Instant Karma and Revenge

Karma is one of those things we count on to happen in life and it breaks down like this:

  • You do something good for someone and something then good happens to you, or,
  • You do something bad and then something bad happens to you.

We may not always see the “good karma” when it happens, but we can usually see when “bad karma” happens and what the result is.

Enjoy these stories about karma and its effects, as far as karma happening to bad people.


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Karens vs Judges
Karens vs Judges (and Karma)
You're going to really like these videos of Karens being taken down by judges in a courtroom.
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Instant Karma Finds Bad Drivers on Video
Instant Karma Finds Bad Drivers
Watch as these bad drivers get caught by the police for their poor driving choices.
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Instant Karma Machine Noisy Neighbor Device on Video
Instant Karma Machine Noisy Neighbor Device
The Instant Karma Machine was devised as a way of dealing with some horrible upstairs neighbors by returning...
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Instant Karma on video title
Instant Karma on Video
Watch as Karma evens out these people's bad choices and actions.
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