Hookup Turns Into A Series of Bad Payday Loans

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I trust way too easy, and I’m a very giving person, but many times ppl have taken my kindness for weakness and it hurts but believing in karma has always helped me move on and turn the other cheek….but this last time I feel differently.

An older friend of mine hooked me up with her son who is around my age, we both became super attracted to each other almost instantly. About a week later he lost his job a really bad car dealership that would rip ppl off and use their info to commit identity theft later. He became very desperate for money so he wouldn’t lose his apartment and asked me to take out a personal loan since he never built his credit but my score was in the high 600’s and he swears he’ll take care of the payments.

I did but luckily I was denied. Next day he gets a job as a full-time chef starting at 16 an hour but asks me to take out a payday loan since rent was due soon and he just started his new job. So like an idiot I did, but of course one payday loan is only like 100 bucks and that wont pay rent, so he drags me to like 4 of them in my neighborhood.

Anyway to cut to the chase, day before its due and on due date he ignores all my texts, doesn’t pay even one back, my account of 4yrs is overdrawn, didn’t respond to me on FB, and last night I text him and he finally responds….he tells me to “Fuck off!!” and “I donno what ur talking about….” ( I wanna make him regret it soooooo badly!!!!

Help me!

The Revenge Guy You really got screwed over didn’t you?

Love and money, they really don’t go well together when the love is new and the money isn’t yours. And it’s bad when you’re loaning the person money but when you’re taking out loans to loan them money, well how could it get any worse?

Hard lesson learned.

What I’d do is use Spoofcard and call him up and scare the crap out of him. This is what you do:
Once you have Spoofcard setup give the bastard a call. You’ll want the Caller ID to show as one of the payday loan places you took out a loan.
What do you say? Easy enough, You say you’re calling from “Payday Loan Company” and they have transferred the debt to him based on speaking with you. (Not that they can or would do this, but a punk like that doesn’t know shit about anything.) Tell him that he has 24 hours to pay the outstanding amount, interest and an “admin fee” of $200 or they will put a lien on his property (car, furniture?) and come to his work to garnish his wages.
Let the punk-ass sweat it out.
The next day repeat the whole thing from another of the payday loan companies.
Repeat until you feel better.
You can even call him, or if he calls you, and just say that you had to transfer the debt because you could never have afforded to pay it and he was supposed to pay it anyway. And, if he pays you so you can pay them you’ll do your best to not have his paycheck garnished.

I hope this helps!

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Young Love is a Crazy Thing

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
You might think I’m quite young (14, ouch), but there are some serious things going on and I would appreciate it so much if you were to help me.

So, to start of this story there is me, there is this guy in my class (I’ll just call him R), and there are a lot of other people involved but I’ll make this as short as possible.

At first, in class, R and I had a lot of chemistry (and I mean between us, not in the actual class), and we hung out a lot. After a while we even kissed and we started to go out. Only the problem was, he became obsessed with me. If he hadn’t heard from me for more than a day, he would totally panic and show up at my doorstep to check on me. He also started telling these lies (which at the moment I had no clue were lies), like this one night he asked me to have sex with him. I told him it was too soon and I wasn’t ready, and then he told me he was moving to America (I live in the Netherlands).

I took this very seriously, he told me he was leaving tomorrow and he didn’t tell me because he didn’t know how to. I know t sounds really stupid but I really liked him so I did what he asked… Well, it started to get worse. He used to watch all my field hockey trainings and talk to me for hours. He told me his parents beat him at home and that he tried to commit suicide a couple of times.

I was so shocked by all these things, I used to stay up all night worrying about it. He even showed up at my house at 4am(!) a couple of times telling me he got kicked out of his house. When his ‘stories’ started to get worse, he stopped going to school. Sometimes I wouldn’t see him there for weeks. At Newyears, we had a huge fight. I told him I was not the person to deal with his problems, and he had to start taking care of them himself. R got so mad and even showed up at my doorstep again to yell at my house.

Nothing happened for a few weeks, but then, it went downhill pretty fast. One day when I was just heading home from field hockey, I got several calls and messages from different people. I panicked a little, and checked it out. The messages all had links and said things like ‘whore’ and ‘slut’ and all those things. I went to check the link and there it was, my nudes were on fricking Facebook… I couldn’t prove it was R, but I knew. Everyone had seen it, the whole school, my friends and even my family. The next few weeks I got blackmailed. All kinds of notes in my locker saying I was a whore and I would burn in hell, I deserved nothing and he would post those pictures again. I couldn’t go to the police because the Facebook account was taken down and I tossed all the notes because I was never so scared in my life.

The worst part of it all was the end; R texted me he knew more about who was behind the blackmailing and I decided to meet up with him. He wanted to meet in the woods, which rang a bell, something’s not right. But I went to meet him, because I didn’t know what else to do. He told me there were some people who really hated me, they would use that photo while hacking more Facebook accounts and they were planning to pick me up in a van to torture, rape and probably kill me. I was so scared and while he was telling me all of this, he showed me his weapon. HE HAD A GUN (I don’t know how it works in the USA but any kinds of weapons are strictly illegal in the Netherlands). I freaked out and ran home. I’ve never been so afraid in all my life, but all the things he had said, turned out not to be true and it was just a result of being so obsessed with somebody that he went completely insane.

