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This is where you read revenge stories about dating, boyfriends and girlfriends

People that have been dating have written in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on ex friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, that are now exes, for obvious reasons as you will soon read.

This is where you read revenge stories about work life, bad bosses and bad businesses

People that have jobs write in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on their workplace, businesses that have done them wrong, as well as revenge on people they work with.



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More research for you:

  • Surfing safely online: a tutorial and suggested services.
  • Tails – a USB enabled Linux operating system that comes with Tor, a very good browser that protects your privacy. Some basic software installation knowledge is required but the instructions are well written, anyone can use this software and protect their identity online. It will run on the computer you already has and is free. An excellent option.
  • Find out about more ways your are being watched and stalked online.

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