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Bully Neighbor Cut Our Trees

Bully Neighbor Cut Our Trees
Over the years he has cut the trees back in our garden and ours are now much thinner and shorter.

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Dear Revenge GuyHi Revenge Guy,
We have been having problems with our bully neighbor.
He moved in 2 years ago and approached our home (1 week before Christmas) asking us if we would reduce the height of our trees and that he would share the cost of hiring a gardener. We declined because we liked the privacy and they were well maintained by us every year. Our other neighbors trees are much higher but the did not approach them because our house is directly behind his and he wants a better view.

He approached us 6 months Later again asking my husband to go into his garden to look at the trees and how they blocked his view. We wrote him a letter reiterating that we did not give him permission to trim the trees in our garden and not to come to our property again. Over the years he has cut the trees back in our garden and ours are now much thinner and shorter. He does this with a chainsaw himself when we are not around.

We recently applied for Planning permission and this week he has decided to cut several feet off the top of one of the trees in our garden, again without permission. We have no space to plant any new trees and according to our gardener will take years to grow back but height wise may not at all. The neighbors can now see into our bedroom and our trees look unsightly and are now possibly dangerous, definitely weakened. We smelt underneath the trees a week or two prior to this, so he may have been trying to kill them off by pouring something by the tree trunks.

I have chronic illness and my husband has aspergers. We do not need this stress.
What should we do?

The Revenge GuyHi right back at ya! 
Call a lawyer right now!

Neighbors are not allowed to go onto your property to cut your trees, or do anything else on your property, without your permission. They can cut any tree branches that hang over onto their property. But that is a clear distinction of what belongs to whom.

I hope you have pictures of your trees and garden, and you can sue him for damages.
Get a good arborist to check the trees health and to give you a quote on bringing the trees back to health and, if needed, replacing them with trees of the original height.

Also call the police and discuss with them a trespassing charge.

It’s time to finally put this bully neighbor in his place. For some inspiration, take a look at this Judge Judy video below.

Best of luck,
Revenge Guy

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