Birthday Party Revenge

Birthday Revenge From The Revenge Guy Need a little help getting even on someone's birthday that has done you wrong? Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what you need to help you get even and regain your stature as an important person. Dear RG, It’s my friends 17th birthday and me … Read more Birthday Party Revenge

Revenge Guy Gets Bad Bosses

The Revenge Guy Gets Even With Bad Bosses We all have to work, right? And we all do our jobs great, with much professionalism, right? So why does our ignorant, piss-ant, blowhard of a boss pick on us so much? He should know who's really keeping this place together, right? This is the place for … Read more Revenge Guy Gets Bad Bosses

Dealing With Gossipers and Backstabbers

RG says: Seriously, EVERYONE gossips? I don't. It's bad, very bad. I don't have ways to stop gossip. Once the "cat is out of the bag" everyone tells a different story and so it goes and grows. To prevent gossip, don't gossip. To end gossip, confront those that know the false story and tell the … Read more Dealing With Gossipers and Backstabbers

April Fool’s Day Pranks

Here are some of RG's favorite fast and easy revenge ideas (great for April Fools): – Clear plastic wrap on the toilet seat (works great first thing in the morning) – Transparent tape on the bottom of the computer mouse (works equally well with ball and optical mice) – Faked credit card bills, quite easily … Read more April Fool’s Day Pranks

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