Break-up Lines

The Revenge Guy
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The Revenge Guy Understands Break-ups  The Revenge Guy knows all about relationships. He knows that when you put two people together there are bound to be ups and downs as the relationship finds it’s own level. And any relationship will suffer, no matter how long the couple have been serious, if one outgrows the other. When one person starts to love themselves more than the other. And when it’s time to kick them to the curb, the Revenge Guy can help! Here are some break-up lines that you can use when your relationship is ending and the other person just doesn’t know it yet. No apologies necessary.
  • Dear XXX, I think that life is going to be much better soon. I’m flicking you away like a booger gets blown out of a cold sufferer’s nose. Goodbye forever.
  • Dear XXX, I’d like to meet you later and talk about our relationship, but I don’t care that much anymore so it doesn’t have to wait. Get lost.
  • Dear XXX, Remember the romantic long drives we used to take into the country? Now I’d like you to take a long drive, into a different country!
  • Dear XXX, I thought we made a great combo but now I know that the only good combo comes with fries and a drink.
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