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The Revenge Guy

Need a little help getting even with a bad boss that keeps harassing you at work?

Most of the time you need to get legal help but any advice here is good advice!

Hello Mr. Revenge Guy,
I was working in this job with one of the big-4 accounting firms which I quit over 6 months ago. However, the hatred for my former boss still courses through my veins, and I just know I need revenge
to feel better.

The story is this: I started working there last year under the supervision of this guy who makes a big point of being religious. The job is not the usual accounting stuff but writing consulting reports which require a lot of specialization, extreme competence in writing, and long years of education to perform. Needless to say, this asshole has none of these, nor the intelligence to fake it. What he does have, however, is authority which he likes to abuse. . . often.

A few weeks after I started working there I had to go to Europe with him. OK. So we go, and part of the trip was to take the TGV (the 300mile/hr train). Anyway, we get back to the home country, and I find they docked my pay for the trip. WTF! So I ask him about it, and he says I had to submit the ticket to accounting. "But YOU had the tickets" I tell him. He basically tells me to f-ck off. When I refuse to let it go (it’s like 150$) he sends me on this wild goose chase of getting signatures from guy A and guy B etc etc. Finally, I do manage to locate my ticket– he submitted it as HIS expense.

A few weeks later my wife was really sick. I had to have family come from all over to help, but there’s a limit to what you can ask, and when at 6:30pm I would ask to leave (I would be in the office since 8:30am), he would refuse–"work it out" he said.

Then the work load got really hard– he would keep us in the office for days and nights, for nothing– we’re not blue collar workers, you can’t write reports at 2 am, it just doesn’t happen. As it happens, he didn’t know enough to read the stuff, so the only indicator he had of productivity was the hours.

There are also the times he called me a liar, the time he yelled at me until I told him my email password (illegal, by the way), the way he would kiss up to me when he realized he can’t do a task without me– only to become a total ass the next minute.

Also the pettiness, the sheer stupidity of the guy. . . enough to make you sick. . . especially when you realize the guy’s only talent is kissing the ass of HIS boss.

Needless to say, my marriage suffered for it, and I finally quit. The last day, he insisted on searching my computer for "files I stole".
I want revenge. Hard, painful revenge.
Pleez help.
Out For Blood.

Revenge JokerHi OFB,
Revenge on the “world’s worst boss” usually culminates in the person being publicly castigated on the job.

Had you still worked there I would have suggested documenting the things you do and then reporting your boss to his boss for an explanation of these workplace bully tactics.

But since you no longer worth there this isn’t going to happen and/or won’t carry much weight form a disgruntled ex-employee.

What I do suggest is take the time to:
1) Talk to a lawyer that specializes in workplace ethics (there could be a lawsuit and some cash in there for you!), and
2) I’d start sending small gifts to the office for this horrible man. Pictures of naked men, cakes with porn on the icing, flowers seemingly from other men. And for the heck of it, flowers or something with his bosses name on it. Let the real fun begin!

As a basic rule of life there will always be bad bosses. And there are a number of websites that help to deal with this issue in a way that we call all manage to cope:

The most important thing is to remember that you left on your own, that your value as an employee and a person should not have to be compromised by the idiots that sometimes are in charge.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Hello Mr. Revenge Guy,

I’m not quite sure how to start this because I have so much to say and don’t know how to say it. I don’t know what else to do about my predicament and its starting to take a toll on me. I could really use some advice before I do something stupid, like quit my job for one. I work at a restaurant and been there for 5 years.

To make a long story short the manager has a problem with me (as an employee). I’m not sure why either because I do a great job and what is asked of me and then some. I’m just sick of the way he treats me in front of customers, trash talks me to employees and how he respects (or the lack there of) me differently. (He has his favorites and you can see it.) I try to stick up for myself (because that’s me, I don’t take crap) and to him its giving him attitude. He just straight up sucks as a manager and is all about pinching the penny. Although whenever he feels it convenient to joke around, he will "brush" past and touch my breast or tell me how much he wants to bang one of the other employees.

