My Antagonizing Mother

Hi RG,  I have been living with my mom for over seventeen years and she has been antagonizing me for far too long.  Every time I do something, she always puts my younger brothers over me, in everything, if I want to go somewhere that I signed up for, she says, “We’ll see.”  When they […]

My Uncle the Scrooge

Dear friend,  I need some help and I would appreciate some great advice. I have a 93 year old uncle who makes scrooge look like an alter boy. When I lived in his house he made my life miserable. When I got older I told him to go fly a kite and I moved out. […]

Custody Fights Demand Revenge

Custody Battles And The Revenge Guy: Watch Out! RG understands that, after a breakup or divorce, custody arrangements can turn nasty. And the poor kids get beat on emotionally because of the one-sided bitterness. Although the real resolutions are in family court, there are ways that RG can help to make your life a little […]

When the In-Laws Divorce Goes Bad

Dear RG,  My father-in-law separated/divorced my mother-in-law just about 3 years ago. I’ve been with my husband for almost 5 years, so I knew him before and after the split.  He repeatedly cheated, lied and stole, he is manipulative and has a big temper. After he moved out he would contact my mother-in-law almost daily […]