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People that have jobs write in to ask The Revenge Guy for advice so they can get revenge on their workplace, businesses that have done them wrong, as well as revenge on people they work with.

The Art of Pranks: A Guide to Humor and Fun


In the world of pranks, there’s a fine line between fun and mischief. The Revenge Guy’s mission is to provide you with a wide range of prank ideas that are harmless yet hilarious. From classic gags to ingenious office pranks, you’re covered.

Whether you’re a seasoned prankster or a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of pranks, this website is a treasure trove of ideas that will inspire you to create moments of laughter and joy.

Remember, the essence of a good prank lies in its execution and the laughter it brings. So, get ready to explore the fun-filled world of pranks with us!

And take inspiration from the prank ideas on this page and have fun.

And don’t miss these pranks either:

Bookmark this page, new prank ideas will be added soon. If you have an idea for a prank to be added contact The Revenge Guy and he will share it with the world!

Bug Pranks You Can Do Around the House and at Work

Great places that are ripe for pulling pranks is where you live and where you work, as you spend time with your family, friends and loved ones. They all love a good laugh, don’t they? Sure they do. And they will be impressed when you do one of these pranks.

Fake bugs are great for pranking someone.
All you need is a plastic spider, cockroach or other type of bug, some fishing line and a victim. Get some prank action ideas from this video:

Water Over Door Prank

Your place has a door, right? And you have running water, right? Well then, you’re all set to prank someone with a pail of water.

This prank is just slightly more that “easy difficulty” for setup, but completely worth the effort. See how this prank is set up in the video:

Silly String Prank

With three simple items and you’re ready to pull the Silly String Prank on anyone. See how this prank is set up in the video:

Fake Snake Prank

In the video below this prank is using a fake snake. But you can use almost any creepy thing, like a big spider or some other fake bug to pull this prank off and scare people.

Ping Pong Balls Prank

Watch as a husband sets up and scares his wife with the ping pong ball in the cupboard prank. You can change up what you put in the cupboard to make this prank your own.

Phone Pranks

When someone leaves their phone sitting around, you can prank them easily with these phone prank ideas.

Remote Control Shoe Prank

This remote control shoe prank is great. It makes for a great foundation to create almost anything as a remote control prank that is only limited by your creativity and size of remote control car to be used along with whatever item you want to prank someone with.

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