Revenge On Your Ex

The Revenge GuyThe
Revenge Guy Helps You Get Revenge On Ex-Boyfriends
and Ex-Girlfriends

People cheat, lie steal, break hearts, and do the worse things to
people that were once loved.

Have you been thrown away, like a used up can of motor oil?

Let's get even, shall we?

The Serial Dater / Liar Girl

Revenge Guy,

I stumbled across your site in my irate state of mind
and need some ideas.
So this girl I dated on and off turns out to be a fantastic liar, she
bounces around guys like nobodies business.

She cheated on me multiple
times. She also cheated on several other guys with me without me knowing
about it until recently when I talked with a couple of exes whom are my

All of them want her head. Most of the time we were all
under the impression that she was through with the last guy when in
actuality she was just lying real good and sleeping around.

Most of the
time she'd blame being absent for a date on an abusive mother or bad
situation with an ex. There's got to be a way to use the lies about her
abusive mother against her. Let me know what you think.

Sent from my T-Mobile Sidekick®

Oh and I forgot to let you
know I am her instructor in a ——–
organization where I have nearly free reign to make her suffer through
push-ups, humiliation other such indignities, she's not very good at
marching or playing.

Sent from my T-Mobile Sidekick®

T-Mobile Sidekick Guy,
Serial daters/liars have a special place in my mind… a slow rotisserie
as all the exes stick her with hot pliers and pull skin off… can't
really do that though, right?

But what you can do, and should, is create a facebook club of all the
guys that have dated her. Share all of her news, all of her moves…
post using made up names, of course, but she will know… and so will
anyone else that every searches for her online… for the rest of her

Should be very interesting in 20 years or so.

The Ex-boyfriend On Government Assistance Bum

Revenge Guy,
I love your ideas; you must have helped so many people.

My story is not as heart-wrenching as other peoples but I want my ex
to pay. after this I will happily trot along to therapy and be
totally cured.

Here goes: I met my now ex-boyfriend many years ago at a
competition. We hit it off but he had a girlfriend so we left it
there. Fast forward 3 years, we met up again and got together.

I moved cities to be with him, changed College degrees and basically
severed all contact with my friends and family so I could be with

He was a controlling, overbearing, narcissistic bastard. We moved
into an apartment together and signed a year long lease. The thing
was he is a cheap bastard. He would never buy things without going
halves with me even if they were for him. I always had to pay to get
the car fixed or registered or even filled with petrol. I had my
College classes and worked 2 part time jobs to pay for all of this.
Whereas, he has an invalid’s benefit and gets a few hundred dollars
a week from the government.

Everything was going fine (or as fine as can be when he was spending
12 hours on the computer each day, drinking until he couldn’t move
and fiddling with his car). Until one day he suddenly stopped
talking to me and moved all my stuff out of the place and onto the
landing. This is 10 months into the lease and yet I still had to pay
the rent and utility bills I was not using for the next 2 months.

I moved back with my parents, an 8 hour drive away, but now I have
to move again for college to the same city as he is in.

I really want revenge and I have been lying in wait to get it.
Revenge is best served cold.

I need to go back to the apartment to get some of my gear that was
not chucked out. How can I get revenge as I am going through the
apartment to get my stuff without getting found out by him or his
girlfriend that he moved in a week after I left? I know they will be
keeping a look out for me.

I have bought laxatives, nails, superglue and am planning on buying
some fish.
I want to get him back somehow through his benefit (which I think he
is getting more than he should an he is not as sick as he makes
out), his precious computer or car or his tight purse.

I want to leave his new gf out of this as she doesn’t deserve any
spite and he has enough trouble, she has to put up with him!
Please help me with my dastardly plans!
Many thanks in advance



When you make your visit to get your stuff, take a
tape recorder with you, for your own safety, and maybe chat him up about
his government benefits… maybe he'll say something you can report to
the government about why he shouldn't be getting them, like a paying
cash job he does once in a while, or something under the table.

In my experience, people getting government money always have a
second source of unreported income that the big G would love to know

If they are there when you are and even if they
aren't, it'll be hard to do anything that you won't be the prime
suspect of, so watch yourself.

I would maybe do some of the

You know his email address, create a fake
profile some where and start an online affair with him… then one
way or another let the new gf in on what's happening. The cheating
bastard (I'm sure he cheated on you, nobody moves in that quick
where nothing was going on, sorry to tell you) deserves no

Start also a campaign of visitors to their
place. Put up signs for room to rent, jobs for hire, etc.

