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Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy, 

So glad I found your site! 

The advice you give is both thoughtful and imaginative. I’d never thought I’d be the type of lady seeking revenge on anyone as I just always turned the other cheek and let bygones be bygones. 

This was just too much for me to get over. 

I met a guy who lives in another country after awhile of talking via emails, where he was very witty, kind and just amazing to talk to, we graduated to talking over the phone. I had been in an extremely difficult relationship at home and was very vulnerable to the kindness and companionship of a nice man. 

This man wooed me with songs and poems and long chats. I thought he was the one, I was faithful to him even though we lived miles and miles apart. He told me he was facing eviction, couldn’t buy groceries, had his car towed all of the usual stuff one says to a lady who thinks she’s in love to squire money from her. 

Well, me and my big Italian heart, I gave him I’m embarrassed to say how much. As time went on, he became less and less kind and would insist I call him only at certain times and he would only call me at certain times. 

I realized a bit too late that he had many other phone “loves” whom he was speaking to for the sole purpose of having them fall in love so that he could “set them up” for his poor me stories. 

I’ve never felt what it was like to be in love and so I really cherished this man only to learn I was being fed lines and being strung along for almost 5 years! Yes, you read that correctly I was stupid for that long! I’m so hurt and humiliated. 

I did this to myself and I could live with that but God knows how many other poor vulnerable women he’s done this to and is doing this to. I became very ill in March from the stress of this. I’m just now feeling a bit like myself again but I still burst into tears from time to time. As I ‘m still in a hard position in my home life and I have no one to share this with or talk to. I’m glad I found your website. 

At the very least, it gave me someone to tell my story to. I would love to know how to make this person feel the same pain and humiliation he put me through, taking my money, my time, my love. 

How does one get revenge on a person who lives in another country? Please advise. This is the first time, I have written about this. 

Thank you so much for giving people a place to come to for advice, to share and to get their heart aches off their chest. 

The Revenge GuyHi, 

I’m sorry to say but you’ve been had by a professional online dating scammer. Unfortunately, in the world we live in now, this happens all too often. 

My rule is that “if you can’t smell them it’s not love”. The only way you can get even with this person is to expose them for what they did to you. 

Yes, it may be embarrassing but you already know you’re not the only one he’s scamming. If you don’t want to go to the police the minimum you should do is open a Gmail account to post your story and his details including name, email address and the stories he told you. 

You will feel better by sharing your story (again, anonymously) and his details will be out there to be found by others that may find out before what happened to you happens to them. 

Best wishes, RG

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