I want to tell the owner what all he does as his manager, but then it will make me look like a tattletail. How do I go about getting back at him and still keep my job and the respect from the owner. I want him to have a taste of his own medicine and change his ways or the owner wises up and fires his ass.
Thank You,
Girl who has had her last straw

Revenge JokerHi Girl,
There is a legal thing called "Sexual Harassment" and that is what is happening here. Start a journal and write down every incident, every rude remark, every touch.

Include dates, times, people working, witnesses, everything. Use a hidden micro-recorder to record him talking to you. Then go to the owner and see a lawyer. Don’t let this creep keep using you for his amusement!

Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,
I need your help.

Myself and 4 other co-workers were laid off from work about a month ago. What happened was our new boss was sleeping with a colleague (both are married with kids) and he was staying late drinking at night with his "favorites" at the company.

This is a hospitality type facility so he was drinking up the companies profits for free of course. He is also the most sarcastic person. For instance, you ask him a question he gives you a smart ass answer. He has ZERO management skills.

So… after 10 employees write letters to the owner of the company complaining about this "man" our corporate human resources person came in to interview everyone. We thought this was a good thing and something would be done.

Well… fast forward to a month after that we are all laid off from the company. Our letters stated "lack of work". If you have no moral standards and are "buddies" with this idiot your going to move up fast within this company.

For instance, he hired this guy who has no hospitality experience to be the restaurant manager. Now they’re best buddies and this guy has been promoted to the food and beverage director. The 5 of us who were laid off have over 50 years of hospitality experience between us… and this dumb a** gets to stay and gets promoted.

Please help revenge guy…. do I contact this dude’s wife about the affair he had? He used to text message the girl he was having an affair with ALL the time… explicit text messages. Is there anything I can do with that. I just can’t wait for Karma to get him…I want him to go down NOW! Thanks for your help and I love the website!!

Revenge Joker

Hi Pissed,
I wouldn’t make the call… not straight like that.
I’d use a phone service to phone the wife and ask her if she received the flowers that her husband had purchased and was delivered to her (actually the other woman’s) address.

A call from his cell phone service saying he is over his text message limit, this is a courtesy call, did he want to
look at other plans that could save him money?

Other calls like that will raise the wife’s suspicions… help her to figure out that he’s cheating without saying it out loud.
Much more fun…. And a bigger fall for that ass of a boss.

I’m sure the ten of you can brain storm even more ideas of calls to make.

And talk to an employment lawyer, can you sue the company that fired all of you?
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,

My annual performance bonus depends on key performance indicators (kpis).

My boss lists my kpis as his and receives full bonus when I achieve them ….. but gives me a hard time about receiving any bonus at all.

How do I shaft him?

Revenge JokerHi,
The workplace can be a brutal place… is there not an HR (Human Resources) that you can complain to?

Keep records of his malfeasance and then anonymously send it to the big
boss… that’s what I’d do… and have any co-workers team up with you to create an accurate report of this tyrant’s behavior.

Place a call to the big boss, pretending to be your boss (change the caller ID to say his name) and just ream him out.

Then let the cards fall where they may.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,

I am a PM kitchen manager at a restaurant and I have a problem.

There are 3 people that work the morning shift and all day they talk shit and hate on me, I think, its cause there jealous of me, but they’ll try to make me look bad, piss me off, and annoy me.

 think they are trying to run me out, I’m not going anywhere though. But I get pissed off everyday when I get there.

I’ve been there 8 years and I’ve earned my position, they wish they had my job, but in all reality it sux, one day off a week, 55 to 65 hrs a week, all I hear is bitching and whining from my entire staff, I make schedules, order the products and cook every night on the main line.

One of them is 45 yrz old, (banquet cook) he acts as if his job is harder than everyone else’s and he is better than everyone else. His parents just recently came back into his life and are spoiling him with money, buying him a boat, paying his bills helping him buy a house, my parents are poor, my mom has a drug problem and I’ve earned everything I have, I hate him with a passion.