Use their address, phone number, and keep them busy with a steady
stream of people at the door and on the phone.

If you know
which agency send shim the money every month, maybe a call to him,
leaving him messages about his benefits being
cut off will also through enough turmoil into his life for a major
freak-out. Be sure to record the call and email it to me, I could
use a good laugh!

Best wishes,

He Tried To Force Me To Have Sex


First off, big fan of your site. My sister and I love it.

I dated this guy for 7 months. I know not a big deal but it was way
more serious and committed than either of us had really expected.

Around the second month I caught him cheating..well..
technically he was cheating on her with me and I caught him. But I
put my foot down and gave him an ultimatum; me or her. He chose me
and we patched things up and happily moved on, both having learned
from this embarrassing moment.

Then we started fighting, a lot. Every fight became about
how I wasn't good enough for him or about how I was doing something

Each fight always ended with me apologizing and feeling like
a complete ass or like I didn't deserve someone as incredible as

We finally broke up one day because he "wasn't sure about
us." and "couldn't see himself with someone like me" and two days
later he shows up with some skinny brunette and proceeds to play a
game of tonsil hockey with her right in front of me and my friends.
I am furious but decide to just walk away and let it go.

While all of this is going on we are trying to remain
friends due to the fact that I am very close with his family and his
siblings call me their sister. Less than a week later he has called
it quits with this girl and wants me back. Like a love sick maniac I
take him back.

In the weeks before prom he spends his time getting into
trouble and leaving me with all the prom expenses. He also informs
me that his wants to fuck my sister. This was not a joke. According
to him she is like a sister to him as well but according to him he
was more attracted to her than me at this point in time.

We go to prom, which I drive to, buy my own ticket to, and
also buy both our dinners afterwards and he spends most of the night
dancing with other girls. I'm not bothered by this, I mean senior
prom you should dance with whoever and enjoy it!

When we leave his best friend (let's call him DICK) tells
him to get into my pants because he deserves it after being with me
this long. Then dick tells me if I haven't given it up to my
boyfriend by Monday that he will beat the shit out of me.

Again, I let this go.

On the ride home my boyfriend is pissed because I refuse to
screw him. I get so fed up that finally I pull over and we fool
around. although I did NOT have sex with him. While we are fooling
around he gets way too rough and begins choking me. I couldn't make
him stop and nearly passed out. But a sharp nail jab to his neck
prevented that.

The next morning we have again, broken up (mainly due to the
multitude of bruises on my legs and neck).

I am heartbroken and miss him for a while but I start moving

I'm still maintaining a relationship with his family and I
see him everywhere!

Every time I do see him he shoves his new girl of the moment
in my face! He also conveniently seems to be hot and simply must
take off his shirt to reveal his rock hard marine abs!

I am fed up!

I have tried to play nice and be polite! But I spent the
entire month before prom hearing about how I wasn't pretty or skinny
enough for him just to have him turn around and date a girl with 4

I don't think so!

Now he's dropped her for yet another girl! He also finds
ways (i.e. his talkative little brother) to let me know he still
wants to fuck my sister whom he also calls sister! SICK!

He thinks he's God's gift to the world and I want to put him
in his place while getting back at him for breaking my heart and
self esteem and praying on MY SISTER! SICK MOTHER FUCKER! thank you

can you please help me?
call me Pissed and Crazy

P & C,
This guy is a true asshole…

First off: I seriously suggest you get some counselling to
find out why you tolerated him so long. Women that put up with this
end up getting together with the same type of cretin time and time

I think you broke your own heart expecting a loser asshole
like that to change for the better. A life lesson. You kept him even
though he did all that crap to you? You allowed him to cow you and
verbally assault you, and for what, an eventual strangulation?

And to top it off, he tried to rape you. This is a hard way
to live a life, I wish so much better for you.

Now for your revenge:

1. When you do see him and he's with a girl, call her by a
different girl's name and ask her how she likes getting cheated on.
Then walk away.

