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People that have been dating have written in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on ex friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, that are now exes, for obvious reasons as you will soon read.

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People that have jobs write in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on their workplace, businesses that have done them wrong, as well as revenge on people they work with.

12 Prank Car Parking Messages and Windshield Notes

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $3.99.

We see people that can’t drive or park every day. Now you can be prepared to leave them one of these mean messages.

Don’t you hate it when someone parks across two parking spaces? Or they park in your spot? Or they park so close you can’t get into your own car?

Don’t you wish you were prepared with a nasty message to leave them? And you could think on-the-spot a mean message to leave on their windshield?

With The Revenge Guy by your side, now you can be!

Get your 12 mean-spirited parking note printable messages direct from The Revenge Guy, ready to be printed.
Included are three printable sizes of 12 unique messages, 36 ready-to-print messages in total:

  • 8.5×11 inch letter size
  • Half page size
  • Business card size printable

You’ll want to carry these parking messages with you everywhere! Print on plain paper, or you can print them on heavy weight color paper. You can even print on sticker paper for even more fun!

Put these printable and customizable messages anywhere they’re needed.

Purchase once, print forever. Makes a prank for you to have fun with!


Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $3.99.

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