Hookup Turns Into A Series of Bad Payday Loans

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I trust way too easy, and I’m a very giving person, but many times ppl have taken my kindness for weakness and it hurts but believing in karma has always helped me move on and turn the other cheek….but this last time I feel differently.

An older friend of mine hooked me up with her son who is around my age, we both became super attracted to each other almost instantly. About a week later he lost his job a really bad car dealership that would rip ppl off and use their info to commit identity theft later. He became very desperate for money so he wouldn’t lose his apartment and asked me to take out a personal loan since he never built his credit but my score was in the high 600’s and he swears he’ll take care of the payments.

I did but luckily I was denied. Next day he gets a job as a full-time chef starting at 16 an hour but asks me to take out a payday loan since rent was due soon and he just started his new job. So like an idiot I did, but of course one payday loan is only like 100 bucks and that wont pay rent, so he drags me to like 4 of them in my neighborhood.

Anyway to cut to the chase, day before its due and on due date he ignores all my texts, doesn’t pay even one back, my account of 4yrs is overdrawn, didn’t respond to me on FB, and last night I text him and he finally responds….he tells me to “Fuck off!!” and “I donno what ur talking about….” ( I wanna make him regret it soooooo badly!!!!

Help me!

The Revenge Guy You really got screwed over didn’t you?

Love and money, they really don’t go well together when the love is new and the money isn’t yours. And it’s bad when you’re loaning the person money but when you’re taking out loans to loan them money, well how could it get any worse?

Hard lesson learned.

What I’d do is use Spoofcard and call him up and scare the crap out of him. This is what you do:
Once you have Spoofcard setup give the bastard a call. You’ll want the Caller ID to show as one of the payday loan places you took out a loan.
What do you say? Easy enough, You say you’re calling from “Payday Loan Company” and they have transferred the debt to him based on speaking with you. (Not that they can or would do this, but a punk like that doesn’t know shit about anything.) Tell him that he has 24 hours to pay the outstanding amount, interest and an “admin fee” of $200 or they will put a lien on his property (car, furniture?) and come to his work to garnish his wages.
Let the punk-ass sweat it out.
The next day repeat the whole thing from another of the payday loan companies.
Repeat until you feel better.
You can even call him, or if he calls you, and just say that you had to transfer the debt because you could never have afforded to pay it and he was supposed to pay it anyway. And, if he pays you so you can pay them you’ll do your best to not have his paycheck garnished.

I hope this helps!

Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Stole My Boyfriend

Dear Revenge GuyHi RG,
I’ll try to make this as short and as sweet as possible.

I dated a guy for 4 years, it was very serious. We were in love, I was even there for him when his mother passed away from cancer. He’s a sweet guy, but after some time we decided it was best to take a break (my mother was in rehab and my grandmother was very sick).

We had every intention of getting back together.

After about 2 weeks, he began getting insecure and we fought because of it. As a result we hadn’t spoken for another 2 weeks.

A mutual “friend”, or ex-friend, hooked him up with her sister because he was “moping.” They had sex, I found out, he begged for forgiveness, and I told him to suck it. As of right now we’re just beginning to talk again (as it will be almost a year).

As for this girl, not only did she screw my boyfriend – I know I know, we were on a break- but she got a hold of my number and texted me DETAILED things they did together. She also mentioned how he drove her to the airport (since she lives out of state) and held each other for hours.

She has a son with someone else, she posted pics of her son and his “new daddy” on facebook -yep you guessed it, MY BOYFRIEND. I called her one day, because I simply couldn’t sit by anymore, I just wanted her to leave me alone. She told me I’m nothing but a s*ut and I deserved to die. Even after my boyfriend called her himself to tell her off, she asked him if she was better than me in bed. THIS IS SOMEONE WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE A MOTHER. Like I said, it’s been almost a year, I’ve been wrestling with myself to take the high road but I just can’t! I obsess over this girl to the point where it’s ruining my life.

Please help, I can’t let her win!

The Revenge GuyHi,
I don’t see you as the loser here at all.

You have so-called friends that seem to choose him over you, without regard for the future you wanted with him. Maybe you we’re clear with them but certainly he made choices that can’t be easily taken back now.

As far as this girl goes, find out who else she has hurt and get together with these people. Someone that burns bridges often leaves a lot of wreckage and getting together to find out more will give you a great direction of how to best get your revenge.

