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My Ex Destroyed My Relationship with My Son

Father and son smiling at camera
How do I get even with my ex that ruined my relationship with my son?
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Please note, names have been changed in this post to preserve confidentiality.

Dear Revenge GuyDear Revenge Guy,
My ex destroyed my relationship with my son because the women I was now with was pregnant and my ex wanted another baby. As well, so out of spite, she called children’s aid and that made it so supervised visits with my boy she then moved because she knew that I would serve her for court but can’t with no address, and if I did it, where I was seeing my boy, aged 4, only 2 hours a month, I would loss those visits completely. So, for 5 years I did what I had to do: parenting classes CPR, applied for disability support but could not find an address.

My boy went from 3, 2, 5 days a week time with dad. Now my boy’s older and can read everything.

He is upset but I just found out that her boyfriend doesn’t know if he is the daughter’s father and may not even be his child. My ex slept with a guy named Bob, he lived on the top floor of the apartment my ex lived in. This was one more reason why my ex moved.

I want to have voice calls to his phone pretending to be Bob wanting to find out if he is her daddy or if my ex’s man is my ex’s. Name is Sue in Canada.

She is cunning, but as a father any man has the right to know if he is not raising his own child. This needs to be a type of fraud because the woman should know who been up inside her. Hope you can help me and my boy.
Thanks, M 

The Revenge Guy

Hi M,
That’s quite the story of getting screwed over by your ex and having your time with your son limited by your ex.

Let me break down your story so I can be certain I understand your story and request better:

  • You (Man 1) and your now ex (Woman 1) have a son (Child 1) together
  • You broke up with her and are now with another woman (Woman 2) that is pregnant.
  • Your ex (Woman 1) wanted to have another child and because she’s jealous of your two kids (Child 1 and 2), she called Children’s Aid on you and their investigation ended up with you having only supervised visits with your son (Child 1)
  • Your ex (Woman 1) moved and didn’t give you her address so you couldn’t serve her with court papers to get your visitation rights changed
  • During this time, you took several classes to improve your parenting skills in the hopes that it will look better for you the next time you go to court to have your visitation rights changed
  • It’s now several years later, your son (Child 1) is starting to understand the dynamics between you and your ex (Woman 1) and he is upset with how things are
  • You suspect that your ex’s boyfriend (Man 2) may not be the father of the ex’s (Woman 1) second child (Child 2), it may be some guy names Bob (Man 2).

So, this all boils down to you want someone to call the ex (Woman 1) while pretending to be Bob (Man 2) and find out if he (Bob) knows that he is not the father of Child 2 that this Woman 1 had. And, this woman that had Child 2, let’s call her Sue, is lying to her boyfriend Bob (Man 2) because she says he’s the father of Child 2, and you don’t think he is.
When Sue is revealed to have slept around on Bob, your revenge will be complete.

If you’re just looking for phone calls to be made, there are quite a few ways to get this done.
You can use a service like Spoof Card, to change your phone number and voice and even record the call.

Or you can go on Fivver and hire someone to make the call for you, just be certain you’re upfront with the Fiver person so they know why you’re hiring them.

The best way would be to hire a private investigator and get DNA samples tested on the Woman 2, Child 2 and Man 2 so you have proof positive of who is the father of whom.

Or you could just send him, Man 2, a letter saying you’re the father of Child 2, and let the sparks fly.

Good luck!
The Revenge Guy

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