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Need a little help getting even with a group that has done you wrong?

Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what you need
to help you get even and regain your stature as an important person.

Dear Revenge Guy,
I work at a kennel club in Florida.

Me and my two buddies are always
in conflict with other guys in the job even though were just joking

But today they put one of my buddies in a dog cage and
closed him in. There was nothing i could do there was five of them.

What can me and my two friends do to get them all back individually
or together?

Revenge JokerHi,
That’s a tough request, group revenge is dangerous.
But what I’d do is get your guys together and chip in for a pizza

Cook the pizza up yourself with some ‘special’ toppings and have it
dropped off by someone you know for the leader of these guys as a
thank you from an appreciative customer.

They’ll love lording the special treatment over you and you’ll get
your revenge.

Don’t worry about them sharing, they won’t.
"Donuts refilled with raisins works well too".
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,
ok here’s what happened.

On Halloween night i went to a party and
only 3 people knew where i was and my friends dropped me off cuz
they didn’t want me to drive in case i drank.

So i called my friend
like 2 hours later, and she came and picked me up w/ my room mate as
well and up to this point no one knew if i drank or not.

When they
picked me up they knew i had a few drinks, just enough to get a lil

When we got back to our dorm my RA asked me where i was and if
i was drinking and i said i hadn’t, then a few minutes later she
asked me again and said that someone had said i was drinking, which
was weird cuz the only people who knew hadn’t been out of my sight
since they picked me up, and she wouldn’t tell me who it was.

she called the RD up and she had the cops come up and gave me a breathalyzer, and of course they found a little bit of alcohol in my
system. So i got into a lot of trouble cuz of it.

The next day i
find out that one of my supposedly good friends had told on me,
because she thought it was the right thing to do, when she didn’t
even know for sure if i had been drinking she just assumed i was
because she heard that i was at a party.

When she finally talked to
me she said she wasn’t sorry and it was good for me. How would that
be good for me. So i want payback real bad, she needs to feel how
bad she hurt me. so if you have any good suggestions please let me
know. thanx, kat

Revenge JokerHi Kat,
Well, it sounds to me that your friend is concerned with your
drinking and your behavior of expecting to be above the rules that
everyone else must live by. Right?

Did you learn a lesson?

Well, now it’s time to get even and this is how you’ll do it: Pass
out holiday cards from your ‘friend’ to some of the scariest people
around. Let them think that she’s after these guys (or even girls).

You’ll have some holiday cheer and she’ll have a week she’ll never
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Get Revenge On Bullies

The Revenge GuyThe
Revenge Guy Deals With Bullies

Bully bugging the crap out of you? There will always be jerks like
that in your life. But you can take back control if you know how.

The thing about adolescence and teen life is that these young people
don't have the tools to properly communicate what they want or need. So
they turn to aggressive behavior to try to 'force' their point of view
on another.

Generally these things can be sorted out through counselling of the
bully at a young age so they have a firmer grip on their own lives
rather than trying to tear others down.

Usually I don't give revenge advice to people under 18. Kids tend to
act and react emotionally instead of logically and I don't want to be
the cause of bad acts for youngsters to be thinking of. There are tools
in place to deal with school bullies, use them. Read on… 

Revenge Guy

I’ve been friends
with this kid since we were both in grade school, I’m now a high
school Senior and he’s going into 11th grade.

It’s along story into why this all happened but it mostly has to do
with 2 girls in which I was in a relationship with (at different
times of course). In both relationships he manage to say bad things
and ruin my relationships with both girls.

Anyways, one day about a week after the second relationship was over
he calls me and threatens me. I ignore the threat and go to my
friend’s house. About 2 hours later he breaks into my friend’s house
and beats me until the point I was put in the hospital.

This also isn’t the first time he’s done this, he’s also beat two
kids by breaking into their house and beat them too.

Anyways, the authorities were already involved and all he got was 3
months probation, while I was left with a minor face fractures and
and 2 black eyes a swollen lip and bruised ribs. And then he
continue to humiliates me about it behind my back since I avoid
contact with him.

Also the whole time he was beating me he was saying comments to try
and break me down by making fun of my family members friends and
even ex-girlfriends and anything to try and get in my head. What can
I do to get even with him, please help!

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi,
Keep him off your friend list and let him rot in the hell he’s
creating for himself.
Once you’re out of school, he’ll find that he doesn’t even have an
enemy (you) to harass anymore, let alone any friends.

"Time wounds all heels."

Are your parents aware that they can sue him
for the medical bills and if he isn’t an adult then your parents can
sue his parents? Talk to a lawyer!

My revenge advice is to leave him to his own self-destruction.
Trust me.

But keep a journal of all the kids he’s gone after. Keep in touch
with them. Write everything down.

This will come in handy when the police are involved again.
Stretch this jackass’s criminal record as far as needed.

And don’t be fearful for going for an order of restraint against
him. The police can help you here.

Don’t live your life in fear.
But leave the psychos to their own destruction.