Do your investigating and follow up with sharing her incredibly bad behavior with the world.

Since your friends know what has happened I see no real issues for grabbing pictures of her from her social media pages and creating a short explanatory video of her life using some freely available video creation software.

Stick to the facts you know to be true and have fun with it. Send me a copy, I could use a good laugh.
Good luck,

He Turned My Life Upside Down

Dear Revenge GuyDear RG,
I was swept off my feet by the most awesome guy.

It was a time of transition already. His elderly parents decided to move to a new city, and I told him that I was willing to relocate. He told his parents that we were permanent and talked his dad into buying a larger house in order for all of us to have a nicer place and share the cost. We moved five months ago.

There was a weird build up to the crisis.

This man has been waging sadistic psychological warfare on my young son and I. The final straw was when he was yelling at me to belt-spank my son for a host of problems, all of which were false. He finally said that my child was only allowed “five fucking shits a week in the house. If he has to shit more, he has to go somewhere outside of the house.” NUTCASE

Now, here is the complication.

His parents are mortified that he has done this because they have come to love my son and I as family. They are letting us stay as long as we need, there is room, because we don’t have anyplace to go until I get my bearings. It has been one week since I told him that I can’t boink anyone I know enjoys humiliating me, my son or really anyone. I can’t do anything that would blow back on me OR hurt his family.

*now, I AM exacting my own sneaky revenge and feel free to share this… he has nasty athlete’s foot and gave me a patch of ringworm where his foot touched my leg when we slept. We have to share the big closet and master bath (even though I’m out of his room) so… I shave over that patch with his razors and use his face scrubbies on the spot without rinsing. I’m hoping he gets a little crotch rot and face ringworm.

This man turned my life upside down and put me in a situation where I am losing EVERYTHING: love, family, a safe home for my child, all to feed his sadistic need to cause emotional and psychological pain. Thanks for listening!

The Revenge GuyHi,
To say that you’re in a terrible predicament would be a huge understatement. I’m glad that you are relatively safe and do have a roof rather than being forced onto the street with your son.

Your crotch rot plan is great, I hope you don’t just end up exchanging the burning and itching.

Causing this “man” (I use the term loosely) inconveniences are a good way to get the revenge ball rolling since it will seem he has only himself to blame. This is always a good plan of attack.

I hope you do get your life in order, to protect yourself and your son from this person’s bad influences.
Once you are safe you can continue your revenge by seeking to destroy what is likely a well-crafted personality outside of his home life, namely friends and workplaces.

Carefully crafted health surveys to sent to his work and friends asking about illness and contagious disease, while implying him to be the cause, should start the breakdown of his life that you are seeking.

Follow up with phone calls (using an appropriate phone service to mask your caller ID) will certainly solidify your plan and speed his downfall.

Find out his secrets, his hidden fears, and use them as bargaining chips for your safe future.

You need to be safe and protected from this man since I have no doubt that when you leave, or force him out of his parent’s house, he will wage jihad against you.

Controlling men are basically scared little boys using threats and intimidation to maintain control and having things to hold over him is the best offense.
Good luck!

My Boyfriend Became a Boy Fiend!

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I was with this guy for a while and we were really good together, it wasn’t one sided he was just into me just as much as I was.
We both finished school this year and start college soon.
My hometown is honk kong so I had to leave, and then he slowly started ignoring and stopped replying to nothing I sent him. He was suppose to come to HK but I didnt hear from him. suddenly he inboxes me saying that he was going to surprise me and started acting all normal. So he is coming to hong kong and we are going to the same college. i need to take revenge, real bad. please help!
I have known him for 2 months. i know him pretty well.
I know his moms number, his ex girlfriend no, his house no.
I have no ideas about how to take revenge, it wasnt really my thing but this one hit me and i cant sit back and watch him do this to other people.
this will improve my life because hes getting away from all the assholeness and its not fair. the pain he put me through was not funny and im not going to sit back and watch him getting away with it while we are in the same college!

The Revenge GuyDear Broken Hearted,
He sure did get to you. Sounds to me like he was looking for a reason to break up with you, found one, and now that he’s going to be closer to you he regrets it. He’s probably not as popular with the girls as he thought he was, so now he wants you back. What a loser!
Just start talking to the people you know about his “STDs” that you know about from high school and you’ll kill his supposed popularity with the ladies before he even shows up.
And date a better class of person, you need to have a better life, right? Keep him dumped!

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