Bad Blood at Work

The Revenge Guy
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Dear Revenge GuyHi Revenge Guy, 

I work at a coffee shop twice a week as an extra job. I really enjoy it. 

But my boss who is gay hired his buddy who is straight and is in love with but has a girlfriend. Then he hired the girlfriend. 

I found out he is telling the boss things I say but twisting the words to make me look bad so his girlfriend can get my shifts. They also told him I slack off when the boss isn’t there. Now the boss is mad at me and changed my shifts because of it. 

I want this guy gone and his girlfriend too. He has created all sorts of drama since he started working there. 

What can I do?

The Revenge GuyHi C, 

You’re living someone else’s fantasy for the perfect workplace and being forced out because of it. 

Even if your revenge was successful in getting the boyfriend/girlfriend couple fired I fear that things wouldn’t get better. That being said you need to get yourself a “spy camera” and record them how they interact with you when the boss isn’t there. 

At the very least you’d have something to back up your complaints and at the most you’d have a workplace harassment case. 

Good luck and start that job search!