Revenge Tips For Better Living

The Revenge Guy isn't all that old. And he isn't all that world-weary either. But he has been around. Eating in restaurants, watching movies in theatres, traveling on buses and planes and in cars. Such experiences are important to be shared. So here are "The Revenge Guy's Tips For Better Living". You're welcome in advance. … Read moreRevenge Tips For Better Living

Revenge Stories

People that have successfully gotten revenge can email me their stories so others can learn. YOU can email me too if you have a revenge story you'd like to share. Hey RG, I like your site. The stories keep me entertained and the creativity is awesome. Anyway, I have a story I'd like to share … Read moreRevenge Stories

Thank You

RG likes to help people. We all need help once in a while. On this page you'll find some thank you messages RG has received. If you have been helped and sent in a thank you email to RG it may appear on this page too! Thank you for the answer! Here is what i … Read moreThank You

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