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Families can be so much fun! You know what they say "You can pick
your friends but family you're stuck with!

Here are some great tragic stories of families gone wrong and my
helpful efforts to correct these things.

My Brother Steals My Money Read

Revenge Guy,

I’m looking for a way to get revenge on my brother.

He is 19, and has stole 45 pounds from me.

I know it was him because I saw him put my wallet down, but I said
nothing so I could get revenge.

He has stolen money before and denied it, but this time I want to get
him back. I was thinking about taking something of his once a day and
hiding it, like a item of clothing, games, phone charger.. thanks!

Thanks for any tips,

Revenge JokerHi

I think what you need to is catch him in the act, in an undeniable way.

There are two ways to do this:

1. Buy some ultraviolet ink, the kind that only shows up under a
black light and start writing your name on the bills. When he takes it
and you confront him, with your parents there ( I am assuming the both
of you live with your parents, but no matter) shine the light on the

That should put an end to this.

2. If you have a copier/scanner/printer, photocopy a few bills and
leave them between a couple of fivers in your wallet. I’m sure he won’t
look to closely at them when he steals them and if he doesn’t notice the
fakes, well he’s busted.

If he does notice the fakes, will he tell you? Probably not. So he’s

That should put an end to this and more.

Good luck,

Out of Control Stepson

Revenge Guy,

My name is Sarah, I will not give last name for
confidentiality purposes.

I am the stepmom of an absolutely
obnoxious 14 year old boy. My husband and I have children from
previous relationships.

The child is completely against rules,
regulations, chores, and overall RESPECT.

For instance, we had Chili
for dinner the other night and after working all day long I came
home and said leftovers for dinner.

This was unacceptable to him and
wanted me to run right in and make him something else. I informed
him that he could go hungry..or eat leftovers. He threw a fit and

So after dinnertime, I went and did some things around
house, came out of my room to find that he had found (in a cabinet
of things he would never usually go in) a bag of cookies.

Brand new
bag that was hidden for a reason, because he will eat them and the
little kids will have none.

As I walked out of the bedroom he
crammed what was left of the cookies into his mouth. He ate the
WHOLE bag.

He refuses to do chores and wants to sit in his room
playing video games and watching tv..lucky for me the playstation is
broken right now…

When his father isn't around he is completely
disrespectful, rude to my kids and myself, and does whatever he

He waits for the opportunity to piss me off at every turn.
Lays around and takes remote from me or the other kids, watching
what he wants.. AND at 4:30 am he burst into our bedroom informing
us that the internet wasn't working and wanted to know
why!!!!!(Reason was I had taken the modem and hid it in my room
because it was a school nite and he wouldn't go to bed.)

I know that
revenge may not be the best answer but a little payback that won't
hurt him isn't so bad right? Please help!!! Our sanity depends on it!

Revenge JokerHi

Ever thought about a parenting course?

Seriously, you and your husband need to take control.

Strip the kid's bedroom off everything but the bed and covers.

He earns things back as chores get done.

He's only out of control because YOU do NOT have control. Get it?

The Bitch Won’t Stop


About 6 months ago my husband of 7yrs and two children and I were
staying with my brother after moving back to our hometown before
getting our own place.

A close friend of the family (P—-) offered to babysit for me one
day while I was out seeing some friends. While I was out, she and my
brothers girlfriend came up with a plan to steal a guy’s phone
number from my cell phone and tell my husband that I had been out
cheating on him with this guy.

My husband has never believed the rumor, but my brothers girlfriend
convinced my brother it was true and went on to say that I’d had
this guy over to my brothers house numerous times behind everyone’s
back and at P—-‘s house, which in turn got me thrown out of my
brothers house.

We quietly moved out and just left the ignorance behind us and
stopped seeing all our mutual friends so nothing more would come of
the problem.

That was 6 months ago and this girl P—-and my brothers girlfriend
are still spreading the rumor as if they had nothing better to do.
They have ruined my name to every mutual friend in common and cost
us friendships.