I don’t like to give revenge advice for kids at
your age or younger but there are authorities in place to correct
ass-wipes like this one. See to it that they are informed.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy

I’m a senior in high
school and there is this guy who will not leave me alone.

He’s new to my school but acts as if he owns the place.

In classes that we are in together he is constantly mocking me
teasing me and making mean and cruel comments. I’m tired of verbal
arguing as we are constantly doing so.

I need to end this, I have many friends who would be happy to kick
his ass but I think that would be to easy and I don’t want anyone to
get in trouble.

I don’t want to hurt him in any way except emotionally and I want
him to have an idea that it was me but no proof. Something
publically embarrassing would work. I do not know his phone number
or where he lives I only see him at school.
Please help.

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi

Kiddo, there are ways to deal with jerks and there are ways to
protect yourself from jerks.

Bullies like this kid really
are seeking attention at the expense of someone else and you are his

Stand up for yourself. Don’t
let him egg you on. And the next time he comes real close to you
just whisper in his ear "Nobody here likes you" and walk away.

Fear of belong alone and an
outsider is what scares kids like this. That is how you affect him
emotionally. Have your friends help too. Just don’t gang up on him,
because then all you are doing is becoming the bully yourself.

No revenge help here other
than that.

Talk to your parents and a trusted teacher about this kids bullying.
You don’t need revenge here, you need help to deal with a jerk.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy

I’ve just found this
site and I decided to try sending you a message as I thought you
could help my situation out a bit.

There’s this kid at school and he acts like a total ass to everyone,
he keeps like one friend at a time because a lot of people seriously
hate him. Everyone I hang out with hates him and they help me out
with him as much as they can but it seems he’s only out to get me,
no he "is" only out to get me.

He does stupid things like throwing stuff at my head in class and
bad mouthing me behind my back, not many people believe him but it
makes me hate him all the more. Just today him and his one or 2
friends at the time found an abandoned flip flop out in some field
and they would run by hit me on the head with it and run away. I
decided that would be the last straw.

You’re problem wondering why I don’t just beat him up right? Well
I’m far from a nerd and I’m not very heavy, he’s basically a fat
guy, the ones that can’t play sports for shit but it’s hard to tell
how strong they are, plus if I fought him he would bring his gay

I need some ideas of things I can do to this bastard anonymously so
he doesn’t react. I want something that he wont soon forget. I need
something (or many things) that will teach this bastard a lesson.
Thanks for reading,

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi

I can’t help you….
This is something that you need to talk to your parents about, and
the teachers… maybe a teacher that you like.

Kids are nasty but as long as you react then this stupid kid will
keep doing what he can to annoy you.
Show him he’s not successful at it and he’ll turn his attentions to
another kid.

Better yet, form a club with your friends and the rule is to ignore
this kid…
That’s the best…
But really, talk to your parents.
No one should be subjected to harassment at school.

I hate to be the one to say
this (after all, I am the Revenge Guy) but school can be tough. And
the asses that strive hard for attention by tearing someone else
down to build themselves up will always be around. Learning how to
deal with this now is an important life lesson that you’ll always
have and likely will need to use again and again.

Dealing with this
personality type requires force and inner strength. Striking back
does not help. Getting a gang together against this kid does not

Again, talk to your teachers
and your parents… this evil kid needs psychiatric help.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Revenge Guy

First, let me thank
you and anoint you as a true herald of supremacy, your work is

Second allow me to ask your advice………..

So there is this rude repulsive girl in my class, who is rude to
anything that moves, even the teacher, well anyways, she happened to
openly mock me in front of class and continued to do it for an
extended amount of time, but nobody said or says anything.

I even continued to be polite to her through it all and put on a
fake smile whenever she walked by, but then the smile turned into a
sneer. She continued to harass me and was getting worse with
everyone else. It was the last straw when she said something about
my best friend. I then got so angry that right before she opened her
mouth I gave her a taste of her own medicine and made her look like
an idiot.

This wasn’t satisfying enough because she still continued. My latest
ploy was to put up "Lost Dog Signs" up all over campus with her
picture on it saying, "If found please call the Foundation for Ugly
Pets of America at….."

But then I realized that I might get into some trouble, I would like
to know if there are any ways you can show me to get revenge without
being found out.
Thank You So Much,

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingHi

Just ignore this little bitchy child.

These assholes always burn themselves out.

Although I would start an official “What’s-her-name Hater Club” and
invite the rest of the class to join.

But seriously, stand taller
than she does. Because she can get a reaction from you she will
continue doing what she does.

Don’t react any more. Just
write down what she does to you and take it to the teacher or the

Kids like this have severe
emotional issues (or she just really likes you and is trying to get
your attention) and are better left to professionals that can help
with these emotionally disturbed cases.

I’m glad that you stopped
when you did, although it would have been funny to see, so relax.
Life will get a lot harder yet, once you’re out of school and the
tools you learn now are the tools that will help you get by later.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

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