2. File charges against him if he ever touches you again.

3. You didn't say where he lives, but assholes like this
hang onto their mother's purse strings as long as possible, so I'll
guess he lives with his parent(s). Start a campaign of calling him,
using a call service of course, and pretend to be some other girl. leave messages about
drugs, parties, etc. Stir up his home life. Call when he's not
there, of course. Be a police officer, talk about pending charges,

4. If at all possible, get a recording of him or his brother
saying what they say about your sister and give it to your parents.
Both of those guys sound like potential rapists to me and you need
to stop this before it happens, or it's on you.

5. Warn anyone and everyone about what this guy did, if you
can handle the criticism that will come with it. And talk with your
parents about this, they deserve to know not only what you've gone
through but what types of kids/adult/bastards these two are.

6. Leave him in the dust and live a better life, you deserve
so much better! You see him, his brother, his family, turn the other
way, stop being a target.


Revenge On Your Ex

The Revenge GuyThe
Revenge Guy Helps You Get Revenge On Ex-Boyfriends
and Ex-Girlfriends

Have you been wronged by a "best friend" that is now dating the
person that was the love of your life?

RG can help… but only if you ask nicely… (overall, he doesn't
like to get involved in relationship issues that may be resolved in you
"getting back in love" with them… Revenge is a dead end for
relationships, or it isn't revenge… think about that before you ask…

Revenge Guy,
I really need to get back at this guy.

We met three years ago at a Halloween party and were really into
each other, but I was in a relationship and told him up front that I
was with someone and didn't way to see anybody else.

Not long after he met a girl and really liked her. So we sort of
remained friends, talked here and there over the past few years,

Well over this past summer I broke up with that guy I was with, and
he broke up with the girl he was with. Two or so months ago we hung
out and things started from the very first day. Just a lot of
flirting, goodnight kiss, etc, and went on pretty fast from there.

We started spending tons of time together, and only after two weeks
or so he was asking me if I would ever want to be in a relationship
with him, he wanted to be exclusive, etc. Then his ex started
stalking me via AIM, checking my away messages, IMing me, etc.

This guy and I were spending almost everyday together and then this
past weekend he just up and stopped talking to me. Ignoring my phone
calls, etc. And now his ex is harassing me about how they're back
together, blahblahblah.

It's not like we has anything really serious going on, but he is the
one who asked me to be exclusive, got me a Valentine's Day card that
said, "be all mine…….I'm all yours!" etc. and then he gets back
with his ex and just pretends like nothing happened?

He doesn't even have the balls to call me up and say anything! I
mean not even a simple, "I don't want to see you anymore."

I really just want to get this guy back for being such a child. I
mean, at 23 years old the least you could do is man up. Help


Yes, men are stupid people sometimes.

As for
revenge… well, you really didn’t give me much to go on did you…

You didn’t date, then you’re dating and he dumped you for his ex
after making all kinds of promises. Fuck him.

What I would
do is call the ex-girlfriend (now the girlfriend) and say you’re with the health clinic… she needs to come
in and get tested.

Call him doing the same thing. Maybe
even leave weird messages at his work, supposedly from his ex-not-ex

Of course there's
too… do you have any old clothes of his that
he might want back? Give him something to really remember… and
something that might end up on his ex-not-ex bitch too.

Best wishes,

Dear Revenge Guy,
Here's my story first, then, hopefully, you can give me
advice on how to get my revenge.

I began dating a guy in
September last year, thought he was wonderful, blah blah blah, the
relationship really should've ended in December, when he moved
for school (I was living in —someplace—, at the time).

When he left
in December, he left me a little gift, called herpes. He had gotten
it from his ex girlfriend, whom he hadn't dated or seen in six
months, and claims he hadn't slept with anyone in that six months.
(if you could meet this guy, you'd know that to be true).

We were
also in agreement that I hadn't passed it along to him, as I'd had
my yearly exam in September, and I was clean. There's no doubt it
came from him, although I find it unlikely that he was unaware of
his predicament for six months. No big deal, we'd try to make it

Within two weeks of him leaving, my supervisor at my job
found out I had gotten herpes from him. (Very specific, I'm unsure
how he found out in so much detail). This particular supervisor is
one of those guys who are short, try too hard to be buff, try too
hard to be cool, you know the asshole. So he started telling people
at my job.

Keep in mind, I just found out I have an incurable
std, the person who gave it to me now lived 21 hours away (and I
might have missed him some, or a lot), and I wasn't in a very strong
frame of mind.

