How to Get Revenge

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Plan Your Perfect Revenge

When you need revenge, or to maybe just to prank someone, you’ve got to decide how far you’ll go. The Revenge Guy would prefer that your best revenge is getting on with your life and doing better than the person that wronged you.

But we know that isn’t always possible. You need to get revenge to put the past behind you. People that cheat on you, steal from you or belittle you deserve all that karma can throw at them. It is with this in mind that we present “How to Get Revenge”.

No matter what was done to you, and we have plenty of stories of why people needed revenge (see below), and you’ll feel better, maybe even a sense of relief, when your revenge is completed.

(Note: this information is for entertainment only, in no way do we recommend doing anything that would upset or harm another person.)

Revenge on a Bad Boss or Workplace

Whether you’ve been fired, laid-off, or quit, a toxic workplace is not the place you want to have to eb to earn a paycheck. When things go bad at work, here’s what you can do:

  • Hide all the office supplies
  • Turn the ringers off of all the phones
  • Post a coupon offering a huge discount for whatever the company sells
  • Use a spy pen mini camera and record your bad boss, then take the recording to his boss
  • Call up the power electric company and schedule a “power off” window of time because you’re “doing some construction”
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Get Revenge on an Ex

This is always a popular category for revenge. When someone breaks your heart (unless it’s something you did!), you deserve to have your revenge on them.
  • Have their car towed a few blocks away, let them go crazy looking for it
  • Send them a secret letter, email or text message, saying that the person they cheated on you with is cheating on them
  • Destroy everything of theirs they left with you, put it all in a big box and have it delivered to them
  • Hack their social media and unfriend all their friends
  • Deliver a box of poop to their workplace
  • Read revenge stories about ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, the other woman and ex-lovers

Get Revenge on Bad Neighbors

Just like family, you can’t choose your neighbors. And when they upset you, your choice is to move, or get even.
  • Hang a wind chime near their bedroom windows
  • Cut down any tree branches that hang over onto your yard
  • Put up a motion sensor light that shines into their windows, put it on its most sensitive setting
  • Get some lawn fertilizer and spread it around in circles on their lawn and watch what happens to their lawn after the next rain storm
  • Get some skunk oil and spray it around their house and car doors
  • Call the local bylaw office and make noise complaints, parking complaints, yard maintenance complaints, whatever you can think of
  • Download bird call sounds and play them at your neighbors home
  • Unscrew their garden hose from the outdoor faucet and pour some dry laundry soap down the hose and screw it back in place. The next time your neighbor uses the hose the water will be all soapy.
  • You may also want to read this answer for some ideas that The Revenge Guy sent someone about getting revenge on their neighbors.
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Get Even With Family Members

Family, you can’t choose them! But you can get revenge when they hurt or abuse you.

  • Change the language on their phone and computer
  • Set an alarm clock for 3am and hide it somewhere in the house
  • Replace lightbulbs with low wattage bulbs (watch them wonder why it’s so dark inside with the lights on)
  • Remove batteries from remotes
  • Pour honey into their backpack
  • Grease the doorhandles on their room and the bathroom (for added fun)
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Get Revenge On Girlfriends

Once the girlfriend out of your life, you’ve broken up or something, this is how you can get revenge on a girlfriend, but first, make sure you’ve changed all your passwords on your social media and email accounts, and any other accounts she may have access to!
  • Hack her social media and unfriend all of her friends, and change her password
  • Call her work pretending to be a guy she just spent the night with and leave a message like “Can you tell Susie that she left her bra at my place? I’ll drop it off there later” and call a few times a week leaving similar messages but all from different guys
  • Call places she hangs out at and leave the same type of messages
  • You may want to read these girlfriend revenge stories

How To Get Revenge on Someone That Steals From You

Whether it’s a roommate, family member or co-worker, thief’s that take your stuff deserve whatever they get!
  • Get some blue light ink, the kind that only appears when shined on by a blue light, and put it on your stuff. This will reveal them to be the thief they are when the ink lights up on their hands
  • If they’re stealing your food, replace your tasty meal with something truly rotten, substitute soap for mayonnaise, add hot sauce to your drinks, this kind of thing.
  • Get a mini spy WiFi camera and hide it with a good view of your things and start recording, this will give you the proof you need to confront them or involve the police.
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Nuclear Revenge

There are a few ways that, if you’re not concerned about being discovered, you can get revenge while sharing your story.

The Best Ways to Get Revenge Are Up to You

Those are just a few ideas to get your revenge thoughts working overtime. To get more revenge ideas, read our revenge stories below, where people have emailed in for revenge advice and The Revenge Guy has given them personal suggestions to get their revenge. 
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