Revenge Against The Other Woman

The Revenge Guy
Against The Other Woman By
The Revenge Guy

I get this question a lot, but am perplexed by them, usually. Like,
seriously, HE cheated on YOU and you want to KEEP him?

I'd have a few other things to say about that… but for now, here's
how you can get revenge on "the other woman", the girl your husband or
boyfriend cheated on you with.

She Thinks She's His Wife

Revenge Guy,

Like many of your readers, I have never even thought about revenge
before. But there is one particular slut who needs to pay for her

Please help with me ideas. I want to hit her as HARD as I can
without breaking the law, and I'll have help from a few friends too.

Here's the background:
She worked with my husband for a year at an addiction recovery
hospital (she works in HR, him on web design) … our marriage
wasn't doing well … they became friends..yadada – They had an
affair. He was fired, supposedly for reasons having nothing to do
with the affair (while it was going on). A couple of people at the
office knew. She was also engaged at the time, and sleeping with one
of her ex's while she was with my husband.

My husband and I decided to work out our marriage and he has done
everything he can possibly do to make up for his lapse in judgment,
he told me everything and wanted things with the slut to be over.
They were only more than friends for 3 weeks.

When he tried to beak it off via the phone, she refused to accept
and even a few more calls later to tell her it was over, was still
texting and calling (even when she knew he was with me), even
calling our house and demanding to talk to me. She completely acted
as if I was the other woman! She was demanding to meet with him in
person. She even had her fiend text my husband saying 'How could you
do this to my friend! I didnt think you were that kind of guy!'.

Eventually, our marriage counselor even conceded that if my
husband had no feelings for her, that it would be a not-bad idea for
him to just meet with her in person and tell her face to face, and
get it over with. She told him she could meet him at a certain time
at one of the casino cafe's on the strip (we live in Vegas and this
is very common to meet up on the strip, so I was ok with it). When
he got there, she manipulated him up to a suite she had rented ('I
wont stop calling if you dont come up with me') He tied to leave
several times but eventually she gabbed him and stripped down to
some lingerie and seduced him. They had never had sex before that
night. She knew it was over, she just tried to dive a wedge between
him and me (it didnt work). She planned everything from the time,
the place, the room, and the lingerie!

Then she tried to say she was pregnant…she's not, btw. And she
faked a couple trips to the ER to try and guilt him into seeing her.
It's been 5 months and she still texts him and holds the position
that he is a horrible person for not leaving his wife of 7 years!

I cant get over her audaciously desperate and slutty tactics. I
want to hit her at her job, her reputation, her pocketbook, her
relationships…everywhere I can. All I know about her is her name,
address, phone, workplace, where she went to school, her car and
whatever is on her facebook. Unfortunately no email and no SSN. I
also have her fiancé's phone number. Can I get her fired since they
started this affair there? I know her career is very important to
her, she lives with her mom (ya, she's young), her dad died. That's
about it. I know she is a miserable person in an unhappy life but
attitude that she was in and I was out, even when he was telling her
that the whole thing was a huge mistake, is unforgivable.

Thank you so much for you time and thought!!!
Upset in LV

Revenge JokerHi

I'd have shot your husband if I was you… seduced him up to a suite
and had sex with him against his will… Fuck me but I've heard a
lot of tales but that is the tallest!!

Anyways, you want him, you got him, warts and all.

As for the broad… start a campaign of phone calls to her work
using ,
it's untraceable, and you can spoof (change) the caller id to
anything you want, get your friends to help. A few dozen calls, with
lots of weird messages should do it.

And do the same for her fiancé, call him, leaving messages from
other guys for him to relay to her, mess them up good.

For Facebook?
Start a new account and use a different computer than home or work.
Post to her account as if you're a lean, hungry, horny hunk in her
town. Set up the account and all that, pictures too, with what you
can scrounge up.

Get her attracted to this mystery guy and set up dates with
her… never show up, but offer excuses why you couldn't be there,
set up more dates… during the day, a working day for her, lunch
times, etc.

Keep her hooked and on the run for this hot guy!

I hope this gets you started!

I hope this helps,

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