Dumb Criminals

There is a this little thing that if you’re going to do bad prepare for the penalties (Do the crime, do the time). These are the ones about to do the time.

Woman Downloads Child Porn to Frame Husband
We all like a good suspense crime story featuring the “how did that get there” twist. Just don’t get caught like this woman did when you’re the reason why something got to where it did.

Stupid “Late for Work” Excuse
Running late for work? Why not say you’ve witnessed a beheading and let the police search for hours to back up your story. Not a good idea, he’s charged with falsely submitting an incident.

Ice Bucket Challenge and Facebook Leads Wanted Man To Jail
I don’t know how many times this needs to be said but if you’re wanted by the authorities stay off social media. Of course, the criminals are too smart to take sound advice, right?

Dumb Criminals

These are the ones that got caught. Many get away. If you have any tips about crime contact your local CrimeStoppers.

Spanish Singer Fakes Kidnapping
In a desperate to get money to produce her album she flies to the Dominican Republic and has her boyfriend call her father demanding a ransom. No word on what the album might have been called and I think that “Jailhouse Rock” is already taken.

World’s Worst Dog Owner
If you’re going to get your dog high it’s probably not a good idea to make a video and post it to Facebook like this Michigan gal did. How would you like this type of notoriety to follow you through life?

Movie Pirate Get’s Caught Using Hacker Name on Dating Site
If you’re going to pirate a movie and release it to the world, as this guy did with the first pirate copy of fast & Furious, don’t reuse the hacker name you used to distribute the file. ‘Thecod3r’ can now have a unique number on all his clothes courtesy of the local jail system.

Sandwich Stealing Co-worker Dealt With
Now, my friends, this is how you handle things when someone at work keeps stealing your lunch. Congrats to the HR department for bringing this lunchtime crime wave to an end.

Shaming The Cheating Husband

Guy cheats on wife.
Guy leaves a note for her and the kids saying he’s leaving them.
He leaves.

Wife get’s her revenge by putting up posters with his name, address, birth date and photo along with details of his infidelity.

Good for her I say!

I admit that marriages have their difficulties. But before you seek solace and comfort in the arms of another you need to deal head-o with the issues within your own relationship. There is help to be found. You can have the relationship you want to have, if you work at it.

If You’re Buying Drugs Watch What You Buy

I find it amazing that if you’re a drug user you may end up buying, and consuming, the wrong stuff.
Then go shopping at your local Walmart, about midnight… NAKED.

Now, I don’t know how hard it is to not know which is the meth and which is the ecstasy, but you’d think that someone that’s done it before would have a clue.

And yes, I think he should move if I were one of his neighbors. As it is he should just stay there.

And also yes, this is why I don’t go shopping at midnight anymore.

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