The other is my ex-roommate. He is just a morning prep cook where I work, he is single and lonely and pathetic, scares away girls he has a chance with and even the ones he doesn’t have a chance with. A real stalker type guy. He likes a girl whose with a man and pregnant with his baby. He likes to make comments about my job when he has no idea what kind of shit I put up with, and he compares his prep job to being a manager and tries to make it sound easy.

And the last one is a cook, 5 years older than me who gets a hard on seeing everyone hate on me, he usually provokes it. He loves seeing me angry like all of them, I can’t think of any way to get back at them.

I’m their boss, all of their bosses, but there’s nothing I can do, I get pissed off, and nearly bite my tongue until it bleeds.

If u can think of anything please help me out,
Chef X

Revenge JokerHi Chef X,
First things first…
As a boss you need respect, not animosity.
Talk with your boss or the owner, explain the difficulties you have with the staff.

Have a staff meeting and lay down the law.
Fire people when necessary.

It seems to me you have a lot of hostility and nothing to vent against. Time to hit the gym before something happens and they force you to lose your job.

This isn’t a revenge issue it’s an issue of respect.
You need to get some badly.

Just use your position to push these idiots enough that they’ll quit. It seems to me you have enough anger to steer things your way, use it for your benefit.

This isn’t a case for revenge but for getting back what these guys are stealing from you… well, actually that is my definition of when someone needs revenge. So be the BOSS now.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Evil Genius

Dear Revenge Guy,
I need help getting revenge on my guardian.

Here is my story…
Every time I wake up and get ready to go to school on April Fools’ Day, and she gets me every time. Plus, I will be needing some ideas that are easy to get away with, using props from inside the house. Do you have any ideas?
Evil Genius

Revenge Joker - Trademark PendingDear Evil Genius,
I guess you’re not so evil or much of a genius then, eh?

April Fools Day inside the house using common items is easy enough.
First off…. once she’s asleep, go to the fuse box and briefly turn off the power to the house.
Then reset all the clocks back to the right time, including yours. Hers, of course, will be wrong so you’ll have the morning advantage as she sleeps in.

Second…. buy a gallon, quart, whatever of milk, the same stuff that’s usually found in your fridge. Buy it a couple of weeks ahead of April Fools Day and hide it somewhere that it won’t be found, but a place not too hot. April 1st morning put the spoilt milk in the fridge. You can substitute her brand of coffee cream if she uses that.

Third…. vaseline all the door handles she uses.

Fourth…. if you can, change all the lightbulbs in her work area to half their normal wattage.

Fifth…. I’m sure you can get a little creative here, so the rest is up to you.
Best Wishes, The Revenge Guy

Party For Revenge On Gangs and Groups

The Revenge Guy

Need a little help getting even with a group that has done you wrong?

Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what you need to help you get even and regain your stature as an important person.

Dear Revenge Guy,
I work at a kennel club in Florida.

Me and my two buddies are always in conflict with other guys in the job even though were just joking around.

But today they put one of my buddies in a dog cage and closed him in. There was nothing i could do there was five of them.

What can me and my two friends do to get them all back individually or together?

Revenge JokerHi,
That’s a tough request, group revenge is dangerous.
But what I’d do is get your guys together and chip in for a pizza delivery.

Cook the pizza up yourself with some ‘special’ toppings and have it dropped off by someone you know for the leader of these guys as a thank you from an appreciative customer.

They’ll love lording the special treatment over you and you’ll get your revenge.

Don’t worry about them sharing, they won’t.
"Donuts refilled with raisins works well too".
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Dear Revenge Guy,
ok here’s what happened.

On Halloween night i went to a party and only 3 people knew where i was and my friends dropped me off cuz they didn’t want me to drive in case i drank.

So i called my friend like 2 hours later, and she came and picked me up w/ my room mate as well and up to this point no one knew if i drank or not.

When they picked me up they knew i had a few drinks, just enough to get a lil buzz.

