Upstairs Neighbors Smell Like Booze and Pot

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
I need help with noisy neighbors. I have lived in a basement apartment for 6 years and have had no complaints until 3 weeks ago where 2 young men moved in above me and they make alot of loud noise, music partying banging stomping and they do drugs because the hallway smells like alcohol and pot.
They make all kinds of noise from 12 am to 7 am and I first spoke to the guy nicely and had a very nice conversation which this lasted a week until the whole thing started again and now it is much.
I have complained to my landlord who knows very much what is happening since the landlord lives right above them and has admitted to me they hear and smell everything and they say they have spoken to them numerous times. I want to move but can’t afford to and I don’t want a violent confrontation with these guys as i am single female Please advise what i should do?
When i told my landlord i am considering moving they were upset and told me they didnt want me to move and i told them i cannot live like this for i do have a epileptic condition which requires i get proper sleep.

The Revenge GuyDear Di,
I find it very hard to understand why your landlords would let all of this happen right underneath them, and above you. It’s disgusting, that’s what it is.
Tell your landlords that you will start calling the police for the illegal activities and well as your local housing authority about the situation.
You have every reason to break your lease but you may also have other violations against your privacy that a lawyer can tell you about.
And use the video feature of your cell phone and record all the noise and such that happens including any future confrontations with these bums upstairs. No matter what happens you deserve to not only feel safe but to be safe.

Summertime and the Neighbors are Having a Party

One of the biggest complaints I receive, once the weather is warm and we’re getting ourselves out into the sunshine with the long, dog days of summer, is those damn neighbors with their weekend parties when all I want to do is sleep because I have to work!
Yes, you can complain, you can call the cops, you can rouse your other neighbors into a violent mob and break down that ungrateful bastard’s door and tell him what to do with his damn weekend parties… but I have a better idea.
(Actually I have a lot of great ideas, but here’s one for now.)
Give the guy a gift. Make nice with him. Give them these winning lottery tickets. Put them in an envelope with a nice generic note about whatever the celebration might be and wish them well.
Just don’t add your name or be seen dropping the envelope off. LOL

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