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What can I do about my roommate from hell?

Hi Revenge Guy,
Last year I moved in with a friend. We weren't close, but I'd known her through mutual friends for many years and we'd socialised a lot in the past.

Almost as soon as I moved in, we started receiving final demands for the gas, electricity and water, which she hid from me, behind the sofa, but I soon found them. It turned out she hadn't paid any bills for several months. She refused to do anything about it, so I spent weeks stressed out, paying all the bills myself and begging the companies to not cut us off. She paid half the bills, but should have paid all, as they were from before I moved in.

After that was sorted, we got a final demand for the rent - I'd paid her my half a month ago, and she was supposed to pay the full amount to the landlord but she didn't - she just spent it instead.

I should have moved out once that was sorted but I stupidly stayed, thinking it would get better. Aside from her constantly "forgetting" to pay her half of the bills and rent, she was filthy.

When I moved in the rubbish bins in every room were overflowing, and rubbish was piled up on the floor. Neither the kitchen nor the bathroom had been cleaned in a very long time. I tried to set up a rota, but she wouldn't agree to it. In the year and three months I lived there, she cleaned the bathroom twice, after much begging from me, but she cleaned it with water and bits of tissue paper which she left all over the room, so I had to clean it again anyway. She never cleaned the kitchen, or did the dusting or vaccuming. She never cleaned up after she cooked, just left pots and pans everywhere going mouldy, and sauces and stains splashed all over the walls. I regularly had to empty out the cupboards and fridge of food she'd left in there to go mouldy. She lost the keys to the flat but wouldn't pay to have the locks changed, so we worried about being burgled or attacked.

When anything went wrong, I had to deal with it with the letting agents. When our boiler broke in December she simply went to stay with her boyfriend when I spent five days in the flat in the freezing cold, on the phone to the letting agents and landlords trying to arrange to get it fixed. When the waste disposal was blocked just before I went for a work trip to Australia I left her the number to call to arrange a time with the workman - instead I got woken up at 5am on the other side of the world with a phone call from the letting agents wondering if the problem was fixed, as no one had called to arrange a time.

The main problem though was her bedroom. To say she was dirty, or a hoarder would be an understatement. Rubbish was piled from floor to halfway up the walls. You couldn't see the carpet at all. There was rotting food everywhere, and all of my crockery and cutlery ended up in there. She didn't have a bed but slept on a mattress in the corner piled high with letters, books, used plates and rotting food. At first it wasn't a problem - it was her room after all - but the stench after a few months was phenomenal.

She wouldn't do anything about it though - even after the landlord found out. When workmen came to repair the boiler they took photos of her room to the letting agent, who sent them to the landlord, who promptly evicted us. Even though I'd done nothing wrong, it was a joint tenancy, so I lost my home. I was devastated.

We had two months notice, but flatmate simply disappeared and ceased speaking to me or paying rent (eventually the letting agent got her to pay up). When our moving day arrived she hadn't removed ANYTHING from her room. We lost a huge chunk of our joint deposit as a fine for not being ready to move out on time. The rest was eaten up by the cost to the landlord of hiring removal men, cleaners, fumigators etc.

My flatmate screwed me out of a lot of money, but it's not that I care about - it's that she made more than a year of my life a living hell and got me kicked out of the home that I had come to love, despite the problems I had with her. She's never ever apologised and just carried on like normal, never ever mentioning to anyone what happened - she even told a few people I'd had her kicked out.

i've cried and cried over this, and the stress of trying to find a new flat amid the 3 month battle to get her stuff cleared out and get ANY of my deposit back was too much, and I find myself stuck living with my parents.

We were kicked out eventually in March of this year, just before my birthday. I want revenge on her because I can't move on when I have had my life ruined, lost money, been forced to live with my parents and she hasn't apologised or suffered any consequences at all. I just want her to know what it feels like to have your whole world fall apart at the seams.

I know her new address, work address, mobile number and email, but don't know how to exact revenge, so hope you can help. I have pictures of her filthy bedroom, I'd like to get her kicked out of her new place, but I think she's living in a friend's spare room, not a rented property so there's no landlord to take the photos to. I tried to get the photos and my story in a national magazine, but they wouldn't print it without a comment from her, and she wouldn't talk to them.
Please help.


Revenge JokerHi Wronged,
Let's start off with "I'd love a few photos to share with the people that visit my site!" so email me a few.

And I'll try not to mention that you put up with her delinquency for 14 months more than anyone should have. (Any sane person would have run after the first month!)

There will be no doubt about the pictures authenticity or the identity of who took them but I'm sure that's not a real concern of yours at this moment, so might I suggest maybe creating a Pinterest page for the hell-hole you lived in with her?

Or maybe a tumblr of your experience to easily allow others to add their comments?

Maybe you just want to embarrass her more than get painful, unforgiving revenge (online is forever after all), so maybe just mail some photos of her bad habitat habits to her parents...

The choice is yours.

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