When we got back to our dorm my RA asked me where i was and if i was drinking and i said i hadn’t, then a few minutes later she asked me again and said that someone had said i was drinking, which was weird cuz the only people who knew hadn’t been out of my sight since they picked me up, and she wouldn’t tell me who it was.

Then she called the RD up and she had the cops come up and gave me a breathalyzer, and of course they found a little bit of alcohol in my system. So i got into a lot of trouble cuz of it.

The next day i find out that one of my supposedly good friends had told on me, because she thought it was the right thing to do, when she didn’t even know for sure if i had been drinking she just assumed i was because she heard that i was at a party.

When she finally talked to me she said she wasn’t sorry and it was good for me. How would that be good for me. So i want payback real bad, she needs to feel how bad she hurt me. so if you have any good suggestions please let me know. thanx, kat

Revenge JokerHi Kat,
Well, it sounds to me that your friend is concerned with your drinking and your behavior of expecting to be above the rules that everyone else must live by. Right?

Did you learn a lesson?

Well, now it’s time to get even and this is how you’ll do it: Pass out holiday cards from your ‘friend’ to some of the scariest people around. Let them think that she’s after these guys (or even girls).

You’ll have some holiday cheer and she’ll have a week she’ll never forget.
Best wishes,
The Revenge Guy

Lying Ex-Lovers

The Revenge Guy
And Cheaters
Get The Revenge Guy's Attention


That is the hallmark of a truly evil person. Now, of course I'm not talking about the type of people that I advise.

When you're done wrong you deserve closure, even if it's just emailing me for a little consolation.

Maybe marriage (and living together) should have a 3 year cooling off period. Then, after three years if things aren't working out the guy can say "Well, it's been nice, but my girlfriends have been complaining about the amount of time I spend over here" and just end the marriage nice and cleanly.

But when you've been dating a person and it turn's out they're cheating on their wife or husband and you didn't know, well there's really only one thing to do. Read on to see what that is.

Cheaters and a Reconciliation


1. Six months ago my husband's best friend was dying of cancer. While he was dying my husband and his friends wife began an affair and my husband left me for her (the widow).

2. She was a friend of mine.

3. We knew each other for 3-4 years

4. A few but not many at all

5. I have her address and e-mail

6. Not a neighbor complaint

7. My husband and I have reconciled but she will not back off trying to ruin our lives.

8. I am absolutely lost about what the best revenge is. Some kind of public humiliation seems right though.

9. I have found peace in everything except knowing that she feels no remorse over what she did to my family. In fact she is cruel. My life was turned upside down and she is walking away unscathed.

Revenge JokerHi Anon,
Your husband owes you big time. Make him pay until you forget about "her".

Public humiliation? She was in an affair. Any type of public acknowledgement will come back and bite you in the ass.

Marriage counselling. You need to trust your husband again and you're not there yet.

Use a spoofer and call up her friends as if you were a private investigator, change the caller id appropriately. Ask "the questions" about her and other
possible affairs and entanglements.

You're welcome!


I was with a guy I knew from work and we got to dating.

He had split up with his wife for 2 years, did not wear his wedding band and lived in his own house. I asked him if he still had hang ups about his wife and he said no.

All through our time together which was for 6 months he hid me away, never met my friends, family and I never met his.

He was frightened at the thought of anyone seeing us which I did comment on and tried to finish with him quite a few times but we did not. I did not want his children to find out about us through a third party so he was going to tell them on his terms at his house. They got upset but he could not handle it and he changed after that towards me.

We split up at the time my mother died and was not there for me even as a friend and he said he was not ready for me to be his partner and I was wondering what was I to him for 6 months??

I know all through his marriage he has been cheating on his wife and the only reason he left was cause he had an affair, moved in with this girl who was married, his wife did not even know. Her husband found out and told his wife and the children got very upset as she was shouting in front of them when her husband got home.

I knew this and this is why I wanted the children told when I was seeing him as not to cause any more shocks and pain for them at least.

