Dumb Criminals

Crime happens all the time. Robberies, murders, even trespassing.

In this busy world of ours some people think it’s OK to take rather than earn. The Revenge Guy sands against these people and shows you the worst of the worst. here’s a few from the past week.

Driver cuts off car captures ensuing war of words video that goes viral
We’ve all been there, momentarily distracted and cut off in traffic. What follows is road rage with varying degrees of criminality and responsibility.

Teacher arrested with date rape drug recipes
t’s bad enough when a teacher abuses their position of authority and trust and grooms a student for sex. But this is too much. What was she intending to do with these date rape drug recipes anyways?

Man wakes to being raped
While we’re on the subject of rape what happens after a party and the neighborhood doper wants a piece of you? Apparently she breaks in and jumps on top of you. ICK!

Dumb Criminals

Life is hard enough without doing stupid things that intentionally cause others grief and you to go to jail. These are the criminals I’m talking about:

Mailman calls cops on meth users freaking out
If you’re going to do drugs the first thing is do it somewhere safe, like at home. The second thing is close all the windows. The third thing is not freak out and start waving guns and knives at the imaginary intruders trying to get you. At least these bozos are safely in stir now.

When your child is missing don’t go on stage while on the phone with the police
Yes, this mother reported her child missing since she wasn’t home when she was supposed to be. That’s good. But she hung up on the police because it was her turn to get on the stage for her strip show. That’s bad. Now mom is arrested and child is safely elsewhere.

“Kid, you stink” says teacher, “when did you last have a bath?” Student replies “I don’t remember.”
Yup, mom arrested for child neglect. And they say kids say the funniest things. Ugh.

Dumb Criminals

There is a this little thing that if you’re going to do bad prepare for the penalties (Do the crime, do the time). These are the ones about to do the time.

Woman Downloads Child Porn to Frame Husband
We all like a good suspense crime story featuring the “how did that get there” twist. Just don’t get caught like this woman did when you’re the reason why something got to where it did.

Stupid “Late for Work” Excuse
Running late for work? Why not say you’ve witnessed a beheading and let the police search for hours to back up your story. Not a good idea, he’s charged with falsely submitting an incident.

Ice Bucket Challenge and Facebook Leads Wanted Man To Jail
I don’t know how many times this needs to be said but if you’re wanted by the authorities stay off social media. Of course, the criminals are too smart to take sound advice, right?

If You’re Buying Drugs Watch What You Buy

I find it amazing that if you’re a drug user you may end up buying, and consuming, the wrong stuff.
Then go shopping at your local Walmart, about midnight… NAKED.

Now, I don’t know how hard it is to not know which is the meth and which is the ecstasy, but you’d think that someone that’s done it before would have a clue.

And yes, I think he should move if I were one of his neighbors. As it is he should just stay there.

And also yes, this is why I don’t go shopping at midnight anymore.

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