Now, this story may seem boring, not important or obscene to you, but dear Revenge Guy, I would so appreciate it if you were to help me get revenge on this person who actually destroyed my life. Because I didn’t really mention all the fear, pain and devastation i felt, and it permanently damaged me. I want to get this bastard!
Age: 14

The Revenge GuyHi,
You need to talk to adults close to you to deal with this. Revenge suggestions I could offer won’t suffice and you need help just as much as this disturbed young man does.

Often when a young man is infatuated they go to extremes to hold onto that affection, saying the awfullest things and doing the weirdest stuff to hold onto the girl.

Sorry you’re in this position but you need to have the people close to you take care of this.

Stole My Boyfriend

Dear Revenge GuyHi RG,
I’ll try to make this as short and as sweet as possible.

I dated a guy for 4 years, it was very serious. We were in love, I was even there for him when his mother passed away from cancer. He’s a sweet guy, but after some time we decided it was best to take a break (my mother was in rehab and my grandmother was very sick).

We had every intention of getting back together.

After about 2 weeks, he began getting insecure and we fought because of it. As a result we hadn’t spoken for another 2 weeks.

A mutual “friend”, or ex-friend, hooked him up with her sister because he was “moping.” They had sex, I found out, he begged for forgiveness, and I told him to suck it. As of right now we’re just beginning to talk again (as it will be almost a year).

As for this girl, not only did she screw my boyfriend – I know I know, we were on a break- but she got a hold of my number and texted me DETAILED things they did together. She also mentioned how he drove her to the airport (since she lives out of state) and held each other for hours.

She has a son with someone else, she posted pics of her son and his “new daddy” on facebook -yep you guessed it, MY BOYFRIEND. I called her one day, because I simply couldn’t sit by anymore, I just wanted her to leave me alone. She told me I’m nothing but a s*ut and I deserved to die. Even after my boyfriend called her himself to tell her off, she asked him if she was better than me in bed. THIS IS SOMEONE WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE A MOTHER. Like I said, it’s been almost a year, I’ve been wrestling with myself to take the high road but I just can’t! I obsess over this girl to the point where it’s ruining my life.

Please help, I can’t let her win!

The Revenge GuyHi,
I don’t see you as the loser here at all.

You have so-called friends that seem to choose him over you, without regard for the future you wanted with him. Maybe you we’re clear with them but certainly he made choices that can’t be easily taken back now.

As far as this girl goes, find out who else she has hurt and get together with these people. Someone that burns bridges often leaves a lot of wreckage and getting together to find out more will give you a great direction of how to best get your revenge.

Do your investigating and follow up with sharing her incredibly bad behavior with the world.

Since your friends know what has happened I see no real issues for grabbing pictures of her from her social media pages and creating a short explanatory video of her life using some freely available video creation software.

Stick to the facts you know to be true and have fun with it. Send me a copy, I could use a good laugh.
Good luck,

Dump Boyfriends And Girlfriends

The Revenge Guy
The Break-Up Revenge Advice From
The Revenge Guy

Need a little help getting even with a boyfriend or girlfriend that
you're soon going to dump?

Here are some past suggestions from people that have emailed me.

If you need help breaking up with someone, take a look at The Revenge Guy's Break-up Lines.

Revenge Guy

I would like to get back at my boyfriend. We had
a fight recently and he told me that he was not attracted to me

Well I don’t mean to sound conceited but I’m not that hard to look
at. I get attention from guys when I’m out by myself and frankly I
treat others very well, with kindness and respect which I think is
way more important than looks. I don’t have a weight problem and I’m
in great shape so I was hurt when my boyfriend said that.

I asked him why he wasn’t attracted to me anymore. He said it was
because I stopped cleaning his house! That’s right! I stopped
cleaning HIS house! I guess I could add that we live together. I
clean up after myself and sometimes will throw his clothes in with
my laundry but other than that, I choose not to mess with his stuff.

I never know if I will clean up and lose something he likes or has
sentimental value. So I don’t mess with anything in the house that
doesn’t belong to me or us both. He is a total slob. He comes in and
throws his clothes everywhere. He eats in the living room and drops
crumbs and tells me to vacuum. ETC. I am his girlfriend, not his

So before I leave him which I plan to do by the end of next week,
I’d like to pull a funny prank on him to prove what an A** he is.
I’d like to have a good laugh before I go. Can you help me out?

Revenge JokerHi

It’s not my job to defend the males of the world, men are jerks.
This guy, hopefully, is not the type you’ll stick with and I’m happy
to hear you’ll soon be moving on.

That being said I’d staple name tags into his underwear so that he
knows they are his. And hide some food under his mattress… let him
have a nice smelly sleep for a couple of weeks, if he even notices!

I’d also take pictures of his sloppiness to share with friends,
those always make great party favors.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy


I have this psycho ex-boyfriend that would not leave me alone. I
dated him back when I was a senior in high school for about three
and half years we broke up for two and half years already.