I see the picture now as I think he just used me for sex as that is one of the reasons why he cheats on his wife he does not want her he stays for the kids or so he says.

I lost a lot of weight through my mum dying and him not being there for me as a friend, I feel used and I know he has gone back with his wife.

I would like revenge but I do not want to upset the children and I know he is going to cheat again and again as he has done.

How can I get him back as I want to just deck him at the moment. He has a good job and they all think he is fab but I think he is a gutless man.
Help xx

Revenge JokerHi XX,
Yes, this ass is the lowest form of life.

There is a special place in hell for guys like this and this is how you create it:

You know where he works, using spoofer you can "spoof" his work with calls from a lot of different girls, lots of different caller Id's to hide where you are. the calls can't be traced. Keep them "general rated" but make it apparent that he's dating a lot of women. This will ruin his work reputation.

I don't suggest calling his house like that, his wife is already in cheater's hell and the kids must be a mess too, no sense making that
any worse, even of you could.

If you know places that he goes, for dinner, a bar he hangs out at, a gym he goes to, places he tries to pick up women, do the same. Leave messages for him everywhere. He'll soon get the bum's rush and be barred from these places too.

Do it. Without remorse and without spite.
But do it.


Revenge Guy,

You seem like a level-headed person–which I need right now.

My husband had a two-year on-and-off affair with a woman he met at a religious center. I outed him three times by breaking into their emails, etc.

He finally broke it off entirely. I've continued to audit her email to make sure there's nothing going on, and there doesn't appear to be, but she continues to entice men both married and single–to feed her ego problems.

This woman plays men like fools and always has two of three that she's stringing along.

My immediate problem is that my husband has returned to the religious center–against my wishes, and I'm afraid the other woman will show up. He claims that she's the last person he'd want to see, but I still don't want her anywhere near him.

Do you have ideas of ways to keep her or him away from the center? I've tried to think up a variety of ideas, including asking someone to send my husband an anonymous email saying that there were rumors circulating at the center about the affair. He'd be so embarrassed that he'd never go back.

However, I have no one I feel right asking to do this.

I also anonymously emailed a member of the center and asked if she'd agree to report back if she saw any interaction between the two of them. She refused.
So, do you have any ideas????

Revenge JokerHi

You must be very forgiving of your husband. Personally I would have taken one of his thumbs as payment.

As far as getting someone to check up on them by asking 'anonymously', well that never works. I suggest one of two things:

1. Talk to someone in person to watch what's going on, someone you can trust. The worse that can happen is you put your husband and this tramp on alert that you are watching.

2. Start going to the religious center with him. Stop lurking in the shadows.

If you still feel that you can't trust him (and who's blame you?) kick him out once and for all. Never live with distrust in your heart… take the bull by the horns and all that crap.

You don't need to go after this woman, she's digging her own grave. Of course, sharing some straight words with the clergy, now there's a great idea. They should be made aware of this "wolf in sheep's clothing" if indeed that is what your husband is.

You have to remember, that church-going people tend to be very trusting, and fraudsters and cheaters like that type of victim… even if the other lady isn't consenting to more than prayer, you husband sounds like he has other things on his mind.
Best wishes,

Revenge Guy

My ex and I got back together briefly, and then he dumped me for the woman he was with while we were apart.

She wouldn’t take him back if there had been anything between us. I told her the truth.

Now my ex is telling everyone who will listen that I’m a crazy obsessed psycho (which I’m not) and that nothing happened. Is it illegal for me to snail mail copies of his "I love you" emails to her and a few of his friends? Thanks a bunch!

Revenge JokerHi,
Hey, they are letters addressed to you, they are in your possession, do with them what you want.

Personally, I’d scan them and create a website to post them, rather than sending copies around.

The Internet never forgets!!

