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Thousands of people across the United States and Canada have contacted The Revenge Guy to get advice on a lot of things that have recently happened in their lives and need to get revenge to regain control of their lives.

From dealing with neighbors that park in front of their house, or driving dangerously up and down the street making all kinds of noise that they are not alone in dealing with assholes, bullies and freaks. 

Some of The Revenge Guy’s favorite requests have been about bad coworkers and bad bosses, and people at are owed money and can’t get the other person to pay up and even dealing with the other woman that’s been cheating with their husband or boyfriend.

Of course, where The Revenge Guy is most helpful is helping people deal with bad roommates and family members that need to be taught a lesson.

Enjoy The Revenge Guy’s stories and find your way. And if you need some revenge advice, contact The Revenge Guy now. 

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