I have a
restraining order against him for three years and it’s almost over
(I plan to go extend it sometime this month). He followed me around
threatened to hurt any guys that he suspected to be my new boyfriend
and still continues to stalk me to this day. I have a new boyfriend
now for almost two years.

y ex always somehow manage to get a
hold of my number and last time he got a hold of my boyfriend’s
number. I tried talking to my ex so he would not be too upset and
hurt others but I getting really sick of his psycho acts. He calls
my boyfriend and tries to make my boyfriend leave me. My boyfriend
and I are still together but this is hurting my relationship so much
that I don’t know what to do.

I want a revenge on my ex and let him
know that he cannot go around messing up people’s lives like this. I
want a revenge that will make him remember not to mess with me ever
again and will leave me alone once and for all to date whomever I

Please help me out.
Girl in Pain

Revenge JokerHi
Girl In Pain,

Unfortunately I cannot recommend any revenge tactics here, it might
just make this guy even more psycho and violent.

everything. Keep the restraining order in place, and remain friendly
with the local police.

Keep it legal and don’t give this guy any reason at all to look for

Of course, you could always try to get him a job out of state. Send
him some fake employment offer letters and get him to travel out of
town for the interviews at various hotels. It’ll give you a couple
of days relief anyways.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

First i like to say thank you for helping us people out here with no
clue on how to get proper revenge.

I am in military and i got deployed to Iraq for 6 months, when I
left my gf was sooo in love with me. She would do anything for me,
she took me to see her folks and made me feel as if I am part of her

Well we were soo in love as I thought. She told me things like "I
can never be with anyone but you, and things will never change in
between us" well it was dumb on my part to fall for those lies. When
I got to Iraq about 1 month later she just wasn’t the same, she
started to say things like "we don’t even know each other that well
and we should just wait till to come back to start something if

Well then I ever called her in Iraq and kept it short and sweet in
e-mails (I replied never composed a new e-mail). Well when I got
back she is all changed in to a new girl and she wants me back in
her life. I asked her few things like what happened she told he she
messed around and learned her lesson. I can see it in her eyes that
she really didn’t learn her lesson on cheating (she done it in past
too on her ex). She wants to start the relationship slow as friends
in front of others and when we are behind closed door we can do

She also just doesn’t care that much about me but says she does, its
like she is lying to me and she thinks I am falling for her again.
As of now we stand as if we are friends but we do stuff only behind
the door and she calls me whenever she wants.

What should I do? I want revenge for leaving me in Iraq (it was
emotionally hard but I made it). I want her to feel the same or make
her feel as if she lost the best thing she ever had. I want her to
miss me when I am gone and realize that she messed up for ever
letting me go to begin with.
Thanks for you help

Revenge JokerHi

This shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, as long as you have some

This is what I suggest:
Set up a new email account. Use a guys name that you’ll use again in
your revenge.

Start emailing your girlfriend from this account.

Now, send her your first email, being this unknown guy. Your contact
story is this: You’ve seen her around and asked a friend of hers for
her email address (the friend that is going to help you out and will
say he passed along her email address if she asks him). She doesn’t
know you (but you’ll include some guy’s picture in an email) you’re
good looking and want to get together with her.

Email her for a while. Ask personal questions. Talk about meeting
some time.
Play her along for a couple of weeks being this guy that’s emailing
her, all the while you’re still seeing her. You’ll easily find out
how much of a player she is and what she thinks of you. If your
letter is any indication, she’ll cheat on you with this guy you’ve

AS a finale, set up a date at a restaurant between her and this guy.
He won’t show of course, but you certainly can show up and cause her
some heat or embarrassment, or both.

t’s your play.
Dump her hard.

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy

I absolutely love your site. I hope you can help

My boyfriend’s mother is an evil person. She works daily to destroy
my relationship with her son. She tells half truths to him about me
and tries to ruin any chance of happiness for the two of us.

He is 50 years old, never married and I can see why. He struggles
with serious deep seeded abuse from this woman, but can’t see her
for what she is. An evil, selfish, sad person.

It seems time that the truth about her needs to be revealed to the

Now, in regards to him… he needs to learn a lesson in a big way
too. He has a tendency to have the same characteristics as this
woman at times. He tells me half truths. He is addicted to internet
porn and he is obsessed with this woman on YouTube. In fact, he
wrote her a song and sent it to her and in the lyrics he said, "I
hope my lady doesn’t find out". (He doesn’t know that I found out!)

What can you do to make a guy like this who has wonderful qualities
and potential, realize what he has. Can you help me?
Seeking love and peace,

Revenge JokerHi

No real revenge advice needed here.
You need to move on, break up with him!!

Really, what are you hanging on to?
A 50 year old guy that lives with his 60/70 something old mother and
hangs onto her apron strings?
A guy that lies to you?
A guy that is addicted to internet porn?
A guy that sends songs to YouTube members?


Find a real man.

What could this guy possibly have that attracts you to him, other
than maybe a fat bank account.

There is NO potential here, you see him as he is and after all, he’s
Too old to learn new tricks.

Your revenge is getting your life back from a mean old lady and a
wimpy old man!!
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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