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April 2010

A funny lady emails in: "These are pictures of
a tramp/slut that's trying to get my husband by emailing him some NASTY
pictures of her naked ass and twat! Let all the world know what type of
pictures N.D. Clark emails to married men." — This is really one
nasty bitch.
There are three pictures in total that were discovered
on the husband's phone. Don't people know that as soon as they email a
picture of themselves it becomes public domain and anyone can do
anything with it?

March 2010

A wonderful woman emails in: "This a picture of my
ex in my pink thong. He is sadist and suffers from Narcissist
Personality Disorder. He gets off on tying women up and using a ball gag
for practically choking. Please post this pic if you can!" — Of
course I can! Here it is in all it's wonderful pink glory!


June 9 2009 – Pictures of the bad neighbor

House is in Shoreline Washington in a quiet single family
neighborhood (Shoreline is considered the “adult family home” haven in
Washington because of its permissive practices – doesn’t charge business
license fees. Too bad we didn’t know this fact before we bought).
William R. Volpentest is the guy who owns the home. As you can tell from
the pictures, he runs a landscaping business. According to the
neighbors, before he decided to split the property and develop the back
into the home, he used to store his landscaping equipment like
bulldozers and earthmovers behind the home. He would also allow his
workers to live in a trailer behind the property.

The house is currently rented to a man with developmental
disabilities. He and his family, who lives in West Seattle, get around
the adult family home licensing issue by saying that this man is living
in the home and that the 2-3 other people who live in the home are his
“friends” when in reality they are placed there by the agency. The
agency is SL Start and they have a home office in Spokane. Talked with a
friend who is a physician with the Washington State Department of
Disabilities and although she said that there is nothing that could be
done she does admit that she has not heard good things about the agency
or the home. The agency is rude and nonresponsive – when there have been
significant issues with a client threatening, they refused to do

Over the years there has been clients screaming during the day and
night, the piles of junk that Volpentest stores on the property (as you
can see from the pictures), clients vomiting out in the open because the
homecare workers are too stupid to administer their medications in a
timely fashion and a few summers ago there was one client at the home
who would do things like drop his pants in the middle of the street,
stand in front of cars as someone would be trying to drive away and
would sing at the top of his voice at all hours of the day and night.

Recently talked with the mother and talked with the father of the man
to whom the home is rented. They are also fed up with the agency.
However, it is known that they know they have a good thing going – they
don’t have to care for their son in their home and they can retreat to
West Seattle and not have to see these things. Its probably also cheaper
for them to maintain their current arrangement – I’m not sure what it
costs to put someone in a licensed adult family home.

Not against adult family homes – if they’re well run, they can fit
into a neighborhood. There is another home up the street that houses
Alzheimers patients. However, this home is licensed. The grounds are
clean and meticulously kept. There are never unattended clients – never
see the patients wandering around the neighborhood and certainly never
hear the ruckus that the neighborhood has become accustomed to.


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