Now, the asshole supervisor was spreading my
business, and people I work with were coming to me with things like,
"is it true what (boss) said? that you got an std from (guy)?"

I assumed
it was no one's business but my own. But it was out. I got revenge
on the supervisor the right way.

I went to human resources with
my problem, and soon my whole workplace knew. The supervisor got
suspended, but not without repercussions on my behalf.

people despised me for having him suspended (for some reason, people
liked him, especially the girl he was banging), and working became
very uncomfortable.

Not to mention the people who acted like I was
going to pass along my little problem to them if I touched, or
talked to them. And there were the really mean ones calling me
"whore" and "bitch" All in all, it was not a good experience.

The boy I got it from, was less than supportive. A lot of the time
he'd ignore me, or tell me to stop "bitching", or say he was
depressed himself because he was living in a new town with no
friends and family for the holidays, it hurt a lot that he would be
so selfish, and discompassionate.

It tore me apart
that he would treat me like everyone else was. All I wanted was for
someone to talk to. It was terribly hard for me to sympathize, and I
admit I did eventually get quite bitchy.

Well, it's now
later on, and I'm
also living OK. Before he left, we had talked about me moving
here, but not for a while. We were going to see how the relationship
progressed, and if it worked out, I'd move here. I had already begun
looking into the cost of housing and such (it's quite cheap

Anyway, after all that had happened (not to mention, I
had lost my best friend, a guy, because he got jealous that i was
dating the other guy. go figure) I decided, I still needed to get
out of Delaware, even though my relationship wasn't working. It was
just too uncomfortable, and the source of too much hurt.

been in Tulsa for a month now, and some truth's have come out. The
guy I dated admitted he wasn't there like he should have been, but I
just needed to get over it all, because I was making him miserable.
The nerve.

So this is what I want to do:
He is enrolled in
the community college here, and I want to spread my story.

The whole
story, without holding anything back.

I understand that I would also
be airing my own secret (but I lived through it once already, I
really don't care anymore.)

I want him to experience what I went
through. The prejudices, people hating him for what he did.

may even hate me for telling it. He may even hate me more. I also
don't even care about that. As long as he experiences what I went
through, so I can also tell him to "just get over it."
should I do?

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi

While I really feel for you, you’ve been put through a
terrible ordeal, I think you need some counseling help. This
bitterness is not a good outlet, it will color your life forever.

That’s my take on this.

As far as getting him back… use a call service to follow his moves, call the school say he’s
dropping out, call where he works as his gay lover, his venereal
disease doctor, whatever it takes.

As for your story coming out with revenge being taken, the idea here
is that it's not your story. Revenge should not force you to reveal
your identity, although he may guess it's you, I'd try to keep your
name away from associating with his as much as possible.

I have created for you a special poster, all
you need to do is print it out, paste a picture of

him on it then post them everywhere.Best wishes,


Last Christmas I started dating an amazing guy, we will call him
Tall, and was dating him for 11 months.

Thing became very serious very fast and he proposed to me.

This remained a secret because it was too soon, however.

He and I had everything planned out, go to university together move
in together.

Looking back I realize how young I am for this, but I was happy at

Towards the end of the relationship we were fighting a lot, and
mostly because I expected a certain amount of respect from him, but
he always had to be the funny guy and was making fun of me a lot.

He would call me like a dog when he was around his friends and was
just very rude.

In the end Tall left me because he felt I was too conservative while
he was too liberal.

He was truly sorry for it, he didn't want to hurt me and was very

It's been a month since we separated and he has a new girlfriend,
lets call her Fink.

Tall and I remained friends through the breakup, we talked every day
and I was handling things okay.

Fink is my best friend, she helped me through he breakup, but it
appears she was helping Tall too. She of all people knows how very
hard it was for me, and she knows I still love him.

She went completely against me and betrayed me. At this point words
aren't doing any good, and I want some revenge!

I need to be sneaky about it, but I want them both to feel slightly
miserable, because both promised to respect me.
Thank you,
Desperate for revenge

Revenge JokerHi

To feel "slightly sneaky" about revenge isn't usually a request that
I honor.

Revenge should not be taken lightly. Revenge is not a "Ha ha!" to be
spoken of later on.

But, I believe that this guy cheated on you, if not in actual
action, then in thought and mind.

