Evil Genius

Dear Revenge Guy, I need help getting revenge on my guardian. Here is my story… Every time I wake up and get ready to go to school on April Fools’ Day, and she gets me every time. Plus, I will be needing some ideas that are easy to get away with, using props from inside … Read moreEvil Genius

The Perfect Prank and Other Stories: Free Ebook

I’ve found a great free ebook for you to read. If you like the Revenge Guy You’ll love “The Perfect Prank and Other Stories” by Jim O’Brien. 7 stories of fun pranks being planned and carried out by people of all ages. I really enjoyed it! Download the free ebook here.

April Fool’s Day Pranks

Here are some of RG's favorite fast and easy revenge ideas (great for April Fools): – Clear plastic wrap on the toilet seat (works great first thing in the morning) – Transparent tape on the bottom of the computer mouse (works equally well with ball and optical mice) – Faked credit card bills, quite easily … Read moreApril Fool’s Day Pranks

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