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Hidden Camera Photo Frame, 1080P Spy Camera with WiFi


Spy Camera Picture Frame – Hidden Camera 1080P WiFi HD PIR Motion Detection Night Vision Offline Video Recorder Remote Real Time View Live Camera 1 Year Standby Security Nanny Cam

🕵️‍♂️ Discover the Ultimate Spy Camera: 1080p HD with Powerful Features

Remote Real-Time Video Viewing: Keep an eye on your space from anywhere. Whether you’re at work, traveling, or simply in another room, access live video feeds instantly via your mobile app.
PIR Human Body Sensing & Motion Detection: The moment someone (or even an animal) moves, receive immediate motion alerts on your phone. With an SD card (not included), the camera automatically records and saves videos. When motion stops, it enters standby mode, ensuring all crucial footage is securely stored.
Offline Recording, Even Without Wi-Fi: Once connected to Wi-Fi, this camera continues recording motion-triggered videos offline. No need to worry about Wi-Fi availability—it’s always vigilant.
Customizable Displayed Photo: Personalize your camera’s appearance to blend seamlessly with your surroundings.
2.4G Wi-Fi Compatibility: Note that this camera supports 2.4G Wi-Fi networks only and is not compatible with 2G or 5G Wi-Fi.

🏠 Protect What Matters Most:

Child Safety & Home Security: Whether you’re away on business or just want peace of mind, this camera is your solution. Install it discreetly in a room, warehouse, store, or office. Point it at critical areas and insert an SD card. It captures vital evidence when needed.
Instant Access via Mobile Devices: Grab your smartphone, tablet, or iPad to view real-time video. Take action promptly when necessary.

🔋 One Year of Standby Time & Non-Illuminating Night Vision:

High-Capacity 10,000mAh Battery: Fully charged, it records up to 30 hours of video or provides a whole year of standby time. No more battery anxiety, even during extended travels.
Wire-Free & Discreet: No wiring needed—avoid suspicion. The camera’s non-illuminating night vision ensures clear HD video even in low-light conditions.

🔄 Loop Recording & App Control:

Supports up to 256GB SD Cards (SD card not included): Never miss a moment. Loop recording ensures continuous operation.
Power Outage Resilience: Even during blackouts, the camera keeps recording offline.
Remote On/Off Control: Manage the camera from anywhere via the app. No physical intervention required.


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