Summertime and the Neighbors are Having a Party

The Revenge Guy
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One of the biggest complaints I receive, once the weather is warm and we’re getting ourselves out into the sunshine with the long, dog days of summer, is those damn neighbors with their weekend parties when all I want to do is sleep because I have to work! 

Yes, you can complain, you can call the cops, you can rouse your other neighbors into a violent mob and break down that ungrateful bastard’s door and tell him what to do with his damn weekend parties… but I have a better idea. 

(Actually I have a lot of great ideas, but here’s one for now.) 

Give the guy a gift. Make nice with him. Give them these winning lottery tickets. 

Put them in an envelope with a nice generic note about whatever the celebration might be and wish them well. 

Just don’t add your name or be seen dropping the envelope off.