And this girl, your best friend, orchestrated the dissolution of
your relationship while speaking out of the side of her mouth to

That being said, all I can gather from your email is that you are
late teens, early twenties, possibly living away from home but most
likely not, you have not had many boyfriends, indeed, with him this
may have only been the only serious relationship you've had.

Whew… almost blew a brain cell there… LOL…

So, what I suggest will be effective, and get the most BANG for your

Stir the pot… raise some questions… maybe even break them up…

But most of all, have some fun…
And make them "slightly curious" about the other romantic
possibilities available to them.
Best wishes,

Revenge Guy,

I have just gotten out of an abusive relationship that lasted for
about a year.

The relationship has caused me much distress and I am
now seeing a therapist because of this. Over the course of the
relationship, I had a particular "friend" that I confided in. This
"friend", Jenn, allowed me to cry on her shoulder, offered advice
when needed, and became someone that I thought I could really trust.
Eventually the relationship came to a horrible and stressful ending
and i continued to confide in my "friend".

Not even a month after
the break-up, she began showing interest in my ex and would tell
mutual friends "Paul and I hooked up this weekend…. but don’t tell
Bethany!" I confronted her about this and told her that I cannot
control who she dates, but it would be hard for me to remain her
friend if she chose him over me. She lied to my face numerous times
and told me nothing was going on between them and tried to hide
everything from me even more.

This in particular really pissed me
off and now they are officially together. Whenever I walk past the
two of them, she smirks at me as if attempting to rub it in my face.
So RG, I was wondering if you had any ideas for revenge on Jenn! All
of our mutual friends have since taken my side after facing betrayal
from her as well, and insist that I do something about this. I
apologize for the length of this e-mail, but I am very interested in
hearing some of your ideas. Thank you! -Bethany, CA

Hi Bethany,
There are often times when friends are not friends and are really
only using you for something you have.

When their true colors are finally revealed, and the unthinkable
happens, the betrayal can be very hard to deal with.

I commend you on getting therapy and trying to put this awful thing
behind you.
But there are two people to get revenge on here, aren’t there?

Paul is just as guilty, if not more, than this Jenn person. Even
though Jenn has used the events in your life to take advantage of
things Paul must shoulder his full part of the blame here as well.

I suggest, in the holiday season, that you send Jenn, and separately
Paul, some holiday cards. Include suggestive words of hidden
relationships, pictures of nudity of the supposed ‘other person’.

Let them have a happy holiday season thinking the other is cheating
on them.
Candy and flowers works well too, anonymously sent with love cards
And never forget the luxury of fake jewelry as a gift too.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear RG,
This guy I was seeing until about two weeks ago is totally psycho. He lies
all the time. Literally. I told him I was seeing someone else and it
completely pissed him off so he has been doing mean stuff to me for the
last couple of weeks. He stole my dog, lied to me about more things than I
can count, and most recently threatened me with planting something illegal
in my car.

He won’t take no for an answer. I’ve even gone as far as to
tell him I’m messing around with numerous other guys. He called my mom and
tried to tell her a bunch of lies about me. I have had enough and I want
him to pay. I’m pretty good at the revenge thing, but I need something
really good this time. By the way, my mom didn’t believe him. She thinks
he’s a raving lunatic who needs to be committed. Help me get him in a way
he will never, ever forget.

Ann, Arkansas

Hi Ann,
Such perseverance from a terrible guy does deserve something drastic. It
will be the only way to get the point across to him to leave you alone.
But first, I’m going to make some assumptions about your relationship with
him. You met him by way of him introducing himself to you and had a couple
of dates. He’s not part of your usual crowd of friends, so you can’t just
get one of your friends to tell him to get lost.

Here’s what I suggest:
Throw a "Loser Party" in his honor.

Go to a place that you both went to, a bar or club, and ask the manager if
you can get put up some posters featuring this guy’s face and a time and
date for the party. Be sure that the poster states that it’s a party for a
loser and the reason why you are having it – so he’ll get lost! Then
invite him to the bar or club, without him knowing the reason why.

He’ll show up expecting to meet you, but you won’t be there and he’ll be
surrounded by other people that know why he’s there. Heck, he can even
keep one of the posters as a souvenir.

If he contacts you after the "party" tell him you’re going to blanket the
city with the posters, and have multiple "Loser Parties" until he gets the

If that doesn’t scare him off, call the police and get a restraining order
on him.
Tell me how it all works out for you.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy