Dumb Criminals

The Revenge Guy
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Crime happens all the time. Robberies, murders, even trespassing. 

In this busy world of ours some people think it’s OK to take rather than earn. The Revenge Guy sands against these people and shows you the worst of the worst. here’s a few from the past week. 

Driver cuts off car captures ensuing war of words video that goes viral We’ve all been there, momentarily distracted and cut off in traffic. What follows is road rage with varying degrees of criminality and responsibility. 

Teacher arrested with date rape drug recipes t’s bad enough when a teacher abuses their position of authority and trust and grooms a student for sex. But this is too much. What was she intending to do with these date rape drug recipes anyways? 

Man wakes to being raped While we’re on the subject of rape what happens after a party and the neighborhood doper wants a piece of you? Apparently she breaks in and jumps on top of you. ICK!