You would think it was over by now, my husband has never believed
the lies, but now his sister is being turned against me with threats
that P—- has a phone number that proves my cheating.

Of course the number was taken out of my cell phone with a name
attached, so yes if anyone calls the number its obvious that it goes
to who they say I’ve cheated with. I don’t know what to do…enough
is enough.

P—- is married with a 2yr old girl and works part time at a local
convenience store. Her husband isn’t the innocent man she thinks he
is, but I have no proof to say different. My brother’s girlfriend is
neither innocent herself. I need to get both these girls back
somehow that they wont know it was me. I want to ruin their
relationships as they have tried to ruin mine.
Please help, Sara

Revenge JokerHi

There are several ways to go about your revenge.

First off, if you know the name and number she is threatening to
call, have the guy call her with the threat of a lawsuit and follow
the call up with a registered letter to her home, repeating what was
said in the phone call:
– I understand you are telling people that I am having an affair
with Jenn, this is not true and you need to stop now. I have heard
this rumor from several people and will be contacting a lawyer about
suing you for libel.

Something like that, short and sweet. And do make sure you follow
through with the registered letter. Many revenge plans fall apart be
cause not all of the steps are completed or they are finished in the
wrong order.

The second method will be convincing her husband that she’s having
an affair. Using you can make a series of phone
calls and leave messages everywhere this person’s husband will find
the messages about missed dates, a good time last night, etc.

Simple and will get the point across eventually.

Best Wishes,

My Sister Makes Me Miserable

Revenge Guy,
Throughout my life, I have often been at odds with my

The reason is because every time she messes something up, she blames
it on me. For example, she once broke the cablebox on my tv and
blamed it on me.

Every time I try to defend myself and prove to my parents that i was
wrongfully blamed she works her "Damsel in distress card." What I
mean by this is that she always gets them to believe her lies by
crying, and then they feel sorry for her and comfort her for hours.
I just want to get her back for everything I have been blamed for,
and find some way to outsmart her act.

I refuse to start crying myself because I feel that kind of
treachery to be below me and I'm a terrible actress.
Thank you for your time,
The Good Sister

Revenge JokerHi
Good Sister,

Everyone has a cross to bear.

Turn nice to your sister… when she attempts to get you into
trouble play the "I don't care" card and let her cry herself into

Besides that there's not a hell of a lot you can do other than to
plan on ruining her wedding day, if any bloke would ever have her.

Sleep on it. Take comfort that your story is here for all to see.

And, for the heck of it, tell ugly guys that she secretly likes

Boyfriend Got Me Pregnant and His Family Hates Me

Revenge Guy,
I am a 23 year old woman and me and my boyfriend live in
the same neighborhood as his entire family!

I have lived there for two almost three years now.

His family disrespects me everyday, they took my cd player/radio
from my car.

They make up rumors all the time and tell my boyfriend to try to
ruin our relationship. I have ignored all these things because I'm
trying to get along with them and keep the peace.

I am now 6 months pregnant and they spread a rumor around that I
have been showing the kids in the family my boobs, giving them
alcohol, which I don't even own or buy, and I have slept several
times with a relative in the family, they are all lies!

Then they come over and act like they are not saying all these
things and they act like they are friends with us, I don't want to
see them on my porch or coming over anymore, I don't care to try to
get along anymore either.

I just want them to mind there own business like I always have! But
I know that this wont stop, I want revenge on all of them…….what
do you have in mind?

Hi Preggers,

No Revenge here, get your boyfriend to tell his family to back off,
shut up and/or get lost.

If he won't stand up for you now, you're fucked later. This is

And get a ring on your finger, maybe if you're married your new
in-laws will shut up because now you're part of the family.

Otherwise plan an escape plan because your wussy
boyfriend/impregnator has no spine and you'll have this fight for
the rest of your life, whether you're with him or not.
Just wait until he dumps you then they try to get custody because of
all these rumors and lies!