Best wishes,

Revenge Guy

I wish the events I am about to tell you were fabricated or at least enhanced, but if anything, they are understated. I need your help…

Last year I dated this guy who I probably shouldn’t have dated in the first place and probably no woman should ever date him. For the first part of the relationship I was away at college, about a 45 minute drive from where said boyfriend, lets call him Assforface,
Well Assforface didn’t have a car (or license for that matter) and couldn’t come visit me that often, plus my schedule was really demanding and I couldn’t always go visit him. He bitched about this a lot, always saying how hard it was on him etc, etc, etc, it was always about how things affected HIM meanwhile he was the one to who wanted to date me in the first place knowing very well I was going to be at school. I was suspicious of his actions during this time a lot because I was warned (after I started dating him) that he had a tendency to be a flirt and had a history of cheating.

Time went on and little suspicious things occurred, especially things regarding his ex-gf who he had dated for 3 years prior to me.
Regardless I still went on being the best girlfriend I could be, I stood by him while he was unemployed, my grades suffered because I took every free chance I got to spend it with him, I learned to cook his favorite meals, I cleaned his room (he lived and still lives in his mom’s basement), he even managed to coerce me to take his clothes to the dry cleaning and I’m not even going to tell you the extent to which I went to please him in the sack. After all this I started to notice that I was getting little to nothing in return.

He lied to me almost constantly, we would never tell me anything about his sexual history, and treated me like a doormat. He never even took me on a single date where he paid, claiming that he was broke, but when the weekend came along he always seemed to have enough money for booze, dvds, and tacky running shoes.

Summer came along and with me being back in the city I started to notice how much he would blow me off to go party at clubs with dumb whores. I even caught him once fondling his friend’s breast right in front of me – he was drunk as usual. He promised me that he would stop drinking… one of the many empty and unfulfilled promises he force fed me. Finally after an incidence where Assforface was soooo drunk he nearly crushed me in bed (he was upwards of 280lbs) but thank god he did because if he hadn’t fallen on me I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed and probably would have fallen victim later that night to getting pissed on, yes, the drunk chubby f-ck pissed the goddamn bed. It was around this time I really got fed up and started re-evaluating the whole relationship. The last straw happened a week later when I was so sick, my throat was actually bleeding, and I needed him to do one tiny favor for me and he couldn’t because he "was going out with the boys" which meant he was getting loaded and going to the sleaziest bar in town to hit on whores who wouldn’t want anything to do with him if they weren’t trashed off red bull and vodka. I dumped him before he left to go out, it was pretty epic, I slammed the door and everything.

Somehow this manipulator managed to maintain a friendship with me, and he still talks to me to this day and constantly asks me to hang out with him. I never do obviously. However, I recently got wind of some news from an extremely reliable source that Assforface admitted to sleeping with prostitutes and claiming that he is in fact still in love with his ex-GF, the one he dated before me for three years, therefore making our whole fiasco of a relationship just one, big, fat-ass lie.

Obviously the fact that this man slept with prostitutes, neglected to tell me and put my whole physical well being at risk is more than solid grounds for sweet, devastating revenge. The fact of him still being in love with his ex is just the cherry on top of a heaping pile of bullshit sundae. Needless to say this man needs to pay. Now I could go on talking about how he cries like a little girl on a regular basis about his self image, how he has a small penis, how he pissed the bed, how he has to resort to paying for sex, or how he is so lazy and self centered that he neglected to go see his own father on his deathbed because he "was too tired", but spreading those rumors just makes me look petty and angry. I need revenge that is epic, classy, and puts me on top. Please help.
Sincerely yours,

Revenge JokerHi

You certainly paid dearly for a relationship with someone that never cared for you, eh?

Well, revenge of this type is rather straight forward.

He still lives with Mommy? Send her notes that say what her son really does with the money she gives him.
Find his friends online (Facebook, MySpace, etc) and anonymously (a new account for this purpose is needed) post sex tales about their dear fat friend.
Add some skank stories for his ex-gf too.

