • Find out about more ways your are being watched and stalked online.