If he needs some balls, or ideas on what to say, have him email me.

Of course, you could always use
and have a "lawyer" talk to his parents on
the phone about a prenuptial agreement because you're secretly an
heiress and your family doesn't want him cashing in on your wealth.
That will change their attitude quickly!


Revenge Guy,

I had been with this guy for 7 1/2 years and he
came with a lot of baggage.

I have been helping him with his back
taxes, I helped him try to start up his own business, I helped him with
his traffic tickets and driver’s license, child custody, and pretty
anything that had paperwork.

He was unemployed for 3, almost 4 years,
and I supported him. Last week he decided to move in with his new
girlfriend who lives in a garage.

He won’t call me or talk to me or see me
or anything.

He hasn’t been able to get any more of his
stuff from me and he can not get into the house, the lease is in his
name. This came totally out of left field and it hurts even more because
he can’t/won’t face me.

I have had to learn all this from his boss
and friends. I want to hurt him, and her, so bad but I don’t know how to
go about it.

Revenge Joker

Hi Sue,
This guy used you in the
worst ways.
And I bet that he has a lot of secrets hidden in back closets that he’d
rather not have revealed.

Let’s start with his finances, specifically his taxes. I bet handling
that was a traumatic experience for him, right up until you bailed him
What if tax troubles were to happen all over again?

I’d get a friend to call him at work with a pre-written script telling
him that he’s under investigation again for tax fraud.
Pre-write the script to cover demand from the taxman, addresses and
times for appointments.
Possible fines if he doesn’t show up.
Set the appointment date for a couple of weeks in advance and let him
stew over it.
Call him at work so you know you’ll get him. Leave a message and when
you’ll call back if you don’t get him the first few times.
works great for this type of revenge!

You can do the same for credit card companies, banks, car loans,

Beat him into the ground with this and thank God that you’re done with
his cheating, lying ass.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I have been with the same wonderful girl for 8
years. We have a child together and I hope to marry her someday.

Recently I found some very pornographic
pictures that had been sent to her from a guy in Jacksonville, FL., that
she met online. I also found a bunch of nasty emails back and forth. I
then learned that they met at the beach and had a four day long

Well, even though we are seriously hurting
we have both decided to try and work it out for the sake of our
daughter. But what she doesn’t know is that I saved those pictures and
emails to backups. If I find out that he has contacted her again, I will
submit those pictures of him and his…. well…. you know…. to every
amateur and gay porn site on the net. I swear I will make his face known
to perverts and homosexuals all over the world. I wonder if that is a
bad thing to do… but somehow I just can’t bring myself to care.

Revenge Joker

Hi Bob,
Revenge is there to let
us get control back into our lives.
As long as you hold onto these pictures and emails you’ll never be over
what your girlfriend has done.
Marry her now, right away, and burn those pictures and emails as a sign
of faith in her.
Don’t let these thoughts of revenge corrupt you any longer.

(And if you can get the guy’s address, send him the pictures, no letter,
no return address, just the pictures.
On the back write like this: Copy2/5000 and on the others some other
numbers that also show it is a copy of several thousands of the
particular photo.)

But get counseling, get married, put revenge behind you and your
daughter and wife first.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy,

I thought I was over something but it just
reared its ugly head again and I realize I still have a need for

About 16 years ago I began visiting a
little girl who lived in the hospital. For a year I went every day to
visit her. Finally the day arrived when we had our home study from the
social worker so that we could go about adopting the little girl.

When the social worker came over she said
she had some bad news. She had received a phone call saying that my
husband was an animal abuser, a child abuser, a child molester and a

I was shocked. I was even more shocked to
find out that the call was from my little sister’s husband. Her husband
is XXX, from the XXX international family. He is a lawyer. He has a
history of drug abuse and has a brain damaged child because of it. I
suspect that is why he was trying to cause us trouble when we were
attempting to adopt our special needs daughter.

