Revenge Stories

Dear Revenge Guy, I was behind on my rent so my best friend at the time, offered her storage shed to me so I could put my belongings in there, in the event of a soon to be eviction. While getting settled, (moving, etc) she and her boyfriend went through all my things and sold […]

Fired on Purpose for Profit

Hello RG, I wanted to know how can you help me with a issue.  My wife’s co-worker staged a unprofessional attitude to get fired from her job on purpose so she can get unemployment because herself and her husband started a YouTube page for profit. We didn’t care until she just recently got fired for […]

Bad Blood at Work

Hi Revenge Guy,  I work at a coffee shop twice a week as an extra job. I really enjoy it.  But my boss who is gay hired his buddy who is straight and is in love with but has a girlfriend. Then he hired the girlfriend.  I found out he is telling the boss things […]

Revenge on the People You Work With

The Revenge Guy Knows How To Get Revenge On Nasty Co-Workers  Got a GREAT job and IDIOTS to work with? Well, join the HUMAN RACE…. but you don’t have to put up with that crap any longer! It doesn’t matter if you work nine to five or midnight until eight am… I am with you… […]