You’re coming out on top will be the complete shattering of this ass’s life, which will come down like a house of cards.
And should he ever want to talk to you again, just tell him that men of such small girth don’t talk to women like yourself. And lean in and whisper "And you don’t really fit in here, you know."
Best wishes,

Revenge Guy

I had been living with a man for 7yrs, I was very much in love with him.

We had in the past few years been purchasing things for our wedding when we had extra money. I had bought the dress, decorations and we had already gotten the marriage license.

The end of November he told me he wanted us to go ahead and get married, we started looking for houses and had even been talking with a realtor. I told my friends and family.

December 5th he walked out our door and would not speak to me. Within two weeks he had moved a woman into the house he bought on his own, a woman he worked with on his first shift job.

This has devastated me beyond belief.

We work in the same industry within a 1/4 mile of each other and see and deal with many of the same people. I have know these people for years!

Since he left he has brought her on his job and introduced her to his co-workers which many of them are my friends. He is telling people that the reason we split was because "I" cheated on him, and that I am an abusive alcoholic. Neither is true!!

I have not even been out to eat with a man since he left. This has hurt me more than anything, to know he is trashing me to make his self look like the innocent victim after what he has done to me.

I need all the suggestions you can give me. The hurt is over, it has finally sunk in what he has done to me. I want to make them both miserable. Please help me.

Revenge JokerHi

The man has no excuse for the lies he put you through.
What I’d do is plan a sale of all his things, all the wedding items.
List everything.
Plan the sale for a specific date and do it.
And make sure all your co-workers and friends understand the reason for the sale, how this guy lied to you.

You may not regain some of them as friends, but a lot of them will see this lying bastard for who he really is.

And with the money earned from the sale, take yourself on a much needed holiday.

And after 7 years I know that you know what his biggest fears are. I want you to plan the tragic demise of his ego with care:
There will be a place and a time for you to strike. I like the idea of using SpoofCard to place a call to him from whatever his real fears are. Taxes, licensing, professional duties, whatever it might be.

Make the call, be the badass on the phone.

Just remember to use the ‘disguise your voice’ option and to record the call. I’d love to hear a copy of it.
Best wishes,

Revenge Guy

My best friend of 11 yrs just cheated on me with my boyfriend of 7 yrs!

In anger I told her family what she had done which she begged me not to do because they would be disgusted with her and they were.

I then waited a week for things to cool down. I rang her because I
needed her to tell me why she did it and say sorry but to my surprise she went off at me and said I was basically the worst thing in the world for telling her family and that she never wanted to speak to me again and told me to get over it! Then she hung up.

Well I was devastated. I was considering to forgive her if she had
she said sorry and explained why she did it with my boyfriend but after that she can go jump!

I need a way to show her she hurt me and that she is in the wrong not me I’m really pissed with her for wrecking my life and not being sorry for it. I want to make her pay! Can you help please?

Revenge JokerHi

I’m sure she knows she hurt you. But why keep in contact with her anymore? Don’t let revenge be a way to hold on to hating her. Revenge is a cleansing experience. But don’t let her off scot-free either!

Get a t-shirt made that says “Cheating Slut” on it and send it to her. Make a few more with "Cheating Slut" and her name on them and send them to her family.

And sell everything your boyfriend his to pay for a nice long singles vacation for yourself. It takes two to cheat so I wouldn’t be too quick to forgive him either!
Best wishes,

Revenge Guy,

I have been taken big time by a guy who claimed to be a friend, lover, future mate, mortgage broker. And he was living with someone and only played up to me because he could talk me into buying a condo and collecting a $16,000 fee which he told me he would give back to me and of course didn’t. In actuality, he is living with someone and told her I was a client, meanwhile he was sleeping with me, and making all these promises and I was gullible enough to believe it.