Anyway, the social worker approved us for
the adoption despite the phone call and 16 years later our daughter is
still doing wonderfully. But I never again heard from a single family
member since that phone call from XXX. The whole family rallied around
my sister and her husband, probably since he has all that money. For me,
it was like losing my family in a car wreck.

It took me a long time to get over the
blow. I was crushed. I was searching the internet and saw a picture of
my sister at a website and she looks great. She looks like she never did
an evil thing in her life. I raised that girl (my sister) and spoiled
her rotten. I know that the only thing my sister knows is how to hate
and she does it with a passion. That is why she never tried to resolve
this issue with me. I would love to come up with some kind of pointed
revenge that would show her how she broke my heart on that day.
Thanks, Alice

Revenge Joker


I think shoving it into their faces how a great mother
you’ve been and a wonderful child you raised will give you the pointed
revenge you seek.

I would great a wonderful photo album,
with articles and written comments about how the last 16 years have been
for you and your family.
Send it to them as a Christmas gift.
Heck, send one to all the family members that have left you alone all
these years.

Your revenge will be proving yourself as having a wonderful, faithful
family. Not the bunch of lying bastards that you were surrounded by so
long ago.

And since they’re a bunch of rich lawyers,
maybe some posters stuck around town offering a coupon for free legal
advice will keep them busy enough to not know they are ignoring you.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,

I am contacting you because recently my mother slept with her
boss and completely destroyed my dad.

Her boss is a total
douche bag who has had several sexual harassment lawsuits (all of
which settled out of court). He completely dogged my mom out and is
continuing to try and get her to sleep with him again! My dad found
out through a letter that she had thrown away. She was writing it to
herself on how to break it off with her boss. Dad just happened to
be burning trash and it fell on the ground.

Total shock after
37 years of marriage. Well we are taking numerous steps to make sure
that when the divorce happens she won’t get a whole lot if anything.
What we really need is a way to get back at this bastard. Besides
catching him outside his house with a bat. Everything I’ve seen on
the net is not severe enough for this scum bag. He owns the business
and is semi retired. I know he employs many illegal aliens but
always seems to get tipped off before raids. I want to make his life
as unpleasant as he made my father’s and mine.

By the way I’ve
spoken to this cock suckers wife personally. She seemed very
intrigued but then he talked his way out of it. I want this son of a
bitch bad!! Please help me or point me to someone who can!

Revenge JokerHi

Guy’s like that have never done what they did once. They
are serial perverts, adulterers and too many profane words for me to
use to describe how I feel about this type.

You need to get
some history on him, collect evidence of the harassments and then
get a lawyer and sure him for whatever you can.

Seriously, there
are legal professionals that can help you get the best revenge by
making this guy pay through the nose to all the women he has coerced
and assaulted.
Get the info and call a lawyer now!

For available
revenge, I’d start with a campaign of attacking his businesses.
Place posters all over the place offering high wages, paid cash
daily, and let him deal with the influx of eager workers.

You can also use
the SpoofCard service to make it seem like he’s under investigation
for whatever you think he’ll believe. Let him twist under the threat
of prosecution.

And starts ending
gifts to him, to his house, from his gay lover. Maybe his current
wife will come to her senses and kick the mutt out.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy


Dear Revenge Guy,

I have a newly bought PlaystationPortable.

My sister, for I
don’t know what reason, cut the wire on the charger so now I have no
way of using it.

She’s been pulling
stupid stunts like this and they’ve gone unpunished. I would love
some help.

Revenge JokerHi,
You need to talk with your parents.

Your sister is
obviously destructive and out of control.

Jealous rages
shouldn’t be tolerated or she’ll just get worse and likely hurts
little children and pets.

And hide your stuff better.
Get a foot locker and lock up your stuff.

Ask your parents
for help. And if they won’t, talk to another trusted adult.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

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