Get Revenge On Bullies

The Revenge Guy Deals With Bullies Bully bugging the crap out of you? There will always be jerks like that in your life. But you can take back control if you know how. The thing about adolescence and teen life is that these young people don't have the tools to properly communicate what they want … Read more Get Revenge On Bullies

Break-up Lines

The Revenge Guy Understands Break-ups The Revenge Guy knows all about relationships. He knows that when you put two people together there are bound to be ups and downs as the relationship finds it's own level. And any relationship will suffer, no matter how long the couple have been serious, if one outgrows the other. … Read more Break-up Lines

Birthday Party Revenge

Birthday Revenge From The Revenge Guy Need a little help getting even on someone's birthday that has done you wrong? Maybe an oldie but a goodie revenge technique is just what you need to help you get even and regain your stature as an important person. Dear RG, It’s my friends 17th birthday and me … Read more Birthday Party Revenge

Revenge Guy Gets Bad Bosses

The Revenge Guy Get's Even With Bad Bosses We all have to work, right? And we all do our jobs great, with much professionalism, right? So why does our ignorant, piss-ant, blowhard of a boss pick on us so much? He should know who's really keeping this place together, right? This is the place for … Read more Revenge Guy Gets Bad Bosses

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