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Work Sucks! And having Bad Co-Workers and Bad Bosses Makes It Even Worse!

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450Pcs Black Wiggle Googly Eyes


Googly eyes are self-adhesive, just peel off stickers the sticker and paste, no glue is needed. They are really sticky and durable and won’t come off easily even if used for a long time.

These googly wiggle eyes for craft are great to DIY. Open your imagination such as Christmas, Halloween, monster party, birthday party, school teaching, parent-child interaction, home decorations, office. Just peel off sticker and stick on anything you like.

**The Googly Eye Mischief**

In the cozy little house at the end of Maple Street, there lived a pre-teen girl named Lily, who had a knack for mischief and a heart full of laughter. With her wild imagination and mischievous spirit, Lily always found a way to brighten up even the dullest of days.

One sunny Saturday morning, as the golden rays of the sun streamed through the windows, Lily found herself seized by a mischievous idea. With a twinkle in her eye and a giggle bubbling in her throat, she tiptoed into the kitchen, armed with a pack of googly eyes she had stashed away in her room.

As her family members went about their morning routines, Lily set her plan into motion. With deft fingers and a mischievous grin, she began affixing googly eyes to various items around the house – the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter, the coffee mugs in the cupboard, even the potted plant in the living room.

With each googly eye she placed, Lily’s excitement grew, envisioning the looks of surprise and amusement on her family’s faces when they discovered her handiwork. After meticulously decorating the house with her googly-eyed creations, Lily retreated to her room, eagerly awaiting the moment of revelation.

Sure enough, as her family members began to trickle into the kitchen for breakfast, their eyes widened in surprise at the sight that greeted them. Fruit with mischievous googly eyes peered up at them from the bowl, while coffee mugs seemed to stare back with playful curiosity.

“What on earth?” exclaimed Lily’s mom, stifling a laugh as she discovered the googly-eyed antics.

Lily’s dad chuckled as he poured himself a cup of coffee, his eyes twinkling with amusement. “Looks like someone’s been up to some mischief!”

As the morning unfolded, Lily’s prank brought endless laughter and joy to her family. They couldn’t help but chuckle as they discovered more and more googly-eyed surprises hidden throughout the house – on cereal boxes, light switches, even the family pet’s food bowl.

Throughout the day, Lily reveled in the sound of her family’s laughter, her heart swelling with happiness at the simple joy she had brought to their lives. And as the sun set on the day, casting a warm glow over their cozy little house, Lily knew that she would forever cherish the memory of the googly eye mischief that had filled their home with laughter and love.

Have fun with pranks, for the best fun, surprise people that have a sense of humor or it may turn out badly for you.


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