Since then I contacted his girl friend, posted a website, registered him with the cheaters websites, ordered I don’t know how many magazines, arranged for a republican party at his office, jammed his telephone, with his social security number ordered a credit report and contacted all his creditors to let them know his updated telephone numbers and addresses which caused him to lose his internet connection, posted warnings on all the dating sites, got him kicked off the dating sites, ordered repair persons to his (his girlfriend’s) house, also pizza to his house and office, make reservations at various restaurants, order estimates for various house repairs, many many magazine subscriptions, ordered condoms and tampax and catalogs to house and office. I plan to post his house for rent in various laundromats, send dead roses, place some ads in the classifieds.

I really don’t like this s.o.b. and want more. But it has to be kind of legal. PLEASE send more suggestions. I want to make his life a living hell for a few years. His girlfriend is too dumb to throw him out, even though he’s been screwing everything that holds still enough, which unfortunately includes me. But she even told me that there were credit card charges for brunches and so on on HER credit card, which they obviously share.
Having fun!

Revenge JokerHi
Having fun,

I think you’ve handled everything marvelously.
The only thing I would add is a letter from a lawyer stating he is being sued and brought up on charges of ‘rape by false promise’ by enticing you to use him as an agent and him having sex with you under false pretenses.

Heck, maybe even a real lawyer would be interested in this case.
Or at least a TV judge.

Best wishes,

Dear Revenge Guy,

I LOVE your website and creative (and legal) ideas on retaliation. I have always taken the high road (turned the other cheek) when I have been wronged. Not anymore. I have never gone for revenge before but I AM READY now and need your creative input.

I met "Micah" (not his real name) on a dating website. We met and were immediately hooked on each other. Micah and I shared hours and hours emailing and talking on the phone feeling a closer bond than ever. His career was very demanding, so we only got to spend 3-4 hours together every 10 days or so.

He told me he had been divorced for over 15 years and was a ‘loner.’ I became suspicious of his honesty when he always had excuses for (a) not meeting my family; (b) not introducing me to his friends/family; (c) never had his driver’s license or biz cards with him when I would ask to see them; (d) wasn’t listed in the general directory of employees at the very major O&G company where he ‘allegedly’ worked.

He had made the comment once that his work was his ‘wife’ and I was his ‘mistress.’ I didn’t want to play the ‘mistress’ role anymore, so after several months together, I ended it. Today, I discovered that he is married, and has been for some time. The bastard sucked me into an affair, KNOWING I was seeking a long-term relationship and knowing how I felt about seeing married men. He, not only lied about his marital status, he lied about his last name (I found his ACCURATE last name today, too, when I discovered he had a wife). Now, I know his name, his address to his new home, his place of employment, his cell phone number (work-related one), his AOL email address, and his wife’s name.

RG, I was cheated on in my marriage of 20 years (which ended 5 years ago). Two different women were kind enough to call me at work and tell me that they had seen my husband with this particular woman in public, behaving inappropriately. BOTH of these kind women said they didn’t know me, but knew that if their husband was cheating on them, they would hope someone would tell them and that is why they called. I will always be grateful to those kind women.

I have made it clear that I will have no part in associating with cheating husbands because I believe in honoring other women’s marriages. I feel compelled to contact Micah’s wife and give her hard copy evidence of all the emails we shared (I kept all of them) – some of which are in graphic pornographic detail.

If she doesn’t already know she is married to a lying, cheating, bottom-feeder, she should and I will sleep better at night knowing she can make an informed decision in whether or not to continue her alliance with him. I don’t think there are young children, but WHO KNOWS? So, I don’t want to retaliate in any fashion that will cause emotional hurt to any young children. I just want to make sure she knows of this AND I want him to be so negatively impacted that he will think twice before he pretends to be unattached and seeking a long-term relationship again. Any suggestions?

Revenge JokerDear
A Woman Scorned,

I think that revealing what has transpired between you and “Micah” to his wife is the best move.

Whatever lies “Micah” has been using to deceive his wife should be brought into the open.

He is the one responsible for how negatively impacted his kids will be, if there are any. Who knows, maybe they already are aware, in some way, about their philandering father. This is not your fault.

Move forward, clear your conscious and bring all this to the light. Spare his wife any more deception.

Make the right move.
Best wishes,

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