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This is where you read revenge stories about dating, boyfriends and girlfriends

People that have been dating have written in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on ex friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, that are now exes, for obvious reasons as you will soon read.

This is where you read revenge stories about work life, bad bosses and bad businesses

People that have jobs write in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on their workplace, businesses that have done them wrong, as well as revenge on people they work with.

Petty Revenge

Things You Can Do to Get Petty Revenge

Sometimes Nuclear Revenge is not what the situation calls for. You need to get back at someone but in a quiet, almost funny prank way.

So think of these ways to get petty revenge as the starting point for April Fools Day or any other time when you need to get revenge without totally destroying someone’s life.

So read on to get your petty revenge! Take action! And email me your story of revenge so I can share it with others.

Petty Revenge Ideas (Also Known as Funny, Harmless Pranks)

These funny ideas for petty revenge are yours to use at your own risk. Doing stuff to others poses risk, because they just might come after you and maybe even up the ante with worse acts of petty revenge than what you did to them. These are perfect for “revenge gf” tricks.

  • Break a wooden toothpick into the person’s door or car lock.
  • Wrap the toilet bowl, under the seat, with plastic wrap.
  • Replace the sugar with salt in the sugar container (or any white powdery, granular substance).
  • Pour some milk out of the container, put it in the microwave several times in 10 second bursts (don’t let it foam up), then pour it back in the milk container, it’ll go sour soon enough.
  • Glue their shoelaces to their shoes.
  • Dump yogurt into the bottom of their lunch bag.
  • Add hot sauce to ketchup.
  • Cut just below the fold of the toes of their socks so when they put them on they push their feet through the sock.
  • Glue the zipper head (pull down) of their coats, pants, hoodies, etc.
  • Block a door so that it won’t open all the way so when someone tries to go through it they walk into the door instead.
  • Replace shampoo with sour cream or yogurt.
  • Stuff a kleenex or two in the toes of their shoes, it’ll make the shoe just smaller enough to hurt their feet and the tissue won’t be noticed at first.
  • Over time save up burnt out lightbulbs, then one day replace as many working lightbulbs with the burnt out ones.
  • Glue their toothbrush to the toothbrush holder.
  • Fill jelly donuts with mustard, use a syringe or turkey baster to remove the jelly first.
  • Bake cookies using chocolate Exlax.
  • Log into your wifi router and block the person’s devices from accessing the network (read the router instructions, this is simpler than you think).
  • Use a syringe and put crushed garlic juice in the toothpaste (most people will start brushing before they smell the garlic!).

You Are In Charge Of The Revenge You Seek

Those are my best petty revenge ideas to get your revenge prank thoughts working overtime. You are free to adjust the petty revenge ideas to suit your situation. 
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