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Revenge on the Smug Ex Work Mate

When a work mate badmouths you, revenge can be had if you're careful.

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Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
What to do about smug ex work mate??
I used to work in nursing home. When I started people were friendly and I was told I am a good worker and boss was very pleased with me!

However after about a week people seemed to shy away from me, then the complaints started. Suddenly I was a bad worker and everything I did was wrong. People even got aggressive with me quoting bad things I apparently said about them.

The last straw was one evening my purse disappeared from the staff room table when I went to bathroom. I informed boss but she did nothing she acted as If she didn’t believe me. So I left! And got a new job.

A month later one quiet girl who worked there told me that one girl working there had decided she didn’t like me for no reason. She networked her way around everyone making up lies and the boss believed her. The girl also told me that my purse turned up in a new girls locker. She wasn’t even working there same time as me! I came out in a cold sweat, I remembered the day my purse went missing, that girl that didn’t like me was only other person in staff room!!!!!

That girl that didn’t like me had everyone fooled!

She was seen as a great worker but when I worked with her she skimmed through cut corners and spent most of time on her phone. She used to pretend to wash the resident but only put different clothes on them. Also she used to bring counterfeit goods to work e.g perfume and clothes and sold it from locker room all day instead of doing her actual hob.

Now I have a new job I’m very happy in but got a shock yesterday! The girl that didn’t like me has taken a job here!!

I came face to face with her in hall and she laughed in my face. I feel scared she will do it to me again but I’m also very mad! I’d love to get something on her! Why should she get away with it all. I know people will say I should move on and work hard. But I did all that in my last job!

This girl is only in the door here in new job and I can already see the boss is fooled by her. I overheard boss telling a nurse how good this girl is. How can I sort this please?

The Revenge GuyHi Samantha, 
That sure is a hostile work environment. You need to protect yourself, your job and your reputation!

You did one of the best things by getting a new job and out of that first toxic work place.

Now you need to protect yourself in your new job, so this is what you’ll need to do:

Make good friends with your new work mates, essentially bribe them, with treats and sweets. Smile and be super nice so they’ll always be on your side.

Buy yourself a small pen camera. One you can stick in your pocket and record video and sound.

That bitchy girl will soon enough come after you, and complaining about her without hard evidence will get you as far as it did the last time.

When she does come after you, start recording. Review what you capture before you take it to the bosses.

That should end her career and need to